Monday, April 9, 2012

Meeting my classmates of 1974 - after 38 years.

Classmates of 1974 - Amir, Ismail and me.
Another golden opportunity I got for coming to the Gopeng 3P carnival is - meeting my classmates of SMSS 1974 (Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor, batch of 1974).
I met Ismail Mat - a professor at a local university, Amir Abdul Rahman and Rohaya Yusoff (both retired now). You can imagine what the atmosphere was...., after not seeing each other for 38 years. We haven't met since we left school in 1974.
They came to the 3P carnival after I put up a post in Facebook that I will be in Gopeng for 3 days. It was a nice sporting gesture for them to meet me, not once but twice, during my stay at the Syuen Hotel, Ipoh. That's what I call true friends... Thank you all three of you....
I will cherish these photos:
we have not met each other since 1974.
 Amir, now retired - and doing Homestay business.
 Rohaya - came over to meet me with her husband.
 Rohaya with my three kids and me.
 we certainly had a lot of "catching-up" to do, after 38 years...
it wasn't enough - we met again for supper..
 Amir had a late dinner that night...
 and we made up the lost years till midnight...

I guess I have to thank Facebook for bringing us together after 38 years...
Have a nice day... 

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