Friday, April 20, 2012

The "Permata Derma" Motivation Programme.

the lecture room
As promised, SMK Derma kicked off its motivational programme to enhance students to be the "Best in the SPM 2012" exams.
The first series began yesterday at the Sungai Baru's Chalet Nelayan, near Kuala Perlis. 24 students were involved in this group - the Permata Derma. For a start, they were given tips on how to score 'A's in Mathematics and History. At the same time, another group of 21 students were given tips to score in Chemistry and Physics (the Berlian Group) - also at the same venue.
Back in SMK Derma, the rest of the batch were given tutorials in Additional Maths and the English Language. Nobody were left unattended.
some refreshments after my 2-hour lecture..

The second series will come soon....
Have a nice day...

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