Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dermarians in SK Seri Ampang..

SK Seri Ampang welcomes you...
On the second day of our Ipoh Tour, one bus-load of Dermarians came to visit SK Seri Ampang, Ipoh, as one of our "Cluster Mentoring" programme - specifically, in Lawn Bowls. This primary school is also a cluster school with ICT (information and communication technology), English and Lawn Bowls as her niche areas.
What impressed us most is their ICT department. They are really advanced. The school have their own website which I think will put us to shame (comparing to most secondary schools)...
You can visit the site and see for your yourselves. It's at www.skseriampang.net.
Photos of our visit:
 Nothing like SK Seri Ampang
Dermarians in SK Ampang
all in purple..
The headmaster - Mr. Raja Zainal, my former classmate in Batu Gajah.
listening to the briefing..
that's why we were there in Seri Ampang..
before the "mentoring" session at the Lawn Bowls arena
playing and showing..
these small guys are good... says Daeng Dhadyry
hmmm.., very good
group photo after the game
one for you..
one for Derma..
teachers involved - both schools.

Well, we had a great time too at this primary school - SK Seri Ampang, Ipoh.
May we see you again, the next time - in Kangar...
Have a nice day...

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