Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Watch out folks !!!!
When Tiger Woods wins his first tournament in a new season - many good things will be coming..
Tiger Woods won the Farmer's Insurance PGA Tour for a record 7th time. The last time Woods won at Torrey Pines also was on a Monday, when he beat Rocco Mediate in a playoff to capture the U.S. Open for his 14th major.
He won for the 75th time in his PGA TOUR career, seven behind the record held by Sam Snead.

Woods is not likely to return to golf until the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship next month. 
So... watch out folks..
Have a nice day..

Sunday, January 27, 2013


PBS... PBS... PBS....

This never-ending education "oopsy doopsy, ups and downs, trial and error" policy by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia have gone "out of our mind"....
Making mistakes after mistakes, making drastic changes within a few years of implementations, not wanting to wait to see the outcomes, "one minister, many policy changes", you name it....... It's all there in the Education Ministry....
This will never end...
Teachers go through all sorts of courses almost every year...
Teachers get unnecessary stress, burdens and workloads...
Parents don't know which one to follow.... Things change every year..
Text books change every few years...
Students get confused.... A few years in Bahasa Melayu, next few years in English.., then back to Bahasa Melayu... So confusing maa.....

I came across this article in today's local newspaper - written by Tunku Munawirah Putra in the Sunday Star.
Here's what she wrote:

1.  The fact that we need to hire English teachers from India is a testament that India has done the right thing with regard to English in their education policy.
Bear in mind that it too was a British colony and is grappling with similar issues like bilingualism or multilingualism. There is no question as to the position of Hindi being threatened by English; however, there seems to be a healthy coexistence between the two languages, more so than that of a cannibalising one.

2.  In India, English is a second language as well as an official language, much like what it is supposed to be in Sabah and Sarawak.
In the bigger cities in India, they have maintained English medium schools, like we once did.
Had we continued with the English medium schools, we wouldn’t be considering importing English teachers now. Instead, we would have been able to groom our own talent pool, grown the economic pie and, like India, have the opportunity of exporting such talent.

3.  In the Malaysian Education Blueprint, shift 4 outlines the plan to transform teaching into the profession of choice. However, the implementation process of ensuring that it achieves its objective and outcome leaves much to be desired.
The intent to recruit only the top 30% of graduates for teaching seems to be a good benchmark, but whether the candidates are of the right calibre or would consider this profession is a different ballgame.

4.  There are 410,000 teachers in the country, but only half of them deliver satisfactory to effective teaching, while the other half do not meet the satisfactory standard. Another relating statistic shows that half of the teachers will continue teaching for the next 30 years.
The blueprint admits that 50% of the teachers do not meet the satisfactory standards, but what if they stayed on for the next 30 years?

5.  Finland, an example of the most successful school system in the world, takes pride in their teachers who are given the same status as doctors and lawyers.
The highly qualified teachers are selected from the top 10% of the nation’s graduates and are required to have a master’s degree in education, which is fully funded by the state.

6.  The most successful countries’ education systems are distinctive in not just whom they employ but what they do when things go wrong. Finland has more special education teachers than anywhere else in the world.
It took Finland 40 years to transform its education system into what it is today.
(*It took only 7 years for Malaysia to change the PPSMI policy to MBMMBI - I said this.)

Well... that's the education scenario in Malaysia....
So.., when will we be a developed country?

Have a nice day...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

TENNIS - Australian Open 2013 UPDATES

Teen sensation S. Stephens
Wooooaaa.. Upset of the tournament.
19 year-old, 29-seeded player Sloane Stephens (US) stunned 5-time Australian Open champion Serena Williams 3-6, 7-5, 6-4 to advance into the semi-final. S. Stephens is ranked 25th in the world.
Other results:
Women Singles:
Men's Singles
The draw for tomorrow's semi-finals:
Na Li (CHN) vs Maria Sharapova (RUS) - Wednesday morning
Victoria Azarenka (BLR) vs Sloane Stephens (USA) - Wednesday afternoon

Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs David Ferrer (ESP) - Wednesday evening
Roger Federer (SUI) vs Andy Murray (GBR) - Thursday.

Have a nice day...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

LEE Chong Wei vs Sony Dwi KUNCORO - Malaysia Open 2013 FINAL - LIVE


It's the second super series of 2013 - The Malaysia Open 2013.
It's the men's singles final - LEE Chong Wei (MAS) vs Sony Dwi KUNCORO (INA).
Lee Chong Wei is the defending 8th time champion. He is the 1st seed, while Kuncoro is the 8th seeded player in this tournament.
Let's go LIVE from Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur..
LCW is in yellow, SDK in black.

