Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's already the 12th day of the SUKMA 2012 (Malaysia Games).
Perlis added another Gold and another Silver today. Both Gold and Silver came from the "Clean and Jerk" and the "Snatch" discipline in Weight Lifting by Mohd Hanie Musa.
 Mohd Hanie Musa.
Perlis now have 2 Golds, 5 Silvers and 9 Bronzes as at 8.30pm today.
The Lawn Bowls events continue today - and it will be another 5 grueling days of competition - morning, afternoon and evening sessions - for 5 consecutive days.
LAWN BOWLS Results (Group matches):
Morning matches:
SINGLES (Women):
Group J: PERLIS 17-10 NS, Ter 18-12 Sel, Joh 16-16 Sar.
Group K:Sab 21-6 Kel, WP 17-15 Mel, Prk 18-16 Pah.
FOURS (Women):
Group R: Sar 10-5 Perlis, Sel 15-5 NS, Ked 12-6 Mel.
Group S: Pah 15-10 Ter, Prk 15-6 Pen, WP 14-8 Joh.

Afternoon matches:
PAIRS (Men):
Group C: Sar 14-7 Mel, Ter 14-8 Kel, Pen 19-13 Pah.
Group D: PERLIS 17-10 Joh, Sab 19-14 WP, Sel 13-10 Ked.
Group E: Sab 17-11 NS, Sar 27-7 Kel, WP 13-12 Mel.
Group F: Pah 17-8 Perlis, Pen 12-12 Joh, Prk 17-10 Ter.

SINGLES (Women):
Group J: PERLIS 21-8 Sar, Ter 7-0 Pen, NS 17-10 Joh.
Group K: Sab 21-9 Ked, WP 21-7 Prk, Pah 21-3 Mel.
FOURS (Women):
Group R: Sar 12-7 NS, Mel 11-9 Sel, Kel 13-10 Ked.
Group S: Ter 17-3 Joh, WP 16-12 Sab, Prk 13-5 Pah

Evening matches:
PAIRS (Men):
Group C: Mel 21-12 NS, Sar 24-4 Kel, Ter 14-12 Pah.
Group D: PERLIS 20-8 Sab, Prk 17-11 WP, Joh 14-12 Ked.
Group E: Sar 16-7 Sab, NS 19-9 Kel, Mel 19-7 Ked.
Group F: Ter 22-9 Pen, Joh 17-5 Prk, Pah 16-8 Sel.

Selangor and Terengganu are fighting for top spot in the chase for gold medals...
Medal tally on the 12th day:
 medal tally as at 9.10pm

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