Thursday, May 31, 2012

NEW ZEALAND vs MALAYSIA - LIVE Updates - Hockey: Azlan Shah Cup 2012


It's the BIG game tonight - New Zealand vs Malaysia... LIVE updates:
1st Half:
00:01 : New Zealand to start..
05:00 : Goal... 1-0 to New Zealand.
14:00 : Malaysia attacking now...
16:00 : 2-0 to New Zealand..
30:00 : Still 2-0 to New zealand
32:00 : Penalty corner to Malaysia - foiled..
34:00 : Goal. 3-0 to New Zealand...
35:00 : half time.. Score New Zealand 3 - 0 Malaysia
NZL leading 3-0 at halftime.
2nd half:
36:01 : Play starts..
40:00 : Game controlled by NZL...
42:00 : Penalty corner to M'sia - saved..
45:00 : GGOOOAALLLLL - Malaysia pulled one back.. 3-1 now.
47:00 : Shot at goal - saved by NZL keeper...
52:00 : More attacks by Malaysia now... quite skillful..
55:00 : Missed by inches (M'sia).
60:00 : Good goalkeeping by NZL..
61:00 : Goal by NZL... 4-1 now.
65:00 : Malaysia trying to score, but really good defending by NZL.
67:00 : 3 minutes to go.. still 4-1.
70:00 : Game over - 4-1 to New Zealand.
Full time score...
Have a nice day...

Pakistan vs India - LIVE - Hockey: Azlan Shah Cup 2012

It's the big game - Pakistan vs India.
1st Half:
00:01 : Pakistan to start...
05:00 : Both teams playing cautiously..
10:00 : No great moves yet..
13:00 : Penalty corner to Pakistan - blocked.
14:00 : Another penalty corner - lifted over the goal...
15:00 : Pakistan controlling the game (58%).
21:00 : Pakistan doing the attacking ...
25:00 : Still 0-0. 10 minutes to go...
30:00 : Penalty corner to India -GGOOALL...  1-0 to India..
1-0 to India.
32:30 : Penalty corner to Pakistan - saved..
34:58 : Penalty corner to Pakistan - saved again..
35:00 : Half time score: India leads 1-0.

2nd Half:
36:01 : Play resumes..
45:00 : Penalty corner to Pakistan - wasted..
50:00 : Good save by the Indian keeper.. Super save...
55:00 : Pakistan attacking - storming into India's D.
60:00 : Penalty corner - GGOOAALLL .. 1-1 now.
65:00 : India attacking.. Pakistan counter attacks... Rain is pouring now..
67:00 : Penalty corner to India - blocked.
69:00 : GGOOOALLLLL - India scores !!  2-1 to India
70:00 : Game over. India defeated Pakistan 2-1

Have a nice day INDIA !!!

Great Britain vs Korea - LIVE Updates - HOCKEY: Azlan Shah Cup

1st Half:
South Korea leading 1-0 - field goal in the 22nd minute.
Half Time: Korea leading 1-0.
half time score.
2nd Half:
South Korea had 2 penalty corners in the first 5 minutes - but no goals scored.
It's raining now.. (41st min).
 Great Britain fans celebrating..
Great Britain scores in the 50th minute. 1-1 now.
5 minutes to go - still deadlocked 1-1.
it's a draw..
Full time score: Great Britain 1 - 1 South Korea.
Next game - Pakistan vs India in half an hour's time...
Have a nice day....

Hockey - Azlan Shah Cup 2012.

Yesterday's matches results and today's schedule:
today's schedule
table at a glance..
So, see yer at 4.00pm (local time)..
Have a nice day..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PAKISTAN vs MALAYSIA - LIVE - Hockey: Azlan Shah Cup

Welcome back. It's the 3rd game today, or rather tonight.. It's 8.00pm local time.
Malaysia vs Pakistan. It's going to be a bombastic game...

1st Half:
00:01 : Pakistan to start...
04:00 : GOAL - Pakistan scores a field goal.. 1-0 to Pakistan.
13:00 : GOAL - Pakistan scores a second.. 2-0 Pakistan
17:00 : Penalty corner to Malaysia - saved.
21:00 : Penalty corner to Pakistan - brilliant save by keeper, twice..
26:00 : Mistake by M'sian defender - luckily Pakistan didn't take the chances..
34:40 : 20 seconds before half time, Malaysia scores, field goal... 2-1 now.
Half time : Pakistan 2 - 1 Malaysia

2nd Half:
36:00 : 2nd half on...
41:00 : M'sian attack foiled by Pakistan defenders..
42:00 : Oooo.., missed again..
44:00 : Penalty corner to Malaysia - saved.
47:00 : GGOOOALLLLL !! Malaysia scores - 2-2 now
55:00 : 15 minutes to go - can be anybody's game..
57:00 : Malaysian keeper, Kumar,  injured...
58:00 : Play continues...
61:00 : Penalty corner to Pakistan - wide...
62:00 : Pakistani keeper injured now..
63:00 : Penalty corner to Malaysia - superb save - should have been a goal...
65:00 : 5 minutes to go... Malaysia attacking.
68:00 : Still 2-2. Another golden chance missed..
68:20 : Penalty corner to Malaysia - GGOOOALLLLLL !!!!!!!!!! GGGOOOALLLLLL !!!!
Malaysia scores..... 3-2 now.
70:00 : Game over - Malaysia beat Pakistan 3-2 in a triller..
Malaysia's winning goal in the last minute.
The final scoreline, Malaysia won 3-2.
What a game... fuuuhhhh!!!
Have a nice day Malaysia !!

Argentina vs India : LIVE Updates - Hockey: Azlan Shah Cup 2012 - Great Britain vs New Zealand

Hockey lovers, especially from India and Argentina - here's the LIVE Updates:
1st Half:
05:00 : Penalty corner to India - deflected - for the long corner.. nothing.
07:00 : India doing most of the attacking.. 60% possession.
10:00 : Argentina made one or two attacks - comes to nothing.
15:00 : Still no goals...
20:00 : One of the rare attacks by Argentina - saved by the keeper.
25:00 : Slow and patient play by both teams.
31:00 : Still 0-0.
35:00 : No goals in the first half. 0-0.
Half Time - enjoy your coffee break, folks....

