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Schools Producing The Educated Uneducated?

 people these days...
I came across lots of articles on this subject recently - The Educated Uneducated People.
I hate to say it but I have to admit - it's very TRUE !!!

You see, we are what we were educated with. We become a person with what education did to us.. Simple. What was being taught to us in our schooling days is what we become. Get it?
Let me put it in point form:

1.   1960's and 1970's: Those were the days when students have no say, whatsoever. Teachers were well respected. Teachers were looked up as "people with lots of knowledge". Teachers were the "gurus" of everything. Teachers didn't have diplomas or degrees to show - but they have all the materials to educate students to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc, etc...
Education was done in English. Bright and industrious students benefited from these "pure" dedicated teachers - and became doctors, engineers, lawyers with degrees from respected universities overseas... These students were really educated.

2.  1980's: During the 80's, the education system started to change. Malaysia started to put more emphasis on Science and Technology - but in Malay. Education was done in the Malay language. The education policy was to have more students learning pure science and maths - with the vision of getting more scientists. Universities started to produce more science and maths "Malay speaking" teachers to teach students in secondary schools. Diplomas were awarded to these batches of teachers until 1987 when this special programme (in UPM, UTM, UiTM) ended with abundance of science and maths teachers.
Students who scored Maths and Science subjects with a minimum of a "C grade" in their Form 3's Lower Certificate of Education (LCE/SRP - now known as PMR) were forced into the science stream. That was the education policy...

3.  1990's: This was the turning point era - when economics and accounting subjects were introduced into the education system. The "under achievers" students (those who cannot make it to the science stream) in the Form 3/SRP/PMR were lured into this stream - what they called as the "social science" stream. I consider this "the killer" in the education system.
Why? It was this "social science" that made average people earning more money than the above average people. Graduates with accounting and economics earned more than what a doctor or engineer got. Malaysians started to be more materialistic.. People started to make money and became "get rich" minded. Education was starting to get disarray because parents started to avoid putting their children into science streams and ending up with nothing. They preferred to be secured.

4.  2000's: It got worst! Teachers were more business minded and you could see teachers doing part time jobs to earn more money. Their pay was still the same but the cost of living have doubled... So, you could see teachers selling MLM's (multi-level marketing) products in staff rooms and among students too. Business have become their prime job and teaching came second. Students were left to study by themselves and the discipline among students was deteriorating. Educated parents started to get involved in school management (mostly disturbing), and the Education Ministry did not help either.. Students became "big-headed" because teachers could not "touch" them. Schools were and are ruled by parents !!!

5.  2012: The damage had been done. The education system have somewhat produced the present "educated uneducated" batch of "civilised" Malaysians on the streets. You can notice their manners, their behaviour, their actions, their moral values.... Say what you want..
So, when you have street demos in the capital - it is not something new. That is the product of the present education system in Malaysia !!! Don't blame them... Blame on the education system itself - YOU !!!
It will take another 50 years to change the mindset of Malaysians - and it is a very difficult thing to do...
Good Luck Malaysia !!!

