Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Kenichi Tago - Malaysian Open Super Series 2012 Finals LIVE ...

1st Set: (Chong Wei first)
0-0  KT to start
1-0  Smash by CW
1-1  Served out by CW
1-2  Casual play by CW
2-2  Lovely net play by CW
3-2  neat netplay by CW
4-2  pushed out at baseline by KT
5-2  pushed out again by KT
6-2  in at baseline by CW
7-2  good judgement by CW at baseline
8-2  netplay by CW
9-2  smash by CW
10-2 smash again by CW
11-2 error by KT
12-2 drive to baseline
12-3 out at sideline by CW
13-3 out by KT
13-4 out at sideline by CW
13-5 smash by KT
14-5 out at baseline by KT
15-5 drive to body by CW
16-5 out at sideline by KT
17-5 out again by KT
18-5 out again by KT
18-6 smash by KT
19-6 out at baseline by KT
20-6 drop by CW
21-6 out again at baseline by KT
One sided game, folks.., only 13 minutes. 1st set to LCW 21-6.

2nd Set:
0-1 out by CW
1-1 service fault to KT
1-2 ball pushed out at baseline by CW
1-3 error by CW
2-3 great smash by CW
3-3 another smash by CW
4-3 body smash by CW
5-3 error by KT
6-3 double smash by CW
6-4 error by CW
7-4 pushed out by KT
8-4 cross court smash by CW
9-4 neat netplay by CW
10-4 smash by CW
10-5 mistake by CW
10-6 error by CW
11-6 trademark smash by CW
12-6 called long at baseline
12-7 smash by KT
13-7 way out at sideline by KT
13-8 out at baseline by CW
14-8 ball landed in at baseline
15-8 cross court smash by CW
16-8 pushed wide by KT
17-8 out again by KT
17-9 error by CW
17-10 net error by CW
17-11 out at baseline
18-11 net play by CW
19-11 ball called in at baseline
19-12 body smash by KT
20-12 sideline smash by CW
20-13 smash by KT
21-13 Cross court smash by CW - Game over.....

Set and match won by Lee Chong Wei (MAS) 21-6, 21-13 in 37 minutes. USD 30,000 for the Champion.
See yer again in the next Super Series...

Have a nice day...

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