Monday, January 16, 2012

7 Dermarians to Study in UTP Tomorrow...

It's January 2012. The SPM 2011 results are NOT out yet. It will be out in March.
However, 7 students of SMK Derma (batch 94/SPM 2011) have been chosen to pursue their studies in one of the best universities in Malaysia, the Petronas University of Technology (UTP) - tomorrow, the 17th of January, 2012.
They are:
1. Ku Nurasyiqin Ku Amir (5 Arif) - Chemical Engineering
2. Husna Izzati Shahbani (5 Arif)  - Chemical Engineering
3. Izzat Firdaus Zailoddin (5 Arif) - Chemical Engineering
4. Fatin Nadhirah Rusdi (5 Dinamik) - Petroleum Engineering
5. Nur Alialyana Azman (5 Bestari) - Petroleum Engineering
6. Azril Danial Zul Azri (5 Harmoni) - Electrical Engineering
7. Wan Munirah (5 Cemerlang) - Geoscience
*Congratulations to all seven of you... You've made us, Dermarians, proud.....
Perlis is also proud of you, too.
 Welcome to UTP, Dermarians...
The Entrance..
To the Registration Hall..
The Main Hall
To the Car Park..
the lucky students from all over the country...
 2011 Head Girl - Ku Nurasyiqin Ku Amir.
Fatin Nadhirah @ Nadh, as she is always called..
Good Luck to all you guys....

Have a nice day....

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