Sunday, December 9, 2012

Malaysia vs Thailand : AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 - SEMI-FINAL 1 : LIVE Updates


Tonight, it's the Semi-Final 1st leg match between Malaysia and Thailand - at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.
I will carry the match LIVE here in my Blog for those of you interested in soccer - and cannot watch the match Live on TV or are staying elsewhere round the globe, be it in Croatia, the UK, USA or even a Thai fan wanting to follow the match Live....

The match will start at 8.00pm Malaysian time/7.00pm Thai time.
OK, we have Live pictures now from Bukit Jalil...
Oh... Safee Sali is NOT playing tonight (hamstring injury).... how sad...
Malaysia in BLUE, Thailand in RED (Man City vs Man Utd???).
90K supporters in Bukit Jalil Stadium !!!!

1st Half:
00.01 THA kick-off..
01.00 MAS 1st attack..
04.30 1st corner to MAS - saved.
06.00 MAS in control. Still no good moves yet.
09.00 THA unsettled yet.. MAS doing the passing and running.
11.00 THA 1st shot at goal - saved by keeper. Corner. Nothing.
14.00 Corner to MAS - wasted.
17.00 Corner to THA - cleared
19.00 Golden opportunity to MAS - wasted (miss cue)
20.00 Offside MAS (wasted opportunity again).
25.00 Yellow card to MAS No.5 (Bunyamin Omar)
28.00 THA slowing down the pace.
29.00 Excellent goalkeeping by MAS keeper.
30.00 Half an hour gone - still 0-0.
32.00 Corner to MAS - wooooo.. hit the post !!!!
33.00 Another corner - saved by keeper.
36.00 Freekick to MAS - 35 yds out - hit the wall.
40.00 Still 0-0. Good game though..
42.00 Wasted opp. again by MAS - late to pass the ball...
45.00 A minute added time.
45+1: Half time score 0-0.

2nd Half:
45.01 No changes (both team).
46.00 Long shot by MAS - off target
NORSHAHRUL headed home a cross from the right. 
51.00 THA made 1st change. Sompong in...
54.00 THA made another change..
56.00 MAS attack wasted
60.00 MAS player injured (Badrul Bakhtiar)
62.00 Corner to THA - headed wide..
64.00 Corner to MAS - nothing.
65.00 Norshahrul created an opening - nobody there to score in front of goal.
66.00 THA pressing for goals... good defence by MAS.
71.00 THA attack saved by MAS keeper.
74.00 Safee Sali and Kunalan in.. (Amar Rohidan and Badrul out)
*meanwhile.... ManC 0-0 ManU (7th min).
79.00 Goal.... THA scores thro' header. 1-1 now
81.00 THA coach receive RED card !!! Ordered out..
84.00 THA delaying game..
87.00 MAS doing most of the defending..
88.00 Safee Sali missed a sitter in front of goal... poooooohhhh
89.00 Another shot at goal by MAS - missed by inches...
90.00 4 mins added time.
90+2: THA shot at goal- off target.
90+3: THA attacking again...
90+3: MAS corner - nothing.
90+4: Game over... a draw 0-0. THA advantage with away goal.
MAS 1-1 THA.

Have a nice day...

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