Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sweet Memories in Phatthalung, Thailand.

The City Park Hotel in Phatthalung
My 4 days and 3 nights stay in Phatthalung, Thailand left me sweet memories, especially the warm and cannot-be-described hospitality given by the host - Thaksin University and the Phatthalung Secondary School.
Our sincere "thank you" to the host nation THAILAND, from us SMK Derma - on behalf of MALAYSIA.

Let me go point by point:
1.  We were invited by the host, Thaksin University (Phatthalung branch), to give a presentation for 45 minutes on the topic "Education in Malaysia" - citing the development of teaching and learning of English, Science and Maths, in particular - which was given by a team from Derma Secondary Cluster School (the Senior Assistant, an English teacher and 3 students).

2.  The host sent an executive van (Phatthalung Secondary School van with two teachers - Ms Nataya and Ms Jeab) to pick us (6 teachers and 3 students) up at the border in Padang Besar. These two teachers then took us for lunch at the famous Chekkar restaurant in Hatyai.

3.  We were then housed at the City Park Hotel for 3 nights - courtesy of the Phatthalung Secondary School management. The school management also paid for all our first class meals for the whole 4 days and 3 nights. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner at all different places during our stay in Phatthalung.

4.  We were also brought to Trang (about 60 km from Phatthalung) to do our shopping at the Robinson mall, on the last day of our stay in Phatthalung.

5.  We were also given gifts and souvenirs by Thaksin University and especially, Phatthalung Secondary School... Thanks a million. In fact, we were quite ashamed not to bring gifts to be given to the host.

The more important points gathered in our visit to Phatthalung:
1.  Thailand is already in their 5th year in carrying out the Teaching of Science and Maths in English (SMEP).
2.  Thailand is already in their 3th year in carrying out teaching other subjects in English (EP).
3.  Thailand is importing teachers from all over the world to teach their school students in Foreign Languages, as well as in other subjects. They have teachers from the USA, the UK, South Africa, the Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Japan, China... That's as far as I know.
4.  Thailand have subjects like Earth Science, Astrology in schools...
5.  Thailand uses the ASEAN organisation to teach their students the importance of learning cultures and education of all the ASEAN countries. They have a special room in schools where the developments of ASEAN countries are highlighted.
*I think this is where Malaysia is way behind....

We were very impressed by what we see in Phatthalung, a province famous for its agriculture products.
Thaksin University is carrying out the Education Conference yearly and it will be nice to visit them again next year.
Thank you for the hospitality given to us during our 4-day stay - especially the Director of Phatthalung Secondary School, English teachers Kru Jeab, Kru Deng, and of course Science teacher - Kru Nataya Yatirattanakarn, who will retire next month. Once again, a million thanks....

Some photos to remember:
1st stop - Chekkar restaurant, Hatyai.
 checked-in at City Park Hotel
 dinner at this lakeside restaurant
 Thai food is the best in the world
 Director of Phatthalung Secondary School
assembly at Phatthalung Secondary School
with Phatthalung Secondary School students
 teachers from both schools
 with students at the conference
with the dancers at the opening ceremony
 Thailand's ASEAN vision
perforrnance at welcoming dinner
the welcoming dinner at Thaksin University
 breakfast at a stall in Phatthalung
on a Thai bike..
 sunflowers at the university campus
 the Khuankhanun School students
 the school's ASEAN Study Centre
 with the English teacher from the Philippines
It's been a very fruitful visit to Phatthalung, Thailand....
Have a nice day.

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