Friday, April 6, 2012

Greetings From Gopeng and Ipoh, Perak.

Lunch at the Juru R&R.
I had a long day today...
We were supposed to start our journey at 8.00am today - from Kangar to Gopeng/Ipoh. My Honda was very sporting today, thank god...
While fetching my adopted daughter, Ah Ying, in Sanglang - my car gave a signal that something was wrong. It happened that the alternator was misfunctioning. Lucky me. It would have been worst if the car had broke down anywhere on the way to Gopeng.
I turned back and had it fixed at a local foreman. It took 3 hours. We then restarted our journey at 12.15pm. Everything was OK until we reached Ipoh. We were hit by heavy rain, so much so that I had to move at a very slow pace - around 30 km/hr. I had to stop at a petrol kiosk for nearly an hour...

Finally, we reached Gopeng at 5.00pm. We managed to settle things for the exhibition tomorrow in a short time frame and then headed to Ipoh, about 15 km from Gopeng. We checked-in at the Syuen Hotel at about 6.30pm, had dinner and now... resting.
Tomorrow - it's 6.00am till 6.00pm.
Will update again tomorrow night.
Dydy, Dessy and Ah Ying
 staying here for 2 nights
 view of Ipoh from my room
 dusk at 7.40pm

Have a nice day......

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