Monday, July 9, 2012

Lawn Bowls SUKMA Updates - 3rd Day Competition

SUKMA 2012

The group matches enters its 3rd day.
As usual, there are 3 sessions - morning, afternoon and the evening sessions.
Perlis' Singles player Shafiq Rahman continues to register another win, beating Terengganu 21-10 (morning session).
In Group H, Daeng Dhadyry's Perlis' Fours team steam-rolled Kelantan 25-6 in the morning.

RESULTS (morning):
SINGLES (men):
Group A: Perak 21-15 NS, K'tan 21-17 Kedah, Pahang 20-16 WP.
Group B: PERLIS 21-10 T'ganu, Sabah 19-18 S'wk, Png 21-11 Johor
FOURS (men):
Group G: Pahang 16-11 Perak, Kedah 15-12 NS, WP 15-7 Penang.
Group H: PERLIS 25-6 K'tan, T'ganu 9-9 S'gor, Melaka 13-6 S'wk

RESULTS (afternoon):
PAIRS (women):
Group L: WP 18-15 S'gor, NS 16-7 Melaka, Kedah 20-11 Penang.
Group M: Johor 16-13 Perlis, Pahang 20-4 Perak, S'wk 31-6 K'tan.
TRIPLES (women):
Group P: NS 12-11 Perlis, Johor 14-12 S'wk, WP 23-9 Melaka.
Group Q: Perak 16-9 Kedah, Sabah 15-10 Pahang, S'gor 23-6 Penang

SINGLES (men):
Group A: WP 21-3 Melaka, NS 21-6 K'tan, Kedah 21-10 Pahang
Group B: PERLIS 17-15 S'gor, S'wk 21-12 Johor, T'ganu 21-6 Png
FOURS (men):
Group G: NS 15-7 Perak, Johor 16-6 Kedah, Png 19-8 Pahang
Group H: PERLIS 10-6 S'gor, T'ganu 13-11 S'wk, Sabah 24-3 Melaka

RESULTS (evening):
PAIRS (women):
Group L: NS 11-10 S'gor, WP 22-4 Kedah, T'ganu 13-11 Penang
Group M: PERLIS 13-8 Pahang, Perak 19-4 K'tan, Sabah 21-19 S'wk
TRIPLES (women):
Group P: PERLIS 13-12 WP, Johor 13-10 NS, T'ganu 13-7 Melaka
Group Q: Perak 13-11 Pahang, Kedah 20-12 Penang, K'tan 13-7 S'gor

*Updates will be done once the results come in..... Please refresh this post to see the latest updates, TQ.
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