2nd Half:
Welcome back to the Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium, here in Ipoh, Malaysia. It's hot and humid...
Play resumes now...
36:00 : India gets it underway... still slow pace..
38:00 : GOAL - Argentina scores... 1-0
38:30 : GOAL - Argentina scores another one.... 2-0 (2 goals in a minute..)
40:00 : India now attacking.. oooh.. just over the bar. Good effort.
45:00 : India still dominates play but no goals scored..
49:00 : Penalty corner to India - GOAL !!! 2-1 now..
52:00 : India still attacking now.. Argentina's keeper injured..
56:00 : Penalty corner to Argentina - GOAL !!! Argentina leads 3-1.
61:00 : Penalty corner to India - GOAL... 3-2 now
63:00 : Penalty corner to India - way wide....
66:00 : 4 minutes to go... score still 3-2 to Argentina.
69:00 : A minute to go..
70:00 : Full time score - Argentina beat India 3-2.

*Next game : Great Britain vs New Zealand.
1st Half:
Half time score: Great Britain 2 - 0 New Zealand

2nd Half: 
New Zealand scored in the 63rd minute to make it 2-1
63:00 : Great Britain 2 -1 New Zealand (penalty corner).
70:00 : Game over. Great Britain won 2-1.
Have a nice day...

Monday, May 28, 2012

INDIA vs MALAYSIA - LIVE - Hockey (Sultan Azlan Shah Cup)

Play have just started - Malaysia in yellow, India in Light Blue...
1st Half:
01.00: M'sia drew first blood - hit on target - saved by keeper..
03.00: India missed golden chance. Shot wide..
05:00: Penalty corner to M'sia.. Oooo - just missed by inches by Faizal...
09:00: Another miss by Faizal...
10:00: Mistake by M'sian defenders - simple goal to India. 1-0 to India.
14:00: Goal given? Ball was hit just outside the D-line - it's not counted !! Referee gave the goal to India, 2-0. *TV slow-mo shows that the ball was hit outside the D. Oh dear...
Even, if the ball is hit ON the D-line, it's NOT a goal. The ball must be hit inside the D.
20:00: Malaysian attack failed..
25:00: A lot of bad passes by M'sia.., and missed chances too..
27:00: India missed the goal by inches..
30:00: Still cannot score... one to one situation. Bad day for M'sia..
33:00: M'sia had 5 shots at goal - none went in. India had 5 shot at goal - 2 went in...
35:00: Half time - India leads 2-0.

*Coffee break, folks...
2nd half:
36:00: Poor passing by M'sia..
37:00: Good defending by India.
38:00: Poor finishing again by M'sia.
40:00: Penalty corner to M'sia... GGGOOOAAAALLLLL !!! 2-1 now..
44:00: Field goal by India .. 3-1 now to India.
48:00: Green card to Indian player.
50:00: M'sia doing the attacking.. good defending by India.
51:00: Penalty corner to India - saved
52:00: Penalty corner to M'sia now - saved.
54:00: Yellow cards to 2 Indian players in 2 separate incidents.
55:00: Penalty corner to M'sia - failed again....
57:00: 9-men India defending well... M'sia doing all the attacking.
59:00: GGGGOOOOAALLLLLL by Malaysia .. 3-2 now.
62:00: Penalty corner to M'sia again. Foiled...
64:00: 6 minutes to go - India still leading 3-2.
65:00: 10-men India defending..
66:00: Penalty corner to India - hit the bar !!
68:00: 2 minutes to go.. What can M'sia do? Time is running out..
69:00: A minute to go..
70:00: It's all over - Full time: India won 3-2.
Malaysia's 1st defeat in this tournament...
*India is having a nice day, today....
Bye bye......

Thomas Cup Failure - Bad Decision and Blunders by BAM...

bad injury to Lee Chong Wei..
Now that the Thomas Cup is over, it's time for us to analyse the mistakes and blunders made by the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM). Point form:
1.   Putting Lee Chong Wei as the 1st singles was the biggest mistake!
(i) Lee Chong Wei was not 100% fully fit. He had shoulder injury a few months back and it was a big risk to make him play in the Thomas Cup campaign. Moreover, the Olympics is just round the corner - so, it's better for him to skip the Thomas Cup. BAM should not have played him...
That's blunder number 1 ....
(ii) At the present set-up of the team, the 2nd and 3rd singles are nowhere to give Malaysia any point. So does the 2nd doubles. The only point (apart from Lee Chong Wei) Malaysia could gain is through the 1st double (Koo Kean Keat/Tan Boon Heong). That doesn't guarantee Malaysia to win the match (best of 5 games).
That's blunder number 2....

2.   Why didn't BAM send a younger team to the Thomas Cup?
What's wrong with the back-up squad?
Not enough exposure?
Why didn't BAM expose them, in the 1st place?
Blunder number 3...

3.   BAM do not trust the fresh youngters?
I'll list down these names and their previous success:
 Zulfadli Zulkifli
a.   Zulfadli Zulkifli - a young, confident player with great talent. He has won the Asian and World Junior titles. Are you blind or deaf, BAM? Or both??
What sort of player do you want, other than what this player has? He was the world junior singles champion !!! I repeat - WORLD Junior Singles Champion !!!
Oh.., I know why.. He is trained by his father at KLRC and not BAM...
So, BAM don't want winners.. Is that it? Stupid!!!
Blunder number 4....
 Iskandar Zulkarnain
b.   Iskandar Zulkarnain Zainuddin - a former Asian juniors runner-up. He has the height and power in attack. Of course, he lacks exposure - BAM didn't send him to world class tournaments..
Blunder number 5...
Misbun Ramdan
c.   Misbun Ramdan Misbun - possesses good attacking skills. He is tall, just like his father - Misbun Sidek.
Very talented player and can be the next world champion if politics are set aside... (if you know what I mean).
Blunder number 6...
 Chooi Kah Ming/Ow Yao Han
d.   Chooi Kah Ming/Ow Yao Han - the former 2009 world junior champions. This pair have immense talent and potential. A very good combination.. But, of course - left out by BAM and not given exposure...
That's blunder number 7....

