Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visitors from Kapang Surin School, Trang, Thailand.

a 4-day tour to Malaysia-Singapore.
50 teachers of Kapang Surin School from the province of Trang, Thailand, paid a visit to SMK Derma today.
They came in a bus and a van.
Kapang Surin School, established in 1933, is a government school in Southern Thailand, with an enrollment of about 800 students and 50 teachers. The Director of the school is Mr. Pragas Thongna. They are here under the English Programme (EP), where their students study all subjects in bilingual Thai/English. The purpose of the visit is to give their teachers the opportunity to meet, to learn and share experiences, as well as to promote mutual understanding and friendship. They are on their way to Singapore and SMK Derma is their first stop since SMK Derma is still carrying on with the PPSMI.
They arrived at 10.30am
 meeting SMK Derma students
 up to the meeting room
 in the meeting room
 a representative giving her speech
taking photo in the school hall
visiting the library
 special room
 the science lab
 having some refreshments
 three of them with me...
 snapping photos before they left
 updating in Facebooks and Twitters..
 saying goodbye..
 group photo before leaving...

The Kapang Surin School visitors left at 12.30pm. They are heading to Kuala Lumpur to stay for a night before proceeding to Singapore.
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