Friday, February 3, 2012

The 2012 CROSS COUNTRY event ..

SMK Derma held this year's Cross Country event, today - Friday, 3rd February 2012.
About 800 students took part in this yearly, formal event, held at the Sports Complex arena (Stadium Utama), in Kangar.
There were 6 categories: Boys/Girls Class 3 (Form 1), Boys/Girls Class 2 (Forms 2 and 3), and Boys/Girls Class 1 (Forms 4 and 5). In Malaysia, Form 1 is year 7 (13 years old) while Form 5 is year 11 (17 years old).

Perlis House (Red House) was the runaway champion with a massive 369 points - mainly contributed  by the Class 2 boys.
Raja House (Yellow House) was second with 281 points, Sheikh Ahmad House (Green House) was third with 268 points, and Sekolah House (Blue House) was last with 256 points.

The Champion's trophy was given away by the new Principal - Mr. Mardis.
Photos of the event:
Parents sending their children as early as 7.15am
 assembling at 7.30am
 "pinning" their house colour..
morning exercise and stretching before the run..
 off they go....
 around the Main Stadium..
 into the countryside..
 front runners escorted by motorbikes..
this year's medals
 the champion's trophy..
 waiting for the results..
 the Blue House (Rumah Sekolah) - 4th place
 the Green House (Rumah Sheikh Ahmad) - 3rd Place
the Yellow House (Rumah Raja) - Runners up
 the Red House (Rumah Perlis) - the Champion House.
 Daeng Dhadyry receiving his medal in the Boys Class 2.
Wong Kae Jo with her medal..
 the Girls Class 1 Champion - Faizah.
 the Boys Class 1 champion - Asyraf
Some candid shots:
  coupons ??
 caught playing truant ???
have to carry chairs...?
 did they noticed my camera...?
 waiting for his medal... Daeng Dhadyry..
with the Head Girl...
 tukang jual ayaq pun comey...
 someone left her pink bag behind....

Have a nice day..

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