Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Day in HATYAI...

I spent another full day in Hatyai today, with my two best friends, Ed and Bob.
We went shopping at two of the well known malls in Hatyai - the Odean Shopping Mall and the one right in front of Lee Garden Hotel.
We had lunch at the town of Sadao, on the way from Padang Besar to Hatyai.
We spent about 3 hours shopping in Hatyai.
We took our Dinner on the way back to Danok, at a town called Khlong Ngae.
Custom and Immigration clearance at Padang Besar.
 Sadao town..
 saying our prayers before taking lunch..
 Hatyai city.
 in front of Mc Donald's
 right at the door steps of Lee Garden Hotel..
two tourists asking for help..
 another two passing by..
 countdown for the new year this Saturday..

We headed back home at around 7.00pm local time..
Have a nice day..

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