4.   Politics again in BAM...
Coaches cannot stay long in BAM.. Why?
Somethings not correct in BAM... What? The stupid officials?
I don't know... ask BAM !!!!

Now that Lee Chong Wei is down injured, BAM can say bye-bye to the Olympics gold.. Bye-bye....
Lee Chong Wei can heal in time for the Olympics, but he won't be 100% fit to win the gold... Just mark my words... Bye-bye Olympics...

Have a nice day, badminton lovers..., Malaysian sports lovers...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

THOMAS CUP 2012 FINAL - China Vs Korea - LIVE updates:

Lin Dan (China)
It's the Thomas Cup 2012 Finals in Wuhan, China.

1st Singles: Lin Dan (CHN) vs Lee Hyun Il (KOR)
1st Set : Lin Dan (Chn) won 21-14
2nd Set: Lin Dan (Chn) leading 21-17.
China leading 1 - 0

1st Doubles: Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng (CHN) vs Lee Yong Dae/Kim Sa Rang (KOR)
1st Set: China won 21-16.
2nd Set: China won 25-23.
China leading  2 - 0 now

2nd Singles: Chen Long (CHN) vs Shon Wan Ho (KOR)
1st Set: China took the 1st set 21-9
2nd Set: China won the 2nd set 21-13
China takes the 3rd game - it's 3-0.
Lin Dan with the cup... China Daily photo.

CHINA takes the Thomas Cup again....
Congratulations China...

Have a nice day.....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The UBER Cup Finals - CHINA vs KOREA... LIVE Updates

Wang Yihan taking the 1st singles.

A very tense game in progress now... China vs S. Korea
1st Singles: Wang Yihan (CHN) vs Sung Ji Hyun (KOR)
- 1st set won by Sung Ji Hyun 21-14
- 2nd set won by Wang Yihan 22-20
- 3rd set won by Wang Yihan 21-13
CHINA leading 1 - 0.

1st Doubles: Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli (CHN) vs Kim Min Jung/Ha Jung Eun (KOR)
- 1st set won by CHINA 21-15.
- 2nd set won by CHINA 21-13.
CHINA leading 2 - 0

2nd Singles: Wang Xin (CHN) vs Bae Voun Joo (KOR)
- 1st set won by CHINA 21-10.
- 2nd set won by CHINA 21-16.

China - 2012 Uber Cup Champions
** CHINA won the Uber Cup beating Korea 3 - 0.
Have a nice day China.....

MSSM 2012 Kangar - LAST DAY - LIVE Updates:

the 200 Girls under-12 Final...

Hello, good morning from Kangar.....
It's the 5th and last day of the Track and Field MSSM Kangar meet....

Results (all finals):
1.   200m Girls U-12:
GOLD:     J332 Victoria Douglas (JOHORE) - 27.98s
SILVER:   S695 Ling Hung Er (Sarawak) - 28.26s
BRONZE: A032 Wong Khai Xuan (Perak) - 28.37s

2.   200m Boys U-12:
GOLD:     E243 Mohd Ikram Akma Darwis (SABAH) - 25.81s
SILVER:   E249 Mohd Firdauz Rahim (Sabah) - 25.91s
BRONZE: C129 Muhd Ikhwan Emir Sulaiman (Pahang) - 25.97s

3.   200m Girls U-15:
GOLD:     W811 Tham Yi Yin (W/P) -26.44s
SILVER:   A031 Kirthana Ramasamy (Perak) - 26.77s
BRONZE: T759 Nur Shahira Muliadi (Terengganu) - 26.88s

4.   200m Boys U-15:
GOLD:     A002 Cheah Yau Chung (PERAK) -22.45s
SILVER:   A001 Ahmad Fikri Hakim Manan (Perak) - 22.61s
BRONZE: K363Syazwan Syafik Mat Rizan (Kedah) - 22.75s

5.   200m Girls U-18:
GOLD:     D216 Syarifah Syatrah Razali (KELANTAN) -25.73s
SILVER:   D218Aina Kasmuni Mohd Jahudi (Kelantan) - 26.30s
BRONZE: A031 Kang Woan Yi (Perak) - 26.53s

6.   200m Boys U-18:
GOLD:     T733 Muhd Ikhwan Safwan Zainuddin (TERENGGANU) -22.37s
SILVER:   A001 Muhd Amir Syahmi Kamaruddin (Perak) - 22.65s
BRONZE: M422 Mohd Azam Masri (Malacca) - 22.80s

7.   High Jump Boys U-12:
GOLD:     W785 Muhd Zakariya Munsuri (W/P) - 1.53m
SILVER:   B064 Jazman Al Azim Rudisham (Selangor) - 1.49m
BRONZE: D182 Muhd Numan Rahemi (Kelantan) - 1.49m

8.   Long Jump Girls U-15:
GOLD:     A031 Kirtana Ramasamy (PERAK) - 5.16m
SILVER:   J339 Nurul Syafika Mohd Razak (Johore) - 5.00m
BRONZE: J331 Nurul Amyza Syazana Rashid (Johore) - 4.98m

9.   Shot Putt Girls U-15:
GOLD:     C154 Chin Poh Kuan (PAHANG) - 10.82m
SILVER:   P574 Pavitra Devi Jayaindraan (Penang) - 10.54m
BRONZE: S693 Betty Hoong King Ching (Sarawak) - 9.65m

