Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long - HONG KONG Open 2012 - LIVE Updates

It's Lee Chong Wei's  first tournament after marriage.. - Yonex Sunrise Hong Kong Open 2012.
It's the Men's Singles FINAL: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Chen Long (CHN)

Let's go LIVE now...

1st Set (LCW first):
1-0 shuttle pushed out.
1-1 error by LCW
2-1 good judgement.
2-2 bad judgement by LCW at baseline
2-3 drive by CL
3-3 quick drive by LCW
4-3 smash by LCW returned out.
4-4 drive out by LCW
4-5 smash by CL
5-5 smash error by CL
5-6 smash by CL
6-6 out by CL
7-6 net error by CL
8-6 long rally won by LCW
9-6 smash into net by CL.
9-7 net error by LCW
9-8 smash by CL
9-9 smart net play by CL
10-9 smash out by CL
11-9 net error by CL
11-10 smash out by LCW
12-10 out by CL
13-10 smash by LCW
13-11 fast drive by CL
13-12 push out by LCW
13-13 net play won by CL
13-14 sideline smash by CL
14-14 net foul by CL
14-15 smash by CL
14-16 good netplay by CL
14-17 error by LCW
15-17 body smash by LCW
15-18 called out by line judge.
16-18 smash called in by line judge this time
17-18 good judgement at baseline by LCW
17-19 smash by CL
17-20 smash out by LCW
18-20 smash by LCW
19-20 smash out by CL
19-21 net shot by CL
1st Set won by Chen Long 21-19.

2nd Set:
1-0 smash by LCW
1-1 net error by LCW
2-1 smart net shot by LCW
2-2 smash by CL
2-3 luck of the net
2-4 luck of the net again to CL
2-5 push wide by LCW
2-6 unlucky for LCW at the net
3-6 smash by LCW
3-7 body smash by CL
4-7 serve error by CL
5-7 fantastic play by LCW
6-7 error by CL
6-8 long rally won by CL
6-9 ball called in..
7-9 rally won by LCW
7-10 point to CL
8-10 smash by LCW
9-10 cross court smash by LCW
9-11 body smash by CL
10-11 pushed out by CL
11-11 net error by CL
11-12 error by LCW
12-12 smash into net by CL
13-12 great judgement by LCW
13-13 drive into net by LCW
13-14 smash out by LCW
13-15 smash by CL
13-16 out by LCW
14-16 smash out by CL
14-17 backhand drive by CL
15-17 luck of the net to LCW
15-18 out by LCW
16-18 out by CL
16-19 triple smash by CL
17-19 double smash by LCW
17-20 net error by LCW
17-21 net shot by CL
2nd Set won by Chen Long 21-17
*Match won by Chen Long (CHN) 21-19, 21-17.

Better luck next time, Lee Chong Wei....
Have a nice day....

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