Monday, July 16, 2012

SUKMA XV 2012 Updates - DAY 16.

So, finally, the Malaysia Games (SUKMA) comes to an end after 16 days of competition in 27 sports.
The closing ceremony will be on tonight at 8.00pm.  
Bye, bye PAHANG 2012 - Hello PERLIS 2014..
Hello SUKMA 2014 PERLIS..
The final medal tally after 16 days of competition:
TERENGGANU is the Champion for the 3rd consecutive SUKMA games (2008, 2010 and 2012).
Terengganu was also the SUKMA 2011 champion but not all events were included in 2011. Some events like Lawn Bowls was not included in 2011 (Kuala Lumpur/MSN was the host).

Perlis came 2nd last - that is expected. After all, Perlis is the smallest state in the country.
The medalists for Perlis:
the 4 GOLD medalists
 the 5 SILVER medalists
 the 12 BRONZE medalists.
So.. see yer in 2014 in Kangar, PERLIS.....
Have a nice day...

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