Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MONTENEGRO - the 180th Country Visitor.

The 180th Country Visitor

The 180th country to visit my Blog comes from MONTENEGRO - half an hour ago.
Thank you for visiting..
Let's learn something about this country:
Montenegro, a jumbled mass of mountains, with a small coastline along the Adriatic, borders Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. It is roughly the size of Connecticut.
Republic. Montenegro, formerly part of Serbia and Montenegro, gained independence on June 3, 2006.
President: Filip Vujanovic (2003)
Prime Minister: Igor Luksic (2010)
Land area: 5,333 sq mi (13,812 sq km); total area: 5,415 sq mi (14,026 sq km)
Population (2010 est.): 666,730 (growth rate: –0.7%); birth rate: 11.0/1000; infant mortality rate: NA; life expectancy: NA; density per sq km: 49
Capital: Podgorica (administrative capital), 117,875; Cetinje (capital city), 14,700
Other large cities (1991): Nikšić, 56,141; Kotor, 5,620
Monetary unit: Euro
National name: Republike Crne Gore
Languages: Serbian/Montenegrin (Ijekavian dialect—official)
Ethnicity/race: Montenegrin 43%, Serbian 32%, Bosniak 8%, Albanian 5%, other (Muslims, Croats, Roma) 12%
Religions: Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic
National Holiday: National Day, July 13
Literacy rate: 96.4% (2002 est.)
Economic summary: GDP/PPP (2009 est.): $6.708 billion; per capita $9,800.  
Real growth rate: –4%. Inflation: 3.4%.  
Unemployment: 14.7%.  
Arable land: 13.7%.  
Agriculture: grains, tobacco, potatoes, citrus fruits, olives, grapes; sheepherding; commercial fishing negligible.  
Labor force: 259,100; agriculture 2%, industry 30%, services 68% (2004).  
Industries: steelmaking, agricultural processing, consumer goods, tourism.  
Natural resources: bauxite, hydroelectricity.  
Exports: $171.3 million (2003).  
Imports: $601.7 million (2003).  
Major trading partners: Switzerland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Germany.
Communications: Telephones: main lines in use: 353,300 (2006); mobile cellular: 821,800 (2006).  
Radio broadcast stations: 31 (2004).  
Television broadcast stations: 13 (2004).  
Internet users: 266,000 (2006).
Transportation: Railways: total: 250 km (2006).  
Highways: total: 7,353 km; paved: 4,274 km (including 560 km of expressways); unpaved: 3,079 km (2005).  
Waterways: 587 km; Danube River runs through Serbia connecting Europe with the Black Sea; in early 2000 the river was obstructed at Novi Sad due to a pontoon bridge; a canal system in north Serbia is available to by-pass damage, however, lock size is limited (1999).  
Ports and terminals: Bar.  
Airports: 5 (2007).

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 Montenegro school kids
 university students
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Miss Montenegro..
Thank you again for visiting my Blog.
Have a nice day...

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