Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's the 29th of FEBRUARY...

It's 29th February today.... Anybody's birthday today?
Happy Birthday 29th February !!!

Have a nice day...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Raining Heavily again in Kangar...

Kangar - after a two-hour heavy downpour this late afternoon
It's been raining heavily in the late afternoon and in the evening since the last three days in Kangar.
There was a 2-hour heavy downpour just now from 5.00 to 7.00pm.
And.... this was the situation at 7.15pm:
Looks like it's going to rain again tonight...
  another shot at the skies above Kangar at 7.15pm today...
I just hope it won't go on everyday..
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

LIVE - LIVERPOOL vs CARDIFF CITY - Carling Cup Final 2012.

It's been 16 years.. Perhaps today's the day... Good luck !!
1st Half:
00:00  Cardiff to start..
01:30  First blood by Liverpool - Johnson's strike hit the post..
06:00  Corner for Liverpool - wasted..
12:00  Corner for Liverpool - wasted again
14:00  Possession by Liverpool but still no good moves at goal.
18:00  Good move by Suarez to Carroll - but wasted.
18:30  GOAL !!! by Cardiff City's Joe Mason. 1-0 to Cardiff City.
           **That's the only attack by Cardiff - and it's a goal....
22.30  Good defending by Cardiff.
25:00  Liverpool still in possession, still attacking...
28:00  Still attacking - still couldn't shoot at goal.
30:00  Handball claim in Cardiff's penalty area - not given.
31:00  Good shot by Adam - missed by inches.
34:00  Liverpool's 4th corner - wasted again..
38:00  Gerrard missed the target again...
40:00  Free kick to Cardiff - straight to Reina.
42:00  Shot by Suarez - straight to keeper.
43:30  Free kick to Liverpool - offside given.
44:20  Chance to Gerrard - missed again.
45:00  1 minute added time.
45+1   End of first half - Cardiff City leading 1-0.

2nd Half:
46:00  Liverpool kicked-off..
49:00  Liverpool still in possession - Suarez squared in but nobody in front of goal..
50:00  Corner to Liverpool - still no strike at goal
51:00  Another corner to Liverpool - wasted again and again.. Seems like the strikers are having their "off-day" up in front.
54:00  Poor passing by Liverpool.
57:00  Attack after attack but still could not find the net..
57:30  Bellamy in - Henderson out.
59:00  GGGGOOOOALLLLLL !!!!  Martin Skrtel scores..... 1-1.
65:00  Game now evenly contested.
71:00  50-50 possession.
75:00  Bellamy producing a lot of good moves..
77:00  Good shot by Downing - saved by keeper.
79:30  Free kick to Cardiff - straight into wall.
81:30  Johnson's shot missed by inches.
83:00  Cardiff's shot at goal off target.
85:00  Adam's strike straight at keeper.
86:00  Corner to Liverpool - nothing...
90:00  4 minutes added time.
90+2   Corner to Liverpool - off target by Gerrard.
90+4   Full time. Game into extra time...

Extra Time - 1st Half:
01:00  Cleared off the line..(Cardiff's goal line).
06:00  Game going slow...
09:00  Long shot by Downing - off target.
12:00  Kuyt in - Carroll out...
14:00  Good move by Bellamy - shot on target, missed by inches..
15:00  Johnson's shot missed by inches

Extra Time - 2nd half:
16:00  Tired legs of Suarez... cannot strike...
17:30  GGGGGGGOOOOAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Dirk Kuyt scores..... 2-1 Liverpool.
20:00  10 minutes to the 1st trophy in 6 years...
24:00  Players down here and there injured...
26:00  1st corner for Cardiff - comes to nothing.
27:00  Another corner to Cardiff - cleared off the line by Kuyt.
27:30  3rd corner - GGGOOAALLLL for Cardiff. 2-2.
29:00  Corner for Liverpool - the 18th. Nothing...
30:00  Game over : 2-2 draw...  Off to penalties....


1.  Liverpool - 0      1.  Cardiff City - 0
2.  Liverpool - 0      2.  Cardiff City - 1
3.  Liverpool - 1      3.  Cardiff City - 0
4.  Liverpool - 1      4.  Cardiff City - 1
5.  Liverpool - 1      5.  Cardiff City - 0

LIVERPOOL won 3-2 on penalties....
I love you Gerrard (Anthony) of Cardiff City... **He missed the last penalty.
Steven Gerrard.... up to console Anthony Gerrard..
Have a nice day.........