10.  2000m Steeplechase Boys U-15:
GOLD:     N487 Ahmad Muhammad Hamizan (N/SEMBILAN) -6m 34.03s
SILVER:   B070 Asif Rahman Jiyaudeen (Selangor) - 6m 45.59s
BRONZE: C130 Sy Muhd Nazrul Izzuddin (Pahang) - 6m 46.15s

11. 3000m Steeplechase Boys U-18:
GOLD:     C122 Saranraj Sivamani (PAHANG) - 9m 56.77s
SILVER:   P542 Calvin Boon Chung Yik (Penang) - 10m 09.42s
BRONZE: A004 Kaviarasan Jayashanker (Perak) -  10m 21.63s

Medals Tally at the moment.. 
SARAWAK still leads with 15 - 18 - 8.
PERAK is currently 2nd with 12 - 15 - 9.
SABAH is currently 3rd with 8 - 8 - 5. 
SELANGOR is 4th with 8 - 2 - 6. 
JOHORE is 5th with 7 - 9 - 12.

This might change this afternoon, the last session. 
See yer at 3.00pm !!! 

3.30pm UPDATES
Hello...welcome back to Kangar.

Results (all Finals):
1.   4x200m Girls U-12:
GOLD:      A - PERAK - 1m 54.66s
SILVER:     S - Sarawak - 1m 55.76s
BRONZE:  K- Kedah - 1m 55.98s

2.   4x200m Boys U-12:
GOLD:      W - WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN - 1m 43.22s
SILVER:     S - Sarawak - 1m 43.34s
BRONZE:   E - Sabah - 1m 43.91s

3.   4x400m Girls U-15:
GOLD:       W - WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN - 4m 11.24s
SILVER:      K - Kedah - 4m 12.28s

BRONZE:    B - Selangor - 4m 13.28s

4.   4x400m Boys U-15:
GOLD:      B - SELANGOR - 3m 30.48s
SILVER:     J - Johore - 3m 30.71s
BRONZE:  E - Sabah -  3m 31.23s

5.   4x400m Girls U-18:
GOLD:      T - TERENGGANU - 4m 04.85s
SILVER:    A - Perak -4m 05.98s
BRONZE:  D - Kelantan - 4m 06.28s

6.   4x400m Boys U-18:
GOLD:      W - WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN - 3m 20.96s
SILVER:     K - Kedah - 3m 22.08s
BRONZE:   B - Selangor - 3m 22.29s

**Final Medal Standings:  
CHAMPIONS - SARAWAK ( 15 Golds, 20 Silvers, 8 Bronzes).
The Sarawak team - Champions of 2012.
Congratulations SARAWAK !!!!
Have a nice day....


Friday, May 25, 2012

MSSM 2012 UPDATES - DAY 4 (Afternoon):

The opening ceremony...
It's bright sunshine in the afternoon here in Kangar...
Results (all Finals):

1.   Discus Throw Girls U-15:
GOLD:    S703 Queenie Ting Kung Ni (SARAWAK) - 34.25m
SILVER:  C154 Chin Poh Kuan (Pahang) - 34.06m
BRONZE: W814 Nur Syafiqah Amirah Yahya (W/P) - 28.60m

2.   Shot Putt Girls U-12:
GOLD:    S693 Grace Wong Xiu Mei (SARAWAK) -13.61m *Record
SILVER:   D211 Joan Wei Pei Xuen (Kelantan) -11.75m
BRONZE: K392 Ain Athiqah Ghazali (Kedah) - 9.20m

3.   High Jump Boys U-18:
GOLD:     B077 Mohd Azly Ghazali (SELANGOR) - 2.10m
SILVER:   A009 Kashvindar Singh (Perak) - 1.95m
BRONZE: J317 Iskandar Alwi - 1.88m

4.   Long Jump Boys U-15:
GOLD:     D181 Mohd Syazwan Saupi (KELANTAN) - 6.44m
SILVER:   N484 Akmal Farhan Saharudin (N/S) - 6.41m
BRONZE: M427 Muhd Musri Subhan (Malacca) - 6.27m

5.   200m Hurdles Girls U-15:
GOLD:     A036 Norhazwani Abdul Haris (PERAK) - 30.08s
SILVER:   S705 Shelma Sharon Anthony James (Sarawak) - 30.50s
BRONZE: S702 Norris Foo (Sarawak) - 30.60s

6.   200m Hurdles Boys U-15:
GOLD:     C121 Muhd Haris Murshidi Shalaby (PAHANG) - 26.42s
SILVER:   W789 Muhd Syazwan Ahmad (W/P) - 26.66s
BRONZE: P549 Mohd Ammirul Faris Hazqim (Penang) - 26.83s

7.   400m Hurdles Girls U-18:
GOLD:     T754 Layalia Rameli (TERENGGANU) -63.30s
SILVER:   W818 Wong Pui Yee (Perak) -63.57s
BRONZE: E272 Farinah Basirin (Sabah) -67.33s

8.   400m Hurdles Boys U-18:
GOLD:     A021 Muhd Firdaus Musa (PERAK) -54.61s
SILVER:   J305 Mohd Ammar Zakuan Zanuar(Johore) - 55.09s
BRONZE: B078 Arafat Mudir (Selangor) - 55.20s

9.   Heptathlon Boys (open):
GOLD:     B080 Mohd Daniel Mokhtar (SELANGOR) - 3998 points
SILVER:   E255 Azri Rosly (Sabah) - 3940 points
BRONZE: K368 Muhd Ediasyamin Ediasmizul (Kedah) - 3877 points

Have a nice day...

