Friday, June 8, 2012

EURO 2012 Kicks Off Today...

Euro 2012
The Euro 2012 kicks off today - 8th June 2012, and the Finals will be on July 2, 2012. So, we will have 3 weeks of world class soccer...
It is stated that the Euro 2012 is tougher to win than the World Cup. Why?
There are only 16 teams in this tournament, compared to 32 in the World Cup. So each game matters. Each match will be hard-fought. There are no easy games.
Consider this fact too - only one non-European country (Uruguay) has been among the semi-finalists at the last two World Cups. It’s a simple statistic that tells you where the real power in world football is now - Europe !!

Another point to note -  Just have a look at the FIFA rankings. In the top 10, there are seven teams from Europe. In the top 15, there are 11 teams from Europe. Among all the teams participating in Euro 2012, only three are ranked outside the top 20. Only Ukraine and Poland are ranked outside the top 50.

FIFA rankings (valid as on 8th June, 2012) :
1. Spain
3. Germany
4. Netherlands
6. England
8. Croatia
9. Denmark
10. Portugal
12. Italy
13. Russia
14. France
15. Greece
17. Sweden
18. Republic of Ireland
27. Czech Republic
52. Ukraine
62. Poland

So, you can see why Euro 2012 is tougher to win than the World Cup...
The tournament kicks-off at 12.00am tonight (Malaysian time). First match will be POLAND vs GREECE.
Here's the full schedule:
The Euro 2012 matches schedule

Have a nice 3 weeks, soccer fans....
Have a nice day...

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