LIVERPOOL vs CARDIFF CITY - Carling Cup Final 2012.

It's the Carling Cup Final today - It's LIVERPOOL vs CARDIFF CITY.
**No Manchester United, though...
The Carling Cup
**It's a small cup - but it's a silverware.. And it's a final at Wembley...
**It's this manager - King Kenny Dalglish - the legendary well-known Scottish, now the manager of Liverpool FC.
**It's against this young man - Malky Mackay - manager of Cardiff City FC, a team fully owned by two Malaysian businessmen.
**With the Malaysian fans and Malaysian flags all over Wembley stadium....
**Two GERRARDs will be against each other - Steven Gerrard of Liverpool versus cousin Anthony Gerrard of Cardiff City.
**Craig Bellamy played for both teams - Cardiff City (on loan) before, and now with Liverpool...
**Will the Malaysian-owned Cardiff City spring a surprise??
**Or will the favourite team - Liverpool - live up to their billings ?? The odds are on them....

The game starts at 16:00 GMT (12.00 midnight Malaysian time).
Whatever the outcome, both teams mean a lot to me. Cardiff - with the Malaysian tag, and Liverpool - my childhood team...
Good Luck to both teams...
Have a nice day...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

159th Country Visitor - From ANGOLA.

The Angola flag.
The 159th country to visit my blog is from ANGOLA.
He or she was online at 12.17am (Malaysian time) this morning - from Luanda, Angola.
Time to update our Geography and general knowledge...
Map of Angola.
Angola, officially the Republic of Angola, is a country in southern Africa bordered by Namibia on the south, the Demoratic Republic of Congo on the north, and Zambia on the east; its west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean with Luanda as its capital city.

The Portuguese were present in some—mostly coastal—points of the territory of what is now Angola, from the 16th to the 19th century, interacting in diverse ways with the peoples that lived there. In the 19th century they slowly and hesitantly began to establish themselves in the interior. Angola as a Portuguese colony encompassing the present territory was not established before the end of the 19th century, and "effective occupation", as required by the Berlin Conference (1884) was achieved only by the 1920s. Independence was achieved in 1975, after a protracted liberation war. After independence, Angola was the scene of an intense civil war from 1975 to 2002. The country has vast mineral and petroleum reserves, and its economy has grown on average at a two-digit pace since the 1990s, and especially since the end of the civil war. However, its level of human development is rather low, and its life expectancy and infant mortality rates are both among the worst-ranked in the world.

Angola, more than three times the size of California, extends for more than 1,000 mi (1,609 km) along the South Atlantic in southwest Africa. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo are to the north and east, Zambia is to the east, and Namibia is to the south. A plateau averaging 6,000 ft (1,829 m) above sea level rises abruptly from the coastal lowlands. Nearly all the land is desert or savanna, with hardwood forests in the northeast.

The original inhabitants of Angola are thought to have been Khoisan speakers. After 1000, large numbers of Bantu speakers migrated to the region and became the dominant group. Angola derives its name from the Bantu kingdom of Ndongo, whose name for its king is ngola.
Explored by the Portuguese navigator Diego Cão in 1482, Angola became a link in trade with India and Southeast Asia. Later it was a major source of slaves for Portugal's New World colony of Brazil. Development of the interior began after the Berlin Conference in 1885 fixed the colony's borders, and British and Portuguese investment fostered mining, railways, and agriculture.

