Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some nice Quotes on PPSMI and Education..

Classmates in 1973 and 1974.. Prof. Jamal Hisham (standing, 3rd from right) with me beside him.
1.  The language of science and mathematics is English, So to master these subjects you have to learn them in English... The greatest and latest publications on these subjects are and will always be in English; not even French or German, let alone in our National Language, Bahasa Malaysia. 
2.  Do we aspire to produce future great scientists and mathematicians or national linguists? It is as simple as that...
3.  People including the westerners learn Japanese because they want to learn Japanese technology. When we have reached that level of technology mastery, even foreigners would want to learn BM.
4.  Our education planners seem to be missing some important observations. There is a language for knowledge and literature like the English language, and there is a language for literature and communication. Bahasa Malaysia currently belongs more in the latter category.

5.  The main reason why BM is currently not a language of knowledge is because Malaysians are not yet the generator of knowledge like the English-speaking people. 

6.  Till today, our numbers we use today are known as Arabic numerals which actually originates from the Hindu numerals and adopted by the Arabs. Maybe we should study history first before we study science, mathematics and language..

7.  There will always be political and racial slants to every public issue in Malaysia. However, if you want to unite people on this issue which affects everybody, and strike a deal with the powers that be, you have to be apolitical and colour blind.

Just for thoughts...
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After all is said and done, it felt like talking to a wall.

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