Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why PPSMI ? Why in English??

PPSMI - acronym for "Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English).

1.  Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who introduced the PPSMI and finds the policy reversal a step backwards, puts it: "When it comes to the future of our country, I have to be practical and make the necessary decision.... If we cannot master the knowledge of science, we will not progress."

2.  The policy was never about mastering the English language. It was about mastering Science and Maths using a universal language.

3.  The importance of English as a global language must not be denied and the education policy to have the PPSMI should be left to professionals and not politicians.

4.  Malaysia, as a developing country that needed more professionals in the scientific field, ought to accept the fact that English was the language of academia.

5.  "I was a product of a rural school but I was instructed in English right from primary one. Never had a kindy education cos there was no such thing in those days. It's an off-hand remark to say that rural students are not keen to learn English. I don't believe I'm the exception because there are so many like me around. It's all about IMMERSION in the subject or enough exposure ... not just a period a day or one day of English in a week. Try learning a new language in that manner, it'll never work!" ... comment of a school girl in Facebook on the statement made by the Education Minister that rural students face problems learning in English.

6.  "When English was taught as a single subject, students won't bother to talk in English once the lessons are over. With PPSMI, they have to communicate in English during maths /science lessons & there's more exposure in the language.".... said Azizi Kamaruddin, one of the teachers teaching in rural school.

7.  "I fully agreed with Azizi. We teachers noticed the changed since the implementation of PPSMI". ... said another teacher, Tina Wong.

8.  "I think that the government should stick to PPSMI. I'm currently a first year student in UKM taking health science. I started off with Chinese for S&M during my primary school and thankfully I was taught in English for S&M during my secondary school ( I went to SMK). Most of my friends have problem initially because of the change in language but we all caught up because we were taught the basics again in form 1. But in Uni, there is no basic teaching and the lecturers DOESN'T wait for u to understand what is being taught. Imagine if we were to study S&M in BM in secondary school, I think less than 50%of the student can pass uni exams because they don't understand the syllabus at all and there is a lot to cover for the exams. Moreover, most reference books (normally international students edition) is in English. I am not being biased to BM but then again, think again how the change in language affects the students. and FYI, my group of friends are 1 MALAYSIAN and we speak both English and BM. No offences." .... Winnie Wong Yuen Ling via Facebook.
There's no harm done if it is for a good cause... Please think wisely, not political and "colour blind".
Selamat Hari Raya Haji..
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