Sunday, January 29, 2012

AJL 26 - Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-26 (2011) - LIVE..

It's LIVE from Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil - in Kuala Lumpur....
Tonight is the night - 12 songs compete to win the Best Song of the Year (2011) contest.
They are (according to appearance on stage):
1.   WANITA SELURUH DUNIA: Composer - Boy Clifford, Singer - Projek Pistol.
Comment: Lively song, blended well with the orchestra. I'll give a B+.

2.   SEDETIK LEBIH: Composer - Edry Abdul Halim, Singer - Jaclyn Victor.
Comment: Lack of "punch" in this song.. Poor arrangement. Just a "B".

3.   KEKANDA ADINDA: Composer - Loque, Singers - Atilia & Monolque.
Comment: Just a "so-so" song.. Not a real treat. Just a "B".

4.   GADIS SEMASA: Composer - Yuna, Singer - Yuna
Comment: Good composition, catchy number... Good performance too.. In the running for the top positions. I'll give an "A".

5.   KALAU BERPACARAN: Composers/Singers - Sohaimi Mior Hassan/Ana Raffali/Altimet.
Comment: OK, not a bad song. Good blend though... Just a "B+".

6.   CINTA MUKA BUKU: Composers - Najwa Latif/Ika Latif, Singer - Najwa latif.
Comment: Too raw.., too simple (chord flow). Maybe nice to hear, but not in terms of song composition. Just a "B-".

7.   KARMA: Composers - Audi Mok/Faizal Tahir, Singer - Faizal Tahir.
Comment: Good composition, nice performance from the singer, good vocals too... In line for one of the awards. I'll give an "A".

8.   KISAH HATI:  Composer - Manusia Putih, Singer - Alyah.
Comment: One of the best song to contest (in terms of composition), with all the high notes, modulations and wide vocal range. Difficult to sing... I'll give an "A".

9.   SUNGAI LUI:  Composers - Aizat/Anas Amdan, Singer - Aizat.
Comment: Looks simple, but it's a nice composition with good music arrangements in it. Diffficult to predict this song.. I'll give an "A" too.

10. PENAKUT:  Composer - Yuna,  Singer - Yuna
Comment: Unique song, in terms of a Malay composition. Something new to our ears. Need time to absorb this sort of song. I wonder what the judges are thinking now.... I'll give a "B+".

11. AWAN NANO:  Composers - M. Nasir/Budi Hikayat, Singer - Hafiz
Comment: You really have to get into this song to appreciate it... A unique composition by M.Nasir. It's a new trend in composing, that "ta ti ta ti ta ti ta" sound.. Very nice and sounds different from other songs... I'll give an "A+" (if you don't mind)...

12. BERIBU SESALAN:  Composers - Kevin Chin/Tinta,  Singer - 3 Suara.
Comment: Just another ballad, sung by 3 voices. Nothing unique... Just a "B" to me...

Best Vocals: Hafiz (Awan Nano) .... (RM10,000)
Best Performance: Alyah (Kisah Hati) .... (RM10,000)
3rd Place Song:  Karma (Faizal Tahir) / Audi Mok.... (RM12,000)
Runner-up Song: Beribu Sesalan (3 Suara) / Kevin Chin ..... (RM15,000)
CHAMPION (Best Song of the Year): AWAN NANO (Hafiz / M. Nasir ...... (RM35,000).

I told yer....
Try singing along this song... you'll notice the beauty of it...
Have a nice day...

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