Monday, November 14, 2011

SMK Derma-Mahavajiravudh Songkhla School Collaboration Programme 2011- Day 2.

Day 2 was full of activities between the two twin schools. It was fun times too.
These photos will tell the activities done:
It's learning three languages time - Thai, Malay and English.
 English seems to be the common language between the two nationalities.
some students go to the extend of learning to write in Thai.
this SMK Derma student have two Thai girls to teach him, and a teacher too..
 it was a game of scrabble after the language session
English was used in this game..
 Craft work - making roses with pandan leaves
 every student was made to try out the skill
 a rose flower from a pandan leaf
it was the sports session - introduction of the Lawn Bowls.
 Ampa (one of the MVSK teachers) trying to bowl..
 there you go... the way to bowl..
 choral speaking
Thai dancing..
Malaysian cultural dance
 Malay wedding ceremony..
 photo session with the bride and bridegroom
 finishing off with the local "Loy Krathong" dance

Have a nice day...

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