MSSM 2012 UPDATES - DAY 4 (morning):


It's raining heavily in Kangar at the moment (9.00am) while I'm updating these post...
Results (all Finals):
** 100m Boys U-18 (Re-Run):
GOLD:     C123 Mohd Amirul Mukmin M. Yusmiza (PAHANG) -11.03s
SILVER:   A001 Muhd Amir Syahmi Kamaruddin (Perak) - 11.23s
BRONZE: N490 Mohd Hakim Faizi Rosli (N/S) - 11.25s

1.   5000m Walk Girls U-18:
GOLD:     W812 Elena Goh Ling Yin (W/P) - 25m 51.82s **RECORD
SILVER:   J338 Pua Ling En (Johore) - 26m 30.34s
BRONZE: S704 Nur Aisyah Ahmat (Sarawak) - 26m 57.67s

2.   3000m Walk Girls U-15:
GOLD:     E276 Shellvi Koh Swee Chin (SABAH) - 16m 32.34s
SILVER:   S691 Banended Limau Anak Saing (Sarawak) - 16m 35.33s
BRONZE: W815 Aina Fadlin Syahmina Abas (W/P) - 16m 38.73s

3.   Discus Throw Girls U-18:
GOLD:     S698 Loo Li Jun (SARAWAK) - 38.17m    
SILVER:   J346 Choo Kang Ni (Johor) - 37.01m
BRONZE: 217 Bibi Nuraishah Ishakl (Kelantan) - 34.97m

4.   Shot Putt Boys U-15:
GOLD:     S675 Ting Aik Hou (SARAWAK) - 14.81m
SILVER:   A007 Meveeqhen Ravi Chandran (Perak) - 14.01m
BRONZE: J313 Mohd Faiq Meslan (Johore) - 13.83m

5.   High Jump Boys U-15:
GOLD:     S665 Jonathan Tinggang (SARAWAK) - 1.96m *RECORD
SILVER:   J311 Norshafiee Mohd Shah (Johore) - 1.83m
BRONZE: W789 Muhd Syazwan Ahmad (W/P) - 1.79m
BRONZE: K376 Dhuha Iftni Mohd Zahri (Kedah) - 1.79m

6.   800m Girls U-15:
GOLD:     B100 Savinder Kaur Jogindr Singh (SELANGOR) - 2m 25.84s
SILVER:   A033 Munirah Ha Ali (Perak) - 2m 30.26s
BRONZE: T763 Nabilah Syazwina Mohamad (Terengganu) - 2m 30.31s

7.   800m Boys U-15:
GOLD:     B076 Putra Azrul Syazwan Azman (SELANGOR) - 2m 01.34s
SILVER:   D188 Muhd Azwan Zuhairi (Kelantan) - 2m 06.18s
BRONZE: K361 Lim Aun Hui (Kedah) - 2m 07.51s

8.   800m Girls U-18:
GOLD:   D215 Nik Norzilawati N. Wil(KELANTAN)-2m 17.30s *RECORD
SILVER:   S695 Faradillah Raznie (Sarawak) - 2m 22.12s
BRONZE: J337 Sharmila Sivakumar (Johore) - 2m 24.96s

9.   800m Boys U-18:
GOLD:     K361 Tan Wei Heng (KEDAH) - 1m 57.41s
SILVER:   A003 Jeeventhiran Victor (Perak) - 1m 57.58s
BRONZE: P541 Dekeeshgaaren Sisigaran (Penang) - 1m 58.95s

10. Long Jump Girls U-12:
GOLD:     A033 Fatini Husna Mohd Yusop (PERAK) - 4.61m
SILVER:   S691 Alina ak Naga (Sarawak) - 4.59m
BRONZE: J337 Ho Yu Fei (Johore) - 4.44m

Have a nice day...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

MSSM 2012 UPDATES: - Day 3 (Afternoon)

The 4x100m relay..
Results (all Finals):
1.   Javelin Girls U-18:
GOLD:     K398 Norfadilah Mohd Zaini (KEDAH) - 37.21m
SILVER:   A037 Nur Aqilah Amran (Perak) - 34.50m
BRONZE: S697 Grace Lian (Sarawak) - 34.47m

2.   Hammer Throw Boys (Open):
GOLD:     S667 Michael Sia Sun Dak (SARAWAK) - 61.46m
SILVER:   K366 Lim Chen Theng (Kedah) -41.00m
BRONZE: A016 Muhd Amirul Syazwan (Perak) - 38.78m

3.   Triple Jump Boys U-15:
GOLD:     M427 Muhd Musri Subhan (MALACCA) - 13.78m
SILVER:   S665 Jonathan Tunggang (Sarawak) - 13.78m
BRONZE: J311 Norshafiee Mohd Shah (Johor) - 13.05m

4.   Long Jump Girls U-18:
GOLD:     K395 Noor Shahidatun Nadia Md Zuki (KEDAH) - 5.85m
SILVER:   E271 Stefbilce Sandy Stephen (Sabah) - 5.40m
BRONZE: J342 Siti Munirah Mohd Issah (Johore) - 5.29m

5.   4x100m Girls U-12:
GOLD:     J - JOHORE - 53.47s
SILVER:   A - Perak - 53.55s
BRONZE: S - Sarawak - 53.61s

6.   4x100m Boys U-12:
GOLD:     E - SABAH - 48.34s
SILVER:   S - Sarawak - 48.49s
BRONZE: W - Wilayah Persekutuan - 48.56s

7.   4x100m Girls U-15:
GOLD:     E - SABAH - 50.79s
SILVER:   S - Sarawak - 50.81s
BRONZE: W - Wilayah Persekutuan - 50.99s

8.   4x100m Boys U-15:
GOLD:    A - PERAK - 43.20s
SILVER:   E - Sabah - 43.42s
BRONZE: J - Johore - 44.04s

9.   4x100m Girls U-18:
GOLD:     E - SABAH - 49.07s
SILVER:   D - Kelantan - 49.65s
BRONZE: J - Johor - 49.69s

10.  4x100m Boys U-18:
GOLD:     A - PERAK - 42.52s
SILVER:   N - Negeri Sembilan - 42.52s
BRONZE: S - Sarawak - 42.54s

The medals tally at the end of the 3rd day:

Have a nice day....