Related articles in the press:
A Kathirasen (NST journalist):
I REMEMBER the gentleman's bicycle that my father had. I sat on the bar in front of the sturdy Raleigh bicycle as muscle-power carried me to school during the first few years of my studies.
The gentleman's bicycle was a common sight right up to the 1970s. Why was it called a gentleman's bicycle? My guess is that it was because the bicycle was a solid machine made for men and because those who rode it, I'd like to believe, were gentlemen.
The ladies' bicycle, by the way, did not have a bar in front; this was so that it would be easier for them to get on and off the bicycle.
I was reminded of this particular bicycle during a conversation with a couple of friends, one taciturn and the other loquacious.
The conversation had begun with the loquacious one, who was in an acherontic mood, castigating motorists for parking their vehicles haphazardly.
Wouldn't it have been so much better, he asked, if bicycles had not gone out of fashion.
The loquacious one is right. Many of us simply don't care about other road users. We park where it is convenient: by the road beside the shop we want to enter, by the road junction, even on the kerb.
It's often worse in housing estates. Mr Taciturn had many tales about his housing estate.
"You, know, there is an apartment not far from my house. Since there are more cars than parking bays inside the compound, many motorists park along both sides of the roads, and at the junctions nearby. They don't care that other road users find it hard to see approaching vehicles, not to mention drive through."
It's worse outside schools, interjected the loquacious one.
True. Parents often park where they like as they wait for their children to come out of the school compound. Some double park, some triple park, some wait with engines running right in front of the school, unconcerned that other road users can't get through because of them. Very often those waiting have large cars. Almost always, the parents look educated; at least their dressing says so.
I believe we have in our midst an increasing number of the educated uneducated. I don't know how else to describe these people who can read, write and do arithmetic. Many of them surely possess degrees, yet they are not averse to displaying inconsiderate behaviour.
Part of the problem, of course, is the lack of parking space which can be traced to poor planning and implementation by city planners and local government officials.
Mr Loquacious said: "There are many inefficient and ineffective people working in local authorities. Many of them are selfish enough to help developers who are rich or politically connected circumvent requirements, and in the process, they shortchange the public."
We decided to park these guys under the "educated uneducated" category.
The loquacious one pointed to recent events in Malaysia, including the incident where a group of ex-soldiers shook their bottoms in front of Bersih 3.0 co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan's house.
Supporters of political parties are increasingly showing violent tendencies. Even policemen have allegedly beaten up journalists.
More people are becoming loutish. More Malaysians seem to be embracing violence as a method of resolving differences. More Malaysians are telling lies and half-truths, knowing full well the ramifications of their acts.
And this, despite the fact that our literacy rate in 2009 was 93 per cent, according to the United Nations Development Programme; this despite the fact that we have more gradates today.
Is our education system educating people? Doesn't look like it. The system is merely feeding students information and dogma.
Education is the process of perfecting human beings; of humanising man; of allowing his capabilities and talents to grow; of inculcating a sense of right and wrong; of knowing both one's rights and one' responsibilities to society. In other words, education should produce decent men; it should produce gentleman.
There were gentlemen aplenty during the time of first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. Now, that was a decent man and a decent leader, if ever there was one.
We often think that the ancients were barbarians or uneducated or less educated than us.
But, back then, people showed decency and civility even in the midst of battle.
Take the Trojan war: the warring parties gave no quarter and expected none on the battlefield but when evening came, they stopped fighting and allowed both sides to take away the dead for burial and the wounded for treatment.
The epic Mahabharata abounds with tales of decency among warriors. For instance, whenever a great leader fell, the fighting would stop and leaders from both sides would pay their respects to the fallen hero. That is decency.
Those kings, generals and warriors did not have degrees or diplomas, but they were certainly educated people. They had a strong sense of decency.
"Today," the taciturn one observed, "every dirty trick is used to fight one's opponent. If somebody is down, they kick him. There is no chivalry, no civility. People cannot agree to disagree. And we say we are civilised."
Yes, I fear a labefaction of decency and civil order among Malaysians, including those in positions of influence and power.
I fear the rise of the educated uneducated. The gentleman, I think, disappeared with the gentleman's bicycle.
...NST 31May 2012.

Jeremiah Tan, Kelantan says:
As  society gets more educated and complex, people are supposed be more civilised and show better character, depicting their education level and status.  
 However,  it is not so and this was rightly pointed out in the column  that people of old, like those who fought in the Trojan War, showed more decency than our present generation.             
 We seem to possess the “kiasu” syndrome and love to be many steps ahead of others. When driving, these drivers  don’t   allow others to overtake.  When parking, they tend to take a double lot, thus, depriving others from parking.
 What do you have to say when you hear of an engineer punching an automated teller  machine  because he couldn’t withdraw  money or get back his card?  Or a doctor who uses vulgar words on others?  Then there are teachers who fight with teachers,  headmasters  and  students.  
 All these will make you despair  when you   think they are supposed to be  educated.  Has our education system failed them?  Is there a need to revamp our education so  we don’t produce educated fools?
 We need to do a lot of soul-searching so that the money, effort, time and energy spent on educating young Malaysians is well spent. Previously, you  heard only of boys fighting in school.  Today, there are girls fighting and extorting and behaving worse than  boys.
 Schools seem to be the breeding ground of violence.  Otherwise, how do we account for the unruly behaviour of some people during the Bersih 3.0 rally?  How do you account for the allegations that policemen assaulted the public they were supposed to protect?
 Yes, many have forgotten about decency and  cannot agree to disagree.  It is time we see a transformation in our education system, families, societies and  in the political arena.  We cannot  have those who lack decency rule the nation.
Neither can we afford to lose our brains.
NST 5th June 2012.

