Saturday, February 11, 2012

BBQ in the jungle...

We did not plan it in the first place. When somebody suggested it, nobody objected the idea...
So, we collected RM10 each - and we had this BBQ at the Bukit Ayer Forest Resort, while the students were having their motivational camp.
As it turned out, only 2 of the male teachers of SMK Derma didn't attend the BBQ. The rest made it, including the Principal, Mr. Mardis Abdul Latiff and the Senior Assistant, Mr. Shaharim Saad. In fact, our recently transferred Senior Assistant of Student's Affairs, Mr. Zulkifli Majid, came over to joint the BBQ. Former staff, Mr. Ahmad Zaher Hussin, couldn't make it due to family commitments.
A few lady teachers came over too....
beginning of the BBQ in Bukit Ayer Resort
 Mr. Osman grilled the chicken first..
then, the beef...
corns and some fish for BBQ
 UstatBob and Mahizan helping out..
 ready to be eaten....
with some fruits too..
hmm, getting hungry..
 some of the ladies that came over for the BBQ.

Maybe, we should do more of this in future..
Have a nice day.... 

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