MSSM 2012 UPDATES - DAY 3 (morning):

Valerie Tan Of Malacca won the Gold medal in the Girls Pole Vault

Results (all Finals):
1.   Shot Putt Girls U-18:
GOLD:     D217 Bibi Nuraishah Ishak (KELANTAN) - 10.75m
SILVER:   J346 Choo Kang Ni (Johore) - 10.19m
BRONZE: N511 Nur Amiera Fazlin Kamaruddin (N/S) - 9.97m

2.   Triple Jump Boys U-18:
GOLD:     K371 Muhd Afiq Akmal Ridzwan (KEDAH) - 14.24m
SILVER:   J314 Muhd Nur Hafiz Ahmad (Johore) - 14.15m
BRONZE: R608 Amir Rushaimi Hamidon (Perlis) - 13.80m

3.   Discus Throw Boys U-18:
GOLD:     W785 Tang Zhi Ming (W/P) - 46.77m
SILVER:   N481 Muhd Irfan Shamshuddin (N/S) - 45.16m
BRONZE: A023 Mohd Firdaus Jamen (Perak) - 45.12m

4.   Pole Vault Girls (open):
GOLD:     M460 Valerie Tan Ee Leen (MALACCA) - 3.00m
SILVER:   N513 Norezati Shasha Rusli (N/S) - 2.80m
BRONZE: S700 Phang Chun Yun (Sarawak) - 2.50m

5.   3000m Girls (Open):
GOLD:     C152 Previna Arumugam (PAHANG) - 11m 20.01s
SILVER:   S704 Nur Aisyah Ahmat (Sarawak) - 11m 24.79s
BRONZE: T756 Nur Isma Afini Jumaat (Terengganu) - 11m 26.51s

6.   5000m Boys (Open):
GOLD:     C122 Saranraj Sivamani (PAHANG) - 16m 13.74s
SILVER:   A004 Kaviarasan Jayashanker (Perak) - 16m 23.40s
BRONZE: P542 Calvin Boon Chung Yik (Penang) - 16m 28.57s
Start of the 5000m Boys Open.

Have a nice day.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The medals tally as at 6.00pm on the 2nd day (23rd May) of the MSSM Track and Field Meet 2012:

Have a nice day....

MSSM 2012 UPDATES - DAY 2 (Afternoon).

MSSM T&F 2012
The Boys Under 12 100m.
Results (All Finals):
1.   High Jump Girls U-18:
GOLD:     B102 Shandyiani Mahendran (S'GOR)- 1.72m *New Record
SILVER:   W820 Yap Sean Yee (W/P) - 1.67m
SILVER:   K400 Puteri Nur Liyana (Kedah) - 1.67m
**Two Silvers awarded (tied).

2.   Pole Vault Boys (open):
GOLD:     J317 Iskandar Alwi (JOHOR) - 4.73m *New Record
SILVER:   J320 Mirza Muazam Haris Fazilah (JOHOR) - 4.10m

3.   Shot Putt Boys U-18:
GOLD:     B079 Ong Chin Yong (SELANGOR) - 15.51m
SILVER:   S673 Teng How Ann (Sarawak) - 13.29m
BRONZE: D195 Muhd Anwaruddin Shah (Kelantan) - 13.25m

4.   100m Girls U-12:
GOLD:     J332 Victoria anak Douglas (JOHOR) - 13.48s
SILVER:   A031 Lim Hui Ni (Perak) - 13.51s
BRONZE: B096 Hee Xiao Yi (Selangor) - 13.62s

5.   100m Boys U-12:
GOLD:    S663 Jordon Vestly Yusia (SARAWAK) - 12.37s
SILVER:   E241 Mohd Nasip Mohd Zain (Sabah) - 12.37s
BRONZE: E249 Mohd Fairuz Rahim (Sabah) - 12.38s

6.   100m Girls U-15:
GOLD:     A031 Kirthana Ramasamy (PERAK) - 12.69s
SILVER:   K393 Nor Ashikin Md Isa (Kedah) - 12.74s
BRONZE: W811 Tam Yi Yin (W/P) - 12.87s

7.   100m Boys U-15:
GOLD:     A001 Ahmad Fikri Hakim Abd Manan (PERAK) - 11.14s
SILVER:   K363 Syazwan Syafik Mat Rizan (Kedah) - 11.22s
BRONZE: M424 Badrul Hisyam And Manap (Melaka) - 11.32s

8.   100m Girls U-18:
GOLD:     E271 Stefbilce Sandt Stephen (SABAH) - 12.37s
SILVER:   D216 Sharifah Syatrah Razali (Kelantan) - 12.47s
BRONZE: E274 Fathin Faqihah Mohd Yusof - 12.49s

9.   100m Boys U-18:
GOLD:     N490 Mohd Hakim Faizi Rosli (N/SEMBILAN) - 10.92s
SILVER:   C123 Muhd Amirul Mukmin (Pahang) - 10.96s
BRONZE: S670 Nixson Kennedy (Sarawak) - 10.99s

10. Pentathlon Girls (open):
GOLD:     J340 Ramiza Syakri (JOHOR) - 2702 points
SILVER:    S691 Asfarina anak Jitwil (Sarawak) - 2545 points
BRONZE: K393 Noor Azlinda Zolhaimi (Kedah) - 2315 points.
The girls Under-15 100m

Have a nice day....