1st Set: (Lee Chong Wei first)
1-0 shuttle pushed out by SDK
1-1 pushed out by LCW
2-1 half court smash by LCW
3-1 smash again by LCW
4-1 sideline smash by LCW
5-1 error by SDK
5-2 drop by SDK
6-2 out by SDK
7-2 drop shot by LCW
8-2 cross court smash by LCW
9-2 smash error by SDK
9-3 error by LCW
10-3 just wide by SDK
11-3 net error by SDK
12-3 sharp drop by LCW
13-3 smash by LCW
14-3 smash out by SDK
14-4 way out by LCW
15-4 net play by LCW
16-4 smash by LCW
17-4 body smash by LCW
17-5 net error by LCW
18-5 service shot short by SDK
18-6 error by LCW
19-6 error by SDK
19-7 error by LCW
20-7 net smash by LCW
21-7 error by SDK
1st set to Lee Chong Wei 21-7.

2nd Set:
1-0 pushed out by SDK
2-0 body smash by LCW
3-0 smash again by LCW
4-0 cross court smash by LCW
5-0 out at baseline by SDK
5-1 error by LCW
5-2 pushed out by LCW
6-2 out by SDK
7-2 net error by SDK
8-2 smash out by SDK
9-2 net smash by LCW
10-2 cross court smash by LCW
10-3 long rally won by SDK
11-3 smash error by SDK
11-4 error by LCW
12-4 out at baseline by SDK
12-5 good defence by SDK
13-5 net play by LCW
13-6 bad decision by LCW at baseline
13-7 out by LCW (sideline)
14-7 inch-perfect smash by LCW
15-7 another perfect smash by LCW
15-8 smash into net by LCW
16-8 brilliant smash by LCW
17-8 long rally won by LCW with smart drop shot
18-8 SDK outplayed by LCW
19-8 error by SDK
20-8 error again by SDK
21-8 error at net by SDK..
Set won by Lee Chong Wei 21-8
Game won by LEE CHONG WEI in straight sets: 21-7, 21-8

This is Lee Chong Wei's record 9th Malaysia Open title..
Congrates Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo - who are expecting their first child soon...

Have a nice day....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lee Chong Wei vs Jan O Jorgensen : Semi-Final Malaysia Open 2013 - LIVE.

1st Set:
Lee Chong Wei leading 13-8 in the 1st set now...
14-8 Drop by LCW
15-8 Drive by LCW
15-9 Error by LCW
16-9 Luck of the net to LCW
17-9 netplay by LCW
17-10 pushed out by LCW
17-11 Drop by JOJ
17-12 Another drop by JOJ
18-12 Cross court smash by LCW
18-13 Net error by LCW
19-13 easy smash by LCW
20-13 one followed by another smash by LCW
21-13 smart play by LCW
1st set to Lee Chong Wei 21-13.

2nd Set:
1-0 smash by LCW
1-1 smash by JOJ
2-1 pushed out by JOJ at baseline
3-1 pushed out by JOJ at side line
3-2 smash by JOJ
3-3 smash by JOJ
3-4 error by LCW
4-4 net smash by LCW
4-5 misjudge by LCW at baseline
4-6 error by LCW
4-7 net error by LCW
4-8 error again by LCW
5-8 net smash by LCW
5-9 bad call by linesman
6-9 smash out by JOJ
7-9 out at baseline by JOJ
7-10 net shot by JOJ
7-11 just wide at sideline by LCW
7-12 drive out by LCW
8-12 smash and another one by LCW
8-13 smash by JOJ
9-13 cross court smash by LCW
10-13 half court smash by LCW
10-14 body smash by JOJ
11-14 sharp drop by LCW
11-15 error by LCW
12-15 smash by LCW
12-16 long rally won by JOJ
13-16 smash by LCW straight down the line
14-16 pushed out at baseline by JOJ
14-17 nice drop by JOJ
15-17 trick shot by LCW
15-18 fast stroke won by JOJ
15-19 body smash by JOJ
16-19 way out by JOJ
16-20 error by LCW
17-20 body smash by LCW
17-21 body drive by JOJ
2nd set won by Jan O Jorgensen 21-17.

3rd Set:
0-1 neat net play by JOJ
0-2 called in by linesman - point to JOJ
0-3 smash by JOJ
0-4 wide by LCW
1-4 smash by LCW
2-4 triple smash by LCW
3-4 net error by JOJ
4-4 smash by LCW
5-4 flick serve by LCW
6-4 cross court smash by LCW
7-4 backhand smash by LCW
8-4 pushed out by JOJ
9-4 body smash by LCW
9-5 error by LCW
10-5 pushed out by JOJ
10-6 error by LCW
10-7 super cross court shot by JOJ
11-7 pushed out by JOJ
12-7 smash into net by JOJ
13-7 clean net shot by LCW
14-7 too long by JOJ
15-7 smash by LCW
16-7 net error by JOJ
17-7 another error by JOJ
17-8 pushed in by JOJ
17-9 error by LCW
17-10 smash by JOJ
18-10 error at net by JOJ
18-11 fault by LCW
18-12 net error by LCW
19-12 smash out by JOJ
20-12 double smash by LCW
21-12 drop smash by LCW
*Match won by Lee Chong Wei in 3 sets: 21-13, 17-21, 21-12.
* Lee Chong Wei thro' to the FINAL of the Malaysia Open 2013.

