Thursday, July 19, 2012

Handsets To School???

The Malaysian government recently announced that school kids can bring their mobile phones (handsets) to school beginning next year.
There was mixed reaction on this....
Is it a BAD thing to have your handsets with you all the time in class? For adults - maybe no.
But for kids....., it's a BIG yes !!
It's surely a BAD decision to let kids to have their handsets in class....

Phones are NOT phones these days. It's more of a gadget than a phone.
A phone is a device where you can contact others,  talk or send messages. When your phone can take pictures, see and shoot videos, serve the internet, etc, etc.., then, it's not a phone anymore. It's called a multi- purpose gadget.
Can you see the danger that lies ahead in schools next year??

Let's see the pros and cons of school kids bringing handsets to school:
1.   Can contact their parents in emergency cases.
2.   Can contact their parents in case of emergency.
3.   Can contact their parents in case of emergency.
That's all.... Is everyday an emergency case??

1.  Kids can contact their boyfriends/girlfriends every minute, even in school.
2.  Kids can take photos and videos during lessons in class and send them to YouTube... You can guess what sort of photos and videos they would send...
3.  Kids can play video games during lessons.
4.  There will be so many cases of handset thefts in schools.
5.  Kids will suffer inferiority complexes when they see that their phones are outdated or lesser known than the good ones, usually the branded, expensive gadgets.
6.  Kids will pester their parents to buy expensive handsets - and parents will have financial problems then (next year).
7.  Kids won't go to school if their parents won't buy them "galaxy S III". They will make demands like this.
8.  Kids will be "on line" 24 hours in Facebook, Twitter, My space, etc, etc....

The idea is good but if implemented, it will do more harm than good.
What do you have in mind?
What's your say?

Have a nice day...

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