MSSM Kangar UPDATES - DAY 2 (morning session)

Results (All Finals):
1.  10,000m Walk Boys U-18:
GOLD:    N485 Eswaran Rajen Deren (N/SEMBILAN) - 51m 41.30s
SILVER:  D193 Muhd Afiz Firdaus (Kelantan) - 52m 15.36s
BRONZE: A006 Mohd Zairulasri (Perak) - 53m 28.79s

2.  Triple Jump Girls U-15:
GOLD:    S700 Michelle Mangin (SARAWAK) - 11.14m
SILVER:  S697 Erlyisiana Jhatty Buma (Sarawak) - 11.02m
BRONZE: W822 Goh Sher Qing (W/P) - 10.70m

3.  High Jump Girls U-12:
GOLD:    S698 Shannon Ngui Shan (SARAWAK) - 1.39m
SILVER:  A035 Batmeswary Manimaran (Perak) - 1.35m
BRONZE: J337 Ho Yu Fei (Johore) - 1.30m

4.  Javelin Boys U-15:
GOLD:    M433 Muhd Shafizie Hasnol (MALACCA) - 47.17m
SILVER:  S668 Mohd Izzulhaziq (Sarawak) - 47.13m
BRONZE: J301 Mohd Nurulharithulfariz (Johore) - 46.75m

5.  Hammer Throw Girls (Open):
GOLD:    A039 Linda Tau Ling Hwa (PERAK) - 40.27m
SILVER:  S702 Tiong Mee Yien (Sarawak) - 37.31m
BRONZE: M459 Nurshafina Hasnol (Malacca) - 36.22m

6.  1500m Girls U-15:
GOLD:     B094 Cheong Han Yi (SELANGOR) - 5m 16.13s
SILVER:   B100 Savinder Kaur (Selangor) - 5m 19.90s
BRONZE: D219 Hasnur Rabihah Hassan - 5m 20.49s

7.  1500m Boys U-15:
GOLD:    B076 Putra Azrul Syazwan Azman (SELANGOR) - 4m 17.35s
SILVER:  N487 Ahmad Muhammad Hamizan (N/S) - 4m 19.47s
BRONZE: K361 Lim Aun Hui (Kedah) - 4m 20.25s

8.  1500m Girls U-18:
GOLD:     D215 Nik Norzilawati Nik Wil (KELANTAN) - 4m 53.83s
SILVER:   K394 Nor Hidayah Ahmad (Kedah) - 5m 07.86s
BRONZE: C152 Previna Arumugam (Pahang) - 5m 13.58s

9.  1500m Boys U-18
GOLD:     K361 Tan Wei Heng (KEDAH) - 4m 06.71s
SILVER:   C122 Saranraj Sivemani (Pahang) - 4m 10.44s
BRONZE: A003 Jeeventhiran Victor (Perak) - 4m 11.76s

Have a nice day....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lee Chong Wei Seriously Injured...

Lee Chong Wei injured his ankle in Wuhan, China.

World Number 1, Lee Chong Wei suffered an ankle injury today, while representing the country in the Thomas Cup final. 
He suffered a tear in his tendon muscle (ankle) while leading 2-0 against Denmark's Peter Gade in the first set of the Malaysia-Denmark match.
Chong Wei will be flown home tomorrow to undergo treatment at the National Sports Institute (ISN) in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

I picked this up at Reuters:
May 22 (Reuters) - World number one Lee Chong Wei limped off in tears after suffering a serious ankle injury during a Thomas Cup match on Tuesday, leaving his dream of an elusive Olympic gold medal hanging in the balance.
The 29-year old Malaysian landed awkwardly after just five minutes in the match against Denmark's Peter Gade and was forced to retire.
"His ankle is so swollen. He needs further checks to see the depth of the injury," Rashid Sidek, the national singles chief coach of Malaysia, told reporters in Yuhan, China. 
"We have decided that he would not play in the Thomas Cup finals. We want him to have enough rest before the Olympic Games in London.
"He was crying and was so emotional. He must have been thinking about the Olympic Games too. For now, all he needs is some rest and time to regain his confidence."

**Hmmm.., Malaysians have to wait for the outcome of the treatment at ISN before we can know whether Lee Chong Wei will be ready for the Olympics or not. Just pray for the best !!!
Have a nice day...

MSSM Kangar UPDATES: Day 1 (Afternoon Session)

MSSM Kangar
the 400m Boys Under 15.
**Another new record was set in the afternoon - in the Discus Boys under-15 event.
For those of you who are interested in Track and Field, here's today's afternoon session results:

1.  LONG JUMP Boys U-12:
GOLD   - D181 Muhd Izzat Syamil (Kelantan) - 5.54m
SILVER - K366 Mohd Nazri Mustafa (Kedah) - 5.31m
BRONZE- E241 Mohd Nasip Mohd Zain (Sabah) - 5.30m

2.  JAVELIN Boys U-18:
GOLD   - S662 Billy Edward (Sarawak) - 55.56m
SILVER - S672 Raphael Asun (Sarawak) - 53.20m
BRONZE- A010 Shahrul Nisza Azmi (Perak) - 50.52m

3.  DISCUS Boys U-15:
GOLD   - J314 Mohd Aminuddin Md Ajmain (Johore) - 54.40m (**New Record)
SILVER - A017 Mohd Amirul Ikmal (Perak) - 50.31m
BRONZE- A009 Muhd Alif Zafran (Perak) - 48.94m

4.  HIGH JUMP Girls U-15:
GOLD   - S679 Erlyisiana Jhatty Buma (Sarawak) - 1.57m
SILVER - S701 Norkamisiah Wati Said (Sarawak) - 1.49m
BRONZE- W813 Nurizatul Syahirah Ashari (W/P) - 1.49m

5.  80m Hurdles Girls U-12:
GOLD   - E274 Aziee Fazlia Francis (Sabah) - 13.32s
SILVER - A033 Fatini Husna Yusof (Perak) - 13.38s
BRONZE- B091 Mah Si Shiang (Selangor) - 13.51s

6.  80m Hurdles Boys U-12:
GOLD   - E243 Mohd Ikram Akma Darwis (Sabah) - 11.77s
SILVER - E244 Arman Selatan (Sabah) - 12.05s
BRONZE- B068 Muhd Afiq Rahmat (Selangor) - 12.29s

7.  100m Hurdles Girls U-15:
GOLD   - S702 Norris Foo (Sarawak) - 15.56s
SILVER - S705 Shelma Sharon Anthony James (Sarawak) - 15.66s
BRONZE- A035 Juriani Md Rodzi (Perak) - 15.75s