THE EDUCATED UNEDUCATED: High in education, low in virtue

Who would have expected the rise of a group of educated people who behave as if it has  not received an   education.
This group of so-called educated people, who lack road manners, table manners and all manner of decent, rational behaviour,  is slowly dominating the   political, economic and social scenes.
Virtues such as civility, decency, courtesy and chivalry once held close to one’s heart are fast disappearing and instead, uncouthness, selfishness and outrageousness are the order of the day. These  things  were unseen and unheard of in the past.
I, too, am wondering if our education system has failed us.
Perhaps our educational philosophy, which takes into consideration the all-round development of  students in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual domains, is  derailed and starting to make us eat humble pie.
There could be umpteen reasons and speculations for the rise of this “educated uneducated” phenomenon but my reasoning is that we have to backtrack to the roots or essence of education, re-examine our philosophy of education and ask ourselves why there are people subscribing to physical incompetency, intellectual lunacy, emotional impotency and spiritual bankruptcy.
Someone once said that when our secret intentions are righteous, our outer conduct will be righteous.
For that to happen, everyone involved in educating children have to plant the right seeds in the inner core and nurture them well to see fruitful results.
When we are  awakened and filled with love, which is an energy of incredible power and strength, we will behave rationally at all times.
Then, we will be proud to say that we are truly educated, that we are physical machismo, intellectual maestros, emotional masters and spiritual millionaires. 
By Dr Elizabeth Jaya Joseph, Universiti Selangor, Shah Alam, Selangor
NST 5th June 2012.

THE EDUCATED UNEDUCATED: We are how we are educated

THE past week has seen many letters on values. Samuel Yesuiah says "leave dramas and serials alone", adding "that there is no scientific proof that drama serials cause negative elements to manifest in society" (NST, May 30).
I would like to point out that there are, in fact, many studies that have proved (it might not seem conclusive to some) otherwise. Just Google it.
I can safely say that there is not a single soul, past or present, who could say that he or she is free from negative thoughts.
Sometimes humans can't help thinking what they are thinking . If we are honest with ourselves, this is absolutely true. Sometimes, these negative thoughts lead some to improper actions.
We have to ask: what is the source of our negative thoughts? Negative education or indoctrination perhaps. So what has someone allowed himself to learn?
Education to me has two facets: positive education and negative education. Education after all is an indoctrination. Therefore, you can be indoctrinated negatively or positively.
People most of the time look at education only from one facet and that is positive. I would look at someone who behaves in a socially unacceptable way as a person who has been negatively educated or indoctrinated.
Adolf Hitler negatively indoctrinated a large proportion of Germans, and Jesse Owens, in a way, proved Hitler wrong on one of his assumptions -- the one about the "superiority of a race".
You can also be educated by Lady Gaga and drama serials. And escapism might not really be escapism but fuel to an already dire situation. You might become trapped instead.
Civilised behaviour is a result of positive education and uncivilised behaviour is a result of negative education. Our minds are like a computer memory that can be drawn upon when the situation demands it.
The questions is: can we always control what we draw upon? Without spiritual education, no one can control thoughts and actions effectively. However, we can decide either to be educated positively or negatively.
We are educated on a daily basis, formally or informally. Neither guarantees civilised behaviour.
Mr Taciturn and Mr Loquacious, in Kathirasen's column "Rise of the educated uneducated" (NST, May 31) are products of different kinds of education. If they behaved the same way, they would have been educated the same way, too.
Our daily lives are a manifestation of what lies in our minds and what lies in our minds is determined by what we allow ourselves to be educated on.
By Capt P. George Oommen, Malacca
NST 5th June 2012
Have a nice day...

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