Monday, May 28, 2012

INDIA vs MALAYSIA - LIVE - Hockey (Sultan Azlan Shah Cup)

Play have just started - Malaysia in yellow, India in Light Blue...
1st Half:
01.00: M'sia drew first blood - hit on target - saved by keeper..
03.00: India missed golden chance. Shot wide..
05:00: Penalty corner to M'sia.. Oooo - just missed by inches by Faizal...
09:00: Another miss by Faizal...
10:00: Mistake by M'sian defenders - simple goal to India. 1-0 to India.
14:00: Goal given? Ball was hit just outside the D-line - it's not counted !! Referee gave the goal to India, 2-0. *TV slow-mo shows that the ball was hit outside the D. Oh dear...
Even, if the ball is hit ON the D-line, it's NOT a goal. The ball must be hit inside the D.
20:00: Malaysian attack failed..
25:00: A lot of bad passes by M'sia.., and missed chances too..
27:00: India missed the goal by inches..
30:00: Still cannot score... one to one situation. Bad day for M'sia..
33:00: M'sia had 5 shots at goal - none went in. India had 5 shot at goal - 2 went in...
35:00: Half time - India leads 2-0.

*Coffee break, folks...
2nd half:
36:00: Poor passing by M'sia..
37:00: Good defending by India.
38:00: Poor finishing again by M'sia.
40:00: Penalty corner to M'sia... GGGOOOAAAALLLLL !!! 2-1 now..
44:00: Field goal by India .. 3-1 now to India.
48:00: Green card to Indian player.
50:00: M'sia doing the attacking.. good defending by India.
51:00: Penalty corner to India - saved
52:00: Penalty corner to M'sia now - saved.
54:00: Yellow cards to 2 Indian players in 2 separate incidents.
55:00: Penalty corner to M'sia - failed again....
57:00: 9-men India defending well... M'sia doing all the attacking.
59:00: GGGGOOOOAALLLLLL by Malaysia .. 3-2 now.
62:00: Penalty corner to M'sia again. Foiled...
64:00: 6 minutes to go - India still leading 3-2.
65:00: 10-men India defending..
66:00: Penalty corner to India - hit the bar !!
68:00: 2 minutes to go.. What can M'sia do? Time is running out..
69:00: A minute to go..
70:00: It's all over - Full time: India won 3-2.
Malaysia's 1st defeat in this tournament...
*India is having a nice day, today....
Bye bye......

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