Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan - Korean Open 2012 Finals - LIVE...

Welcome to badminton - the first Super Series of 2012 - the Victor Korean Open 2012.
It's the Men's Singles Final between the two best players in the world today - LEE CHONG WEI of Malaysia (the 1st seed) vs LIN DAN of China (the number 2 seed).
1st Set:
(Lee Chong Wei first)
0-0  CW to start.
0-1  First point to LD
0-2  Ball called out. Looked inside.
1-2  Inside.
2-2  Smash by CW.
2-3  Cross court smash out by CW.
3-3  Sensational net play by CW.
3-4  Error by CW at net.
3-5  Lucky shot by LD
4-5  Pushed out by LD
4-6  Change of pace by LD.
5-6  Point to CW after very long rally.
6-6  Net error by LD
6-7  Net error by CW.
6-8  Another net error by CW
6-9  Cross court shot out by CW
7-9  Error by LD at net.
8-9  Drop by CW after a variety of shots
8-10 String went out (CW's racket).
8-11 Pushed pout by CW.
8-12 Drive at center by LD
8-13 Cross court drive by LD
8-14 Smashed out by CW
8-15 Miscalculated by CW at sideline. Ball was in..
9-15 Smashed into net by LD
10-15 Smashed out by LD
11-15 Pushed out by LD
11-16 Drive - out by CW
11-17 Out by CW at baseline.
11-18 Mistake by CW.
11-19 Nice drop shot by LD
11-20 Net play by LD.
12-20 Shot into net by LD
12-21 Game. Set to Lin Dan: 21-12.
2nd Set:
0-0  LD to serve.
0-1  Smash by LD
0-2  Drive into body by LD
1-2  Drive to baseline by CW
1-3  Smash out by CW
2-3  Cross court smash by CW
2-4  Misjudged by CW
2-5  Bad shot by CW
3-5  Error by LD
3-6  Fast drive by LD
4-6  Nice shot by CW
5-6  Way out by LD
5-7  Tap in at net by LD
6-7  Error by LD
7-7  Drive out by LD
7-8  Pushed out by CW
7-9  Smashed out by CW
8-9  Neat net play by CW
8-10 Smash by LD
9-10 Good smash by CW
10-10 Superb cross court smash by CW. Should do more..
11-10 Another great smash by CW down the line..
11-11 Error by CW
11-12 Another error by CW
11-13 Another one by CW, oh no !!!
12-13 Cross court smash by CW. Nice one..
13-13 Drive into body by CW
14-13 Error at net by LD
14-14 Half smash by LD
15-14 Smash out by LD
15-15 Long rally won by LD
15-16 Double smash by LD
15-17 Error by CW
16-17 Error by LD (smash)
17-17 Triple smash by CW
17-18 Mistake at baseline by CW (misjudgement)
18-18 Error by LD
19-18 Great backhand cross court shot by CW
20-18 Error at net by LD
21-18 Pushed out by LD
2nd Set won by Lee Chong Wei : 21-18

3rd Set:
0-0  CW to serve...
1-0  Smash by CW
1-1  Good shot by LD
2-1  Pushed out by LD
2-2  Misjudged by CW at sideline
3-2  Trick smash by CW
4-2  Fantastic racket play by CW.
5-2  Lifted out by LD
6-2  Half court smash by CW
7-2  Error by LD.
7-3  Net error by CW
7-4  Net error by CW
8-4  Net error by LD now...
9-4  Half court smash by CW
9-5  Misjudged by CW
9-6  Good net play by LD
9-7  Placement shot by LD
10-7 Delightful drop shot by CW
10-8 Smash by LD
11-8 Smashed out by LD
11-9 Error by CW at net
12-9 Smash by CW
12-10 Pushed out by CW
13-10 Pushed out by LD
14-10 Sideline smash by CW
15-10 Called out by line judge.
16-10 Out again by LD
17-10 Perfect net shot by CW
18-10 Way out by LD.. What's wrong???
19-10 Error again by LD
19-11 Smash by LD
20-11 Careless shot by LD
20-12 Just out at baseline..
20-13 Error by CW.
20-14 Shuttle landed in but called out??? Lin Dan already move to shake hands !!!
21-14 Game over.....

LEE CHONG WEI won 12-21, 21-18, 21-14.
Chong Wei won USD75,000.
Have a nice day....

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