Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUKMA 2012 LIVE Updates (with LAWN BOWLS) - DAY 14.

It's the 14th day of competition in the SUKMA XV 2012 Pahang.
We have 3 days left before the games closes on Monday - 16th July, 2012.
PERLIS got the 3rd GOLD medal this morning through KU AZARUL KU OTHMAN in the Snatch event in Weight Lifting..
PERLIS got another GOLD medal through KU AZARUL KU OTHMAN in the Clean and Jerk event in Weight Lifting..

Lawn Bowls have 2 more days of competition - the finals to be held tomorrow night.
LIVE updates/results for Lawn Bowls:
Morning Sessions:
PAIRS (Men):
Group C: Ter 14-7 NS, Swk 19-15 Pen, Mel 14-8 Pah.
Group D: PERLIS 16-11 Prk, Sab 14-12 Sel, WP 24-12 Ked.
Group E: Mel 14-12 Swk, WP 28-6 Ked, Sab 20-8 Kel.
Group F: Sel 23-14 Perlis, Pen 19-7 Pah, Joh 13-12 Ter.
SINGLES (Women):
Group J: PERLIS 14-14 Ter, Sel 20-8 NS, Pen 21-6 Swk.
Group K: Mel 7-0 Sab, WP 21-8 Kel, Ked 15-15 Pah.
FOURS (Women):
Group R: PERLIS 13-9 NS, Sel 12-7 Ked, Mel 14-4 Kel.
Group S: Ter 14-13 WP, Sab 20-2 Joh, Pen 16-5 Pah.

Afternoon Sessions:
PAIRS (Men):
Group C: Sar 23-9 NS, Ter 15-13 Mel, Pen 31-6 Kel.
Group D: PERLIS 15-13 WP, Sab 17-6 Prk, Sel 20-8 Joh.
Group E: Swk 15-14 NS, Sab 29-4 Ked, WP 16-7 Kel.
Group F: PERLIS 12-12 Joh, Pen 11-11 Prk, Ter 10-9 Sel.
SINGLES (Women):
Group J: PERLIS 14-14 Joh, Pen 18-13 NS, Sel 21-5 Swk.
Group K: WP 21-11 Ked, Prk 21-10 Mel, Pah 21-12 Kel.
FOURS (Women):
Group R: PERLIS 26-4 Kel, Ked 13-10 Swk, Mel 9-7 NS.
Group S: Sab 12-7 Pen, Prk 9-7 WP, Pah 14-10 Joh.

PERLIS enters the Quarter-Final (Semi-Final Play-off) in the Women's Singles and Fours.
Both finished 1st runner-up in their Groups respectively. The group champions go straight to the Semi-Finals.
Perlis finished 2nd in the group matches (Women's Singles).
 Perlis vs Pahang in the Women's Singles Quarter-Final.

Perlis finished 2nd in the Women's Fours Group R.
Perlis vs Terengganu in the Women's Fours Quarter-Final.
DESSY DHABITA - look at this post !!!!
She doesn't know the outcome of the other group matches yet. The Perlis athletes went straight back to their camp after finishing their last group matches at 7.00pm just now, thinking they haven't got a chance to enter the Quarter-Finals...
I phoned them of the outcome at 8.30pm - and they screamed and screamed with joy!!! (sakit telinga aku dalam phone..)
Now that you have a chance - go for the medal !! Make it GOLD, if possible....

The medal tally as at 10.00pm:
 SUKMA XV medal tally on Day 14 (as at 10.00pm)
Have a nice day..

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