Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something's NOT correct here...

 in today's newspaper..
I have to put this article in my Blog - so that it stays there forever.
While Thailand is beginning to have their SMEP (Science Maths English Programme) last year and sending their students to Malaysia to study English on a small scale basis, we - Malaysians are scrapping the PPSMI (Teaching and Learning Science and Maths in English). What a joke...
Just because of some stupid politicians agenda, the country is losing out to all our neighbours - in terms of education and the scientific studies (if I may say...).
Say no more - just see this article that came out in the local newspaper today:

Sunday March 11, 2012

Heed the call of students to master English skills

The Star Says

THE writing is clearly on the wall and on the exam papers: students prefer using English in Science, Mathematics and Computing in last year’s STPM examination.
For the 2009 STPM exam it was a resounding 97.5% of students, for 2010 it was 97.1%, and the latest results show that last year it exceeded 98%. Given a choice, the vast majority of students heading for university opted for English in Ma­­thematics and Science subjects.
This is clear proof of what the younger generation of promising Malaysians want. Policymakers are thus obliged to equip them with the necessary tools for their tasks.
English resolutely re­­mains the second language of the country. That it also happens to be the world’s main international language, as well as the main language of science and technology worldwide, should bode well for Malaysia’s future.
English is also the main language of international business and diplomacy. It has for many years served Malaysia in helping to attract foreign investment here, as it has also helped to prepare Malaysians to represent the country and its interests abroad.
It is therefore fortunate that young Malaysians on the cusp of professional studies show a strong and consistent capacity for English. They, after all, embody the future of Malaysia.
It is also good that the students show an openness to and ease with the language, as well as confidence in handling it. Of course their competence can and should be improved to help upgrade their knowledge in their subjects of study.
Competition between languages does not exist. Malaysians are mature and settled enough to understand that the unquestioned position of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language need not compromise efforts to improve their skills in other languages.
The one language that has long been accepted and practised as the lingua franca among all Malaysians is Bahasa Malaysia.
At the same time, English has been the secondary and international lingua franca, helping modernise our society and positioning Malaysia more favourably in the world.
Yet the standard of English among Malaysians generally has declined. The obvious solution is to give greater prominence to the use of English in specific contexts, notably schools.
The reality of the situation is clear enough. The rest depends on wider and more open official recognition of the circumstances.

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