8.  100m Hurdles Girls U-18:
GOLD   - J335 Nur Syafiqah Anis (Johore) - 14.96s
SILVER - W819 Nur Amanina Tugimin (W/P) - 15.03s
BRONZE- E272 Farinah Basirin (Sabah) - 15.67s

9. 110m Hurdles Boys U-15:
GOLD   - S669 Mohd Rizzua Haizad (Sarawak) - 14.67s
SILVER - E246 Mohd Haimin Robert (Sabah) - 14.99s
BRONZE- M434 Mohd Azrul Fahmi (Melaka) - 15.29s

10. 110m Hurdles Boys U-18:
GOLD   - S668 Mohd Fazillah Khamis (Sarawak) - 14.55s
SILVER - D184 Muhd Farris Daniel (Kelantan) - 14.63s
BRONZE- T730 Mohd Asri Nizam (Terengganu) - 14.75s

11. 400m Girls U-15:
GOLD   - W811 Tham Yi Yin (W/P) - 60.0s
SILVER - S707 Ariana Nurminda Arifin (Sarawak) - 60.7s
BRONZE- J333 Chan Yi Jing (Johore) - 61.7s

12. 400m Girls U-18:
GOLD   - T754 Layalia Rameli (Terengganu) - 57.60s
SILVER - E274 Fathin Faqihah Yusuf (Sabah) - 57.64s
BRONZE- D216 Syarifah Syatrah Razali (Kelantan) - 58.18s

13. 400m Boys U-15:
GOLD   - A002 Cheah Yau Chung (Perak) - 50.06s
SILVER - M424 Badrul Hisyam Manap (Melaka) - 50.52s
BRONZE- M426 Mohd Emyrul Haziq (Melaka) - 51.38s

14. 400m Boys U-18:
GOLD   - T733 Muhd Ikhwan Safwan (Terengganu) - 49.24s
SILVER - K362 Dinesh Krishnan (Kedah) - 49.55s
BRONZE- W781 Kwong Kar Jun (W/P) - 49.58s

**Tomorrow's session starts at 7.30am..... See yer...
Have a nice day...

MSSM Kangar UPDATES - Day 1 (morning).

A record was broken this morning.
Noor Shahidatun Nadia of KEDAH leap to new distance of 12.38m in the girls under-18 Triple Jump event to erase the old MSSM record of 12.24m set by Mary J Nakaran of Sabah in 2003.
Noor Shahidatun Nadia's 3rd jump broke the MSSM record.
 a new record of 12.38m
1st Session Results:
1.  5000m Walk Boys U-15:
GOLD : A005 Mior Muhd Amirul Mohd Sahak  (Perak) - 24m 34.0s
SILVER : D193 - Kelantan
BRONZE : W 785 - Wilayah Persekutuan.

2.  Long Jump Boys U-18:
GOLD : W788 Luqman Hakim Ramlan   (Wilayah Persekutuan) - 7.13m
SILVER : J313 - Johore - 6.69m
BRONZE : B066 - Selangor - 6.62m

3.  Triple Jump Girls U-18:
GOLD : K395 Noor Sahidatun Nadia Mohd Zaki  (Kedah) - 12.38m (New MSSM Record)
SILVER : K392 - Kedah - 11.47m
BRONZE : B097 - Selangor - 11.17m

4.  Shot Putt Boys U-12:
GOLD : S668 Samuel Ling Jing Yi  (Sarawak) - 13.67m
SILVER : P542 - Penang - 12.99m
BRONZE : K365 - Kedah - 12.44m

5.  Javelin Girls U-15:
GOLD : P574 Pavitra Devi Jayaindraan (Penang) - 33.31m
SILVER : W819 - Wilayah Persekutuan - 31.56m
BRONZE : S695 - Sarawak - 31.38m

met my old pal, Ithnin Mahadi, this morning..
Have a nice day...

Monday, May 21, 2012

10000 Bamboo Lanterns - Malaysia Books of Records

Perlis created history today at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 MSSM Track and Field Meet - 10000 bamboo lanterns were hit/lighted in a ceremony.
Bravo PERLIS !!!!

Have a nice day....

Mr. Ambassador in SMK Derma...

Datuk Yean, the ambassador to Croatia, with me..
The Malaysian ambassador to Croatia, Mr. Yean Yoke Heng, paid a surprise visit to SMK Derma this afternoon..., unofficially, of course.
He is on leave at the moment and he came all the way from Taiping (his hometown) to Kangar, just to see me and SMK Derma. He even met my daughter, Dessy Dhabita, before meeting me face to face.. It seemed like we were friends for such a long time... Nice, humble guy..
We chat for about hour, had "mee soto" at a nearby stall, before he left for Kuala Kangsar, Perak,  to receive his "Datukship" from the Sultan of Perak, tomorrow morning.
I have to salute you Mr. Yean, or rather, Datuk Yean Yoke Heng - for keeping your promise to meet me in Kangar during your annual leave back in Malaysia...
 Datuk Yean came with his friend.
Datuk Yean is scheduled to go back to Croatia at the end of this month...

Thanks for visiting us here in Kangar - and do come again if you have the time....
Thank you very much....
Have a nice day...

MSSM 2012 Kangar - Final Practice Session.

Utama Stadium, Kangar - 8.20am
Almost all states had their final practice session this morning at the Utama Stadium before the meet begins tomorrow. Coaches and athletes were busy doing their work-outs...
Athletes and coaches busy with their workout..
 at the jumping pit...
 marking their approach jumps..
 testing lanes..
 Sarawak athletes..
 Block-starting drills..
Selangor hurdlers..
 Perak and Sabah athletes
 Sarawak runners..
 Hulu Langat (Selangor) hurdler..
 "Is that OK?"
"your take-off is a bit slow", says the brother.....
 Keningau representatives from SABAH....

All set to go for tomorrow's first day Track and Field Meet....
See yer at the Utama Stadium, Kangar at 8.00am...
Have a nice day......