Thursday, December 13, 2012

THAILAND vs MALAYSIA - Semi-Final 2nd Leg SUZUKI CUP 2012 - LIVE Update

 Semi-Final 2nd Leg
Hello.... It's the 2nd leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Semi-Final between Thailand and Malaysia - in Bangkok, Thailand.
Match will start at 7.00pm Thai time (8.00pm Malaysian time).

Live pictures from Bangkok already in... 20,000 people only?
Thailand in Red. Malaysia in BLUE.. (Liverpool vs Chelsea??)
Remember, Malaysia MUST score to have any chance of entering the final...
Let's go Live from Bangkok - Thailand vs Malaysia.....

1st Half:
00.01: Malaysia to start.
02.00: Corner to THA - balooned..
05.00: Shot by Shafiq Rahim - off target
09.00: Free kick to THA - came to nothing
20.00: Still no goals..
24.00: MAS doing the attacking now
27.00: Game looks boring with too many body contact.
28.00: Corner to THA - good defending by MAS
29.50: Clear chance at goal to THA - wasted, shot wide.
30.00: Score still 0-0.
32.00: Chance to MAS - nobody in the middle to connect.
37.00: So far, THA have 2 shots at goal, MAS have 1.
40.00: Kunalan (MAS) injured. Out he goes.
43.00: Red card to MAS defender Fadli for no offence made. He was involved in argument with THA player who receive a yellow card !!! My god.... Though life in Bangkok, folks...
45.00: 2 minutes added time.
45+1: Free kick to MAS - straight to keeper.
45+2: Half time score 0-0.

2nd Half:
46.00: Game started. 10-men MAS vs 11-men THA
50.00: THA doing al the attacking
51.00: MAS 1st change - Kunalan out, Khairil Muhaimin in..
53.00: Game looks bleak..
54.00: Corner to THA - nothing.
55.00: Freekick to THA just outside box - punched out by keeper - corner.
56.00: THA relaxing - pushing ball around.
60.00: GOAL to Thailand. 1-0
61.00: 30 minutes to go.. and it looks DARK in Bangkok.
65.00: GOAL again. Thailand 2-0.
68.00: Another goal?? Disallowed. Still 2-0.
72.00: Game belongs to THA. No way MAS will make a comeback.
73.00: THA attack - hit the bar.
75.00: 15 mins left.
80.00: THA still attacking 10-men MAS.
81.00: Free kick to MAS - saved by keeper.
83.00: Tired looking MAS players trying to find a goal.
90.00: Bye-bye  Suzuki Cup....
Game over. Thailand 2-0 Malaysia.
Thailand to meet Singapore in the Final..

Bad day for Malaysian sports folks....

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