Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update: Malaysian Open Super Series 2012 - Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long - LIVE...

Hello, the Semi-Final of the Men's Singles between Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Chen Long (CHN) - the Malaysian Open Super Series 2012 - in 10 minutes time. Get ready for the LIVE commentary....

Men's Singles Semi-Final 1: Kenichi Tago (JPN) defeated Chen Jin (CHN): 3-2 Retired (injury).
Men's Singles Semi-Final 2: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Chen Long (CHN) - Live now...

1st Set: (Lee Chong Wei first)
0-0  LCW to serve..
1-0  ball pushed out by CL
1-1  out at baseline by LCW
2-1  neat netplay by LCW
3-1  another netplay won by LCW
3-2  error at net by LCW
4-2  wow!! great smash by LCW
5-2  drop shot by LCW
5-3  smash error by LCW
6-3  pushed out by CL at baseline
7-3  good judgement at sideline by LCW.
8-3  body smash by LCW.
8-4  mistake by LCW
8-5  smash out by LCW
9-5  sideline smash by LCW
10-5 sideline smash by LCW again..
11-5 netplay error by CL.
12-5 ball landed in..
13-5 smash error by CL
13-6 error by LCW
13-7 error by LCW.
14-7 way out at baseline by CL
14-8 error at net by LCW
14-9 net error again
14-10 misjudged by LCW at sideline
14-11 sideline smash by CL
14-12 drive out by LCW
14-13 luck of the net in favour to CL
15-13 drive into body by LCW
15-14 just out at baseline
16-14 bad netplay by CL
17-14 good smash by LCW
18-14 half court smash by LCW
18-15 Net error by LCW
18-16 net error again by LCW
18-17 mistake by LCW
18-18 drive out by LCW
19-18 out by CL
20-18 brilliant smash by LCW
21-18 landed long at baseline by CL.
1st set to Lee Chong Wei 21-18.

2nd Set:
0-1  backhand error by LCW
1-1  great cross court netplay by LCW
2-1  pushed long and out by CL
3-1  outrages netplay by LCW, great...
3-2  error by LCW
3-3  smash by CL
3-4  cross court slice by CL
4-4  hesitation at baseline by CL
5-4  smash error by CL
5-5  error by LCW
5-6  wide by LCW
6-6  abrupt drive into body by LCW
7-6  good defence by LCW - error by CL
8-6  incredible defence by LCW
9-6  long rally won with a smash by LCW..
10-6 smash by LCW...
10-7 drive to the baseline by CL
10-8 net error by LCW
10-9 another mistake at net by LCW
11-9 good drop shot by LCW
11-10 net error by LCW
12-10 half court smash by LCW
12-11 error by LCW
12-12 flick serve by CL - smash by CL
12-13 body smash by CL
12-14 smash out by LCW
13-14 CL wrong footed.
14-14 pushed out by CL
14-15 pushed out at baseline by LCW
15-15 smash way out (2 feet) by CL
15-16 drive into net by LCW
15-17 misjudgement by LCW at baseline
16-17 error by CL
16-18 smash by CL
16-19 out at baseline
17-19 sideline smash by LCW - CL didn't like the line call.
17-20 net smash by CL
17-21 pushed out by LCW
2nd Set to Chen Long 21-17.

3rd Set: (Rubber game)
1-0  cross court netplay
2-0  out at baseline
2-1  net error by LCW
2-2  super cross court drive by CL
3-2  out at baseline
3-3  body smash by CL
3-4  error by LCW
3-5  error again
3-6  error yet again by LCW
3-7 misjudged by LCW
4-7 smash by LCW
4-8  out by LCW
5-8  out by CL
6-8  error by CL
7-8  out again by CL after LCW smash 3X
8-8  change of pace by LCW - getting points..
9-8  ball pushed out by CL
10-8 cross court smash by LCW
11-8 brilliant smash by LCW (7 straight point s by LCW)
11-9 point to CL
12-9 precision smash by LCW
13-9 change of pace again by LCW
14-9 smash by LCW
14-10 just out by LCW
14-11 smash error by LCW
14-12 smash into net by LCW
15-12 4X smash by LCW
16-12 hard drive out by CL
17-12 change of pace again by LCW
18-12 good, good stroke of varieties by LCW
18-13 smash into net by LCW
19-13 out by CL
20-13 quality smash by LCW
21-13 forced into making error .. ball pushed into net by CL
3rd Set won by LCW 21-13
Game and match won by LEE CHONG WEI: 21-18, 17-21, 21-13
WELL DONE Lee Chong Wei !!!!!

Finals tomorrow against Kenichi Tago of Japan.
See yer tomorrow...
Have a nice day..

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