Monday, February 13, 2012

The Cohort Assembly 2012.

the Principal was with the Form 4's cohort assembly.
SMK Derma held her first cohort assembly for this year today.
Students were grouped into their forms (level) and held their group assembly at various places in the school. The Form 1 held theirs in a modified hall at Block E, Form 2 at the spot between Block A and Block B, Form 3 in the open hall at the new building, Form 4 at the canteen, Form 5 in the school hall, and the Form 6 at the pavilion besides the school field.
The purpose of having the cohort assembly is to give more opportunity to students to practice their capability in public speaking and handling assemblies. It helps in building their leadership qualities...
the Form 1's
the Form 2's
 the Form 3's
 the Form 4's
the Form 5's
the Form 6's
 the Senior Assistant was with the Form 2's cohort assembly.

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