Wednesday, August 22, 2012

4D3N in Phatthalung, Thailand..

The City Park Hotel, Phatthalung.
Greetings from Phatthalung, Thailand...
We actually reached Muang Phatthalung at 5.00pm after stops in Hatyai and several other places before that (finding a suitable restaurant for lunch).
Here's the diary:
1st Day:
11.15am - from Kangar to Padang Besar.
12.00pm - reached the immigration check point (Malaysian side), declared our passports and then waited for our transport into Thailand.
1.30pm - from Padang Besa (Thailand) to Hatyai.
2.30pm - lunch at Chekkar restaurant in Hatyai.
3.45pm - from Hatyai to Phatthalung.
5.00pm - reached Muang Phatthalung, checked-in at the City Park Hotel.
8.00pm - dinner by the lakeside.
10.00pm - back to the hotel - 1st night in Phatthalung.

the special van that ferry us to Phatthalung
 lunch at Chekkar restaurant in Hatyai
 Chekkar's speciality
 checked-in at City Park Hotel
dinner by the lakeside
It's bedtime...
I'll update tomorrow..
Have a nice day...


Anonymous said...

Are there many decent hotels in Phattalung/ Thanks

DESS said...

Yes, there are...
Of course, there are no 5-star hotels around. Phatthalung is not as big as Hatyai, but there are a few budget hotels around.
Thanks for reading and leaving your comments.

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