Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Bridge of Goodwill Programme Between: Malaysia-Thailand.

Welcome to Malaysia..
26 Thai Students and 2 Education Officers are here in SMK Derma, Perlis, to study English with their Malaysian counterparts. They are staying here for two weeks (21st April - 4th May, 2012).
These students come from all over Thailand in what seems to be pursuing their SMEP (Science Maths English Programme) that the Thai Education Ministry is applying to her education system. The SMEP programme is a modified clone of our PPSMI (Teaching and Learning Maths and Science in English). For the record, there are 500 schools all over Thailand that is doing the SMEP programme.
The Thai government is paying for all the expenses of their students and officers - the accommodation, the food, etc, etc.. They just want to learn English through our education system. Luckily, SMK Derma is still using PPSMI in its classes...
The list of the Thai students here in SMK Derma:
1. Miss Piyapat Samajaree
2. Miss Siritida Kitjavet
3. Miss Sawalak Siangchoke
4. Miss Falida Arthan
5. Miss Chakriya Kaewniam
6. Miss Nattakarn Sastrabud
7. Miss Nattariya Bunsrang
8. Miss Anchisa Suwannakam
9. Miss Uzma Maleng
10. Miss Patchaporn Poonkimkaew
11. Miss Nattawadi Piachim
12. Miss Nisakorn Tepjan
13. Miss Rewadi Noopraphan
14. Miss Suphaphitch Chomsrimegh
15. Miss Boonwadi Sooktorn
16. Miss Firdao Srimat
17. Miss Parichat Prommool
18. Miss Kawinna Kaewkhao
19. Miss Thitirat Vansanith
20. Miss Kuljira Saengsuriyan
21. Mr. Pongtis Prawatwong
22. Mr. Komkrit Jirapan
23. Mr. Anik Suyi
24. Mr. Kittisak Srimai
25. Mr. Panupong Peerawutprasert
26. Mr. Charip Naowaget
27. Miss Thitinan Ritthiruechai (officer)
28. Miss Ketsirin Pitaktanin (officer)
* Miss Fatimah Nikuechi (FaFa) is their Chief Officer - but she will be here on and off. She will be away to Penang, but will be in Derma next Wednesday.
Dermarians waiting for their arrival
 the arrival.. 
 welcoming presentation..
 a short walk to the briefing room
 welcome to SMK Derma
 All the 26 Thai students...
and this is Derma's assistant Head Girl.

Welcome to Malaysia...
Welcome to Derma English Secondary School....
Have a nice 2 weeks here.....

Have a nice day...

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