Monday, March 12, 2012

Visitors From Woranari Chaloem Songkhla School, Thailand..

As promised in their fax to us last week, 36 students (33 girls) and 4 teachers came to visit SMK Derma today.
They came 40 minutes early and caught us off-guard... It was written as 10.00am Thai time (11.00am Malaysian time) their ETA (Expected Time Arrival) - and they came at 9.20am Thai time.
36 Dermarians (Derma students) gave their names as volunteers to run the programme (from 10.00am to 4.00pm) between the two schools - but sadly, only 27 turned up. 9 students went missing without any reasons whatsoever..., and it's a shame to have such irresponsible students in Derma. Luckily, there were other students in the school hall - having their extra classes this morning - and 9 came to "cover up" for the absent students (upon arrival at the main gate). A special "Thank you" to the 9 Form 5 students who came to the "rescue"... You saved the day for SMK Derma.

I would also like to thank the 27 students who came to school today to help run the collaboration programme between Woranari Chaloem Songkhla School of Thailand and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Derma of Malaysia.
They are:  1. Nurfarhana Shahidan.  2. Nur Shahierah Abd Ghafur.  3. Nur Bazilah Mohd Rodzi.  4. Nur Idzni Muslim.  5. Umi Rafiqa Abdull Shukri.  6. Hazmi Abdul Halim - (all 6 from 4 Dinamik). 7. Haslinda Hasan.  8. Siti Farrawaheida Abdull Wahab. 9. Nur Adiba Hakimi - (all 3 from 4 Cemerlang). 10. Elyia Iryantie Othman.  11. Nurul Husna Abdul Latif - (both from 4 Bestari).  12. Nurul Izzati Hasmadi - of 4 Rasional.  13. Thitthima a/p Wat - of 1 Pintar.  14. Nikhorn a/l Eerm - of 2 Aktif. 15. Vanida a/p Tian - of 3 Cekal.  16. Wan Nurina Shahrin.  17. Tarsshana a/p Kobilan.  18. Kavithanjali a/p Kalaiselvan.  19. Nurul Izzati Muafah Khalid.  20. Nur Iryani Amirah Jamaludin.  21. Izyan Jawahir Ahmad Shakri.  22. Aina Sofia Shaharim.  23. Cheang Li Ren.  24. Manroshan Singh Bhatt.  25. Ku Amirul Asyraf Ku Amir.  26. Afiqah Zaidi.  27. Riko Fujii - (all from 4 Arif).
*All the 27 names above will be given a special certificate of appreciation....

Three main activities were held in the collaboration programme:
First, there was this session on "introducing oneself" where all 36 'Woranarians' and 27 'Dermarians' introduced themselves and stating their favourite colour. Then, there were grouped into the "Group Colours". It seemed that there were many students with "BLUE" as their favourite colour. There were only 3 students with WHITE as their favourite. They began to know each other from there on...
Secondly, there was this session on art and design. All of them were shown the art of making "batik" - and they tested their skills on designing a "batik" sarong... It was fun for the visitors.
Thirdly, the language session. The students were made to translate the "Malay-English-Thai" terms and easy phrases. They solved the problems among themselves.... There was also the Mandarin language session where they learn to sing a Mandarin song.

Lunch was served at noon and I found out that the Thais do not like to eat spicy food and oily rice. I guess, we, Malaysians, have to be critical on this point - food - to our visiting guests from another country. This is the second time that I noticed that the Thais do not like to eat "nasi tomato" or "nasi beriani". They prefer just plain white rice. They do not like to take spicy food too - like the "ayam masak merah" or even curry... Well, we just have to learn more about their likings, where food is concerned...

500 Thai schools are running their SMEP (Science Maths English Programme)
 arrival at 10.20am
 greeted by Dermarians
 "ice-breaking" session at the old Block E
 ever  smiling Thais..
 Gun (Thai), Rachel (American), Riko (Japanese) in one line..
 Thai girl, Gun - with her new Malaysian friends..
 groups of their favourite colour.
 the BLUE group
 the ORANGE group
 the WHITE group
 the BLUE + WHITE pair.., he, he..
 the art of making "Batik"..
 this Thai guy is talented in Batik printing..
 so did this Thai girl, Gun..
 it's learning Malay-English-Thai session..
 cultural presentation time...
"inter-cultural is good..", Muey seems to say.
new friends too..
 exchanging gifts...
 group photo in SMK Derma's hall..
 thank you for visiting us...or thanks for the hospitality..
 bye, bye.. see yer again...

The collaboration programme ended at 3.00pm and they are off to Kuala Lumpur for their Malaysian trip.
Have a nice day... 

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