Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The COACH knows BEST...

Being a successful athlete is not easy as it seems - so to say... To get the best out of one's self needs a lot of sacrifice. The phrase that says "an ordinary person who does extra-ordinary things" best suits a successful athlete.
But the main player in building a successful athlete is the COACH.

The coach is also an ordinary person who does extra-ordinary things. The coach might not be a successful athlete before, not winning titles, not winning gold medals... But, he knows how to win titles, how to win gold medals.
Successful coaches, sometimes, have different ways and styles of coaching - sometimes NOT in the books. These are things that Sports Officials have to note. Unique coaches sometimes never follow the "general rules" in coaching, but - produce champions, day in and day out.. As long as they produce "world champions" - never interfere with their coaching programme.. To say more - if something is already going on well, why interfere? Unless, these officials are up to something "fishy".....
Sports officials with no success records are usually the ones who spoil good programmes. These "stupid" officials are usually going out to gain mileage in their careers and trying to make "names" for themselves, thus making stupid decisions and spoiling the sports itself. It happens in all sports when you have ambitious officials and ambitious coaches with little knowledge in their sports.

With modern technologies and modern techniques, coaches and sport officials should not have difficulties in determining the downfall of a world class athlete. There are sports specialists everywhere these days - Sports Programmer, Sports Analysts, Sports Administrator, Sports Psychologists, Sports Masseurs, .... what else?
Everything is there - how come Lee Chong Wei's form goes down lately?

Let me tell you.
When a coach starts to coach an athlete - there is a "bond" between the two. If things goes well between the two - success will come after the two are being together for some years (not months !!!). Remember, these two are ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. There is "chemistry" between the two that make things happen. Change coaches and you'll see the downfall of the athlete after some months (not years !!!).
I'm able to state this fact because I've gone through this sort of situation before when I was an active coach.

I've coached a long jumper before. I started coaching her when she was 11 years old. She was tall, 1.68m. She won the gold medal at the national meet when she was 14. She became a national athlete and competed in international meets (age group) after that.. Then, things started to change. She did not want me to coach her anymore, going for another coach who was more flexible to her. It seemed that I was a strict coach to her.

I started coaching another athlete after that. She was 14 also. She was a little shorter in height, 1.55m. She was a sprinter and hurdler before I changed her to the Long Jump event. It only took me a year to develop this new girl (since she had all the basic things to be a horizontal jumper). Both competed in the same event at a state meet and guess who won? The new, shorter girl won - with a new meet record. The old record was the taller girl's record...

Moral of the story - a much better athlete can still be beaten if you have the urge and desire to beat him/her.
Enough said, let's go into the Misbun-Chong Wei situation.

Under Misbun, Lee Chong Wei have beaten Lin Dan. Twice, if I'm not mistaken. So, Lin Dan can be beaten. It is not impossible... Under the present coach, Chong Wei was beaten all the time by Lin Dan. Not just that, Chong Wei was beaten by another Chinese player too - Chen Long. That summarizes it all..
So, the Chinese coaches are doing their job. The Malaysian (BAM) coaches are not doing their job, then.
You say - China have a very big pool of players? That's not an excuse.. Jamaica is smaller than Malaysia and yet they can produce Usain Bolt - the world's 100m and 200m champion. Don't tell me a Malaysian cannot become an Olympic champion....?
A Malaysian cannot become an Olympic champion if there are so many politicking in Sports bodies.. That's the true facts !!! Especially BAM....

I rest my case...
Have a nice day.

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