Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Malaysia's best performer
Now that the Olympics is over, it's time to analyze the Malaysian athletes' performances at the London 2012 Olympics:
1.   PANDELELA RINONG PAMG (Diving) : A+ (Bronze medalist -World class performance).
2.   LEE CHONG WEI (Badminton) : A- (Silver medalist - failed to deliver the gold as expected).
3.   KHAIRUL ANUAR MOHAMAD (Archery) : A (Q/Finalist - made a very promising positive impact).
4.   AZIZULHASNI AWANG (Cycling) : A- (6th in the Final - lost due to wrong tactics).
5.   KOO KIEN KEAT/TAN BOON HEONG (Badminton) : B- (lost to Korea in Bronze medal playoff).
6.   TEE JING YI (Badmnton) : B (played well to finish 2nd in group matches).
7.   LEONG MUN YEE (Diving) : B (finished 7th in Final).
8.   YEOH KEN NEE (Diving) : B- (finished 10th in Final).
9.   HEIDI GAN (Marathon Swimming) : C+ (finished 16th out of 23 swimmers who finished the race).
10. BRYAN NICKSON LOMAS (Diving) : C (19th in preliminary round).
11. HUANG QIANG (Diving) : C (19th in preliminary round).
12. CHEONG JUN HOONG (Diving) : C (20th in preliminary round).
13. NG YAN YEE (Diving) : C- (24th in preliminary round).
14. TRAISY VIVIEN TUKIET (Diving) : C- (22nd out of 26 in preliminary round).
15. YU PENG KEAN (Fencing) : C- (made it into 2nd round).
16. NUR SURYANI MOHD TAIBI (Shooting) : D (34th out of 56 shooters).
17. FATEHAH MUSTAPA (Cycling) : D (lost in 1st round).
18. HAZIQ KAMARUDDIN (Archery) : D (lost in 1st round).
19. CHENG CHU SIAN (Archery) : D (lost in 1st round).
20. NURUL SYAFIQAH HASHIM (Archery) : D (lost in 1st round).
21. KHOO CAI LIN (Swimming) : E (6th in heats).
22. KHAIRUL ANUAR AFENDY (Sailing) : E (47th out of 49 competitors).
23. CHAN PENG SOON/GOH LIU YING (Badminton) : E (lost all group matches).
24. MUHD ADIQ HUSAINIE OTHMAN (Road Cycling) : F (did not finish race).
25. AMIR MUSTAFA RUSLI (Road Cycling) : F (did not finish race).
26. LEE HUP WEI (Athletics) : F (only cleared 2.16m in High Jump qualifying).
27. NORASEELA KHALID (Athletics) : F (last in heats with a time of 1:00.16 - 400m hurdles).

a). Athletes that got E and F should not have gone to London in the first place.
b). For the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL - only the ones with grades A, B and C that should be sent.
The rest can stay home and watch the Games LIVE on TV.... hu, hu...

Have a nice day....

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