Friday, January 13, 2012

"Sending Off" SMK Derma's Senior Assistant - Students' Affairs (PK HEM).

It's another "promotion" affair in SMK Derma. This time, it's Mr. Zulkifli Majid, SMK Derma's Senior Assistant for Students' affairs @ the PK Hem.
It was an emotional one, because Mr. Zulkifli Majid have been teaching in Derma for the past 25 years - from a fresh graduate until the Senior Assistant post. He is being promoted to become the Assistant Principal of SMK Tengku Budriah in Arau.
These photos will tell us the whole ceremony held this morning:
his last speech in SMK Derma
 a special tribute to Mr. Zulkifli
 handshakes with students
 goodbye wishes..
 the line-up..
ex-students came to wish him too...
 it's bye bye to SMK Derma..
 the bus trip to the new school..
 the new school..
 his first step..
 the new school...
 his first speech in SMKTB
 we're leaving you...
 bye bye Mr. Zulkifli.., Good Luck !!

Good Luck to your new post, Mr. Zulkifli...
Have a nice day.... 

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