Monday, November 12, 2012

HOCKEY - Sultan of Johor Cup 2012 - LIVE Updates


The tournament started yesterday and Malaysia created the first upset - by defeating Germany 3-2 in the first game.
Schedule and results are as follows: 
11 Nov. 2012: Results
Malaysia 3-2 Germany
India 2-0 Australia
New Zealand 3-3 Pakistan

12 Nov. 2012: LIVE Updates:
Australia 5-1 Pakistan.
India 3-1 Germany.
Malaysia vs New Zealand (now playing).
NZL leading 1-0 (20th min).
1-1 now (penalty stroke).
Malaysia leads now 2-1 (penalty corner/25th min).
2-2 now (field goal by NZL).
NZL leads 3-2 (field goal, 32nd min).
Half-time score: NZL 3-2 Malaysia.
2nd Half:
NZL leads 4-2 now (11th min).
NZL leads 5-2 now (20th min).
Full time score: NZL 5-2 Malaysia.

Next fixtures:
14 Nov. 2012:
4.05pm: Germany vs New Zealand
6.05pm: Malaysia vs Australia
8.05pm: India vs Pakistan

15 Nov. 2012:
4.05pm: Australia vs Germany
6.05pm: New Zealand vs India
8.05pm: Malaysia vs Pakistan

17 Nov. 2012:
4.05pm: Germany vs Pakistan
6.05pm: Malaysia vs India
8.05pm: Australia vs New Zealand

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