President: José Eduardo dos Santos (1979)
Prime Minister: Position Abolished (2012)
Total area: 481,350 sq mi (1,246,699 sq km)
Population (2010 est.): 13,068,161 (growth rate: 2.0%); birth rate: 43.3/1000; infant mortality rate: 178.1/1000; life expectancy: 38.48; density per sq mi: 25
Capital and Largest City: Luanda, 2,297,200
Other large cities: Huambo, 171,000; Lubango, 136,000
Monetary unit: New Kwanza
National name: Republica de Angola
Languages: Portuguese (official), Bantu and other African languages
Ethnicity/Race: Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, Bakongo 13%, mestico (mixed European and Native African) 2%, European 1%, other 22%
Religions: Indigenous 47%, Roman Catholic 38%, Protestant 15% (1998 est.)
Literacy rate: 67.4% (2001 est.)
Arable land: 2.65%.  
Agriculture: bananas, sugarcane, coffee, sisal, corn, cotton, manioc (tapioca), tobacco, vegetables, plantains; livestock; forest products; fish.
Labor force: 6.573 million; agriculture 85%, industry and services 15% (2007 est.).  
Industries: petroleum; diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, feldspar, bauxite, uranium, and gold; cement; basic metal products; fish processing; food processing, brewing, tobacco products, sugar; textiles; ship repair. Natural resources: petroleum, diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, copper, feldspar, gold, bauxite, uranium. Exports: $40.02 billion f.o.b. (2009 est.): crude oil, diamonds, refined petroleum products, gas, coffee, sisal, fish and fish products, timber, cotton.  
Imports: $12.81 billion f.o.b. (2009 est.): machinery and electrical equipment, vehicles and spare parts; medicines, food, textiles, military goods.  
Major trading partners: U.S., China, Taiwan, France, Chile (2006)
Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 98,200 (2006); mobile cellular: 2.264 million (2006). Radio broadcast stations: AAM 21, FM 6, shortwave 7 (2001).  
Television broadcast stations: 6 (2000).  
Internet hosts: 3,337 (2007).  
Internet users: 85,000 (2005).
Transportation: Railways: total: 2,761 km (2006). Highways: total: 51,429 km; paved: 5,349 km; unpaved: 46,080 km (2001). Waterways: 1,300 km (2007). 
Ports and harbors: Cabinda, Luanda, Soyo.  
Airports: 232 (2007).

 Luanda, capital city of Angola.
aerial shot of Luanda
 internal Angola
 Angola's country side..
 found in Angola
 fishing in Angola
 open trading
Beautiful Angolan girls..
 Miss Leila Lopez of Angola was Miss Universe 2011.
 Leila Lopez.. Miss Universe 2011.
another beautiful Miss Angola..

Have a nice day....

Oranges and Grapefruits - Cut the risk of Stroke.

A recent study shows that by eating oranges and grapefruits - if possible, everyday - can reduce the risk of a stroke.
Read this:
LONDON: Want to reduce the risk of a stroke? Eat oranges and grapefruit daily, if possible , says a study.
Researchers at Norwich Medical School in the University of East Anglia have found that oranges and grapefruit protect against a 'brain attack' due to anti-inflammatory properties, the Stroke journal reported.

For their study, researchers analysed 69,622 women who were taking part in the ongoing Nurses' Health Study in US.
They investigated the strength of protection from flavonoids, a class of antioxidant compounds present in fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate and red wine. 

The study used 14 years of follow-up data provided by 69,622 women who reported their fruit and vegetable intake every four years.
The team examined the relationship of the six main subclasses of flavonoids with risk of ischemic, hemorrhagic and total stroke.
Women who ate high amounts of flavanones in citrus had a 19% lower risk of blood clot-related (ischemic) stroke than women who consumed the least amounts, the Daily Mail reported. PTI 

.... The Times of India.

I take orange juice almost everyday.... Do you?
Have a nice day....

Friday, February 24, 2012

The SUKMA Camp...

The Perlis contingent preparing for the SUKMA 2012 games began its motivation camp today - at the Tasoh Camp, in Perlis.
The camp is from 24-26 February, 2012. Almost all the athletes from each participating game registered for the camp. The SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia) games will be held in Kuantan, Pahang from the 6th to 14th July, 2012.
Seven SMK Derma students registered for the camp. Five are from Lawn Bowls, one from swimming, and the other one from Shooting. Daeng Dhadyry and Daeng Dessy Dhabita are both from Lawn Bowls.
Early photos:
 Off to the camp by bus..
 the location of the SUKMA camp..
 the camp site
 ready for the whole Perlis contingent
the MSN director addressing his speech
 the Perlis athletes..
the Lawn Bowls athletes
 aaaa, from SMK Derma..
 Malaysian cyclist, Ju Pha Somnet - is from Perlis.
 the Perlis' MSN staff
the time table for the camp..

Go, Go PERLIS !!!
Show your talent........

Have a nice day.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just For Laughs...

Found this in one of my friend's FB wall:

Have a nice day...