Have a nice day...

Friday, January 18, 2013

TEACHING - Chapter 4(c) : SMSH 1982 - 1984.

1st success - State Champion in Athletics
From 1982 to 1984 - it was building an empire in sports...
I began to coach Athletics (Track and Field), Hockey, Soccer and even Netball in Syed Hassan Secondary School. I had a pool of students who were active in sports and who were hungry for success. I was young at that time and I had the energy to coach so many different sports.
It was no secret that during those years, SMK Derma was the champion in Athletics, Women's hockey and Netball. They have been the state champion for years.

ATHLETICS (Track and Field):
Before 1982, SMK Derma was the state champion for the past 16 consecutive years.
So, when SMK Syed Hassan finally overtook them (by a mere Gold medal) to become the state champion in 1982, SMK Derma did not want to hand over the champion's trophy during the medals presentation. Ironically, it was held on SMK Derma's ground. They gave a stupid reason stating that they have been champions for such a long time and they deserved to keep the trophy forever!!
So much so for sportsmanship.... That's SMK Derma..
1982 - SMK Syed Hassan was state champion with NO trophy.
1983 - SMK Syed Hassan finished 2nd.
1984 - SMK Syed Hassan was state CHAMPION with a landslide majority. We won all the best athletes categories and also the overall champions.

HOCKEY (Girls):
SMK Syed Hassan was the Boy's state champion for some time.. But, the girls were never champions.
So, since the girls were so interested to beat SMK Derma (who were champions for such a long time), I started to train the girls team in 1982.
Guess what?
They were runners-up in 1982, 1983 and 1984.
Not champions yet... So, I started with the Form 1s in 1983. The team began to mature in 3 years and were champions in 1986 (I'll write about it in my next chapter).

The same story was with the Netball team - was always runner's-up in the state championship.
The team lacked the urge to be champions. So, I started with the juniors in 1982 - and finally they became champions after 1985...
Funny.., after SMK Syed Hassan became champions, they made a new rule that "men cannot coach netball". So, I had to stop coaching netball after that...

Some photos to cherish:
coaching netball in 1982
 the netball team in 1984
hockey match in 1983
  the hockey team in 1983
 marking lines on hockey pitch before a match - 1984
 The SMSH athletics squad in 1982 (champions)
 1982 state champion in Athletics (without the trophy)
 march pass on state championship day - 1984
 introduced to the VIP in 1984
Finally - state champion with all the trophies - 1984
 the 1984 state champion team
relaxing with Dato' Mokhzani in Kuantan.

SMK Syed Hassan became a sports power in Perlis from there on...
Year by year, we were champions of Perlis in Athletics, Hockey (both boys and girls), Soccer and Netball.
I've never regretted teaching and coaching in SMK Syed Hassan..., till today..

Have a nice day...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lee Chong Wei vs Du Pengyu - Victor Korea Open 2013 - LIVE Updates.


It's the first badminton Super Series in the year 2013 - the Victor Korea Open.
The men's singles final - Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Du Pengyu (CHN).

1st Set:
Lee Chong Wei (MAS) won 21-12.

2nd Set:
Lee Chong Wei leads 11-10.
12-10 Smash by LCW
13-10 Net play by LCW
14-10 Cross court drop by LCW
15-10 Cross court smash by LCW
16-10 Base line - in. Point to LCW.
16-11 Base line - out. Point to DP
16-12 Pushed out by LCW.
17-12 Smart play by LCW
17-13 To base line by DP - in.
18-13 Net play by LCW
19-13 Good placement by LCW
19-14 Error by LCW
19-15 To baseline by DP.
20-15 Smash by LCW.
21-15 Pushed out by DP.

LEE CHONG WEI wins the Korea Open 2013 Super Series in straight sets:
21-12, 21-15.

Congratulations LEE CHONG WEI of  Malaysia !!!!!
Have a nice day...

Friday, January 11, 2013


Life as a teacher in SMK Syed Hassan in the year 1981 was very enjoyable. In fact, the thought of quitting teaching was all gone. I was thinking of quitting this profession in the early stages of my teaching career because I had never wanted to be a teacher in the first place... My childhood ambition was to be a doctor. In fact, I love this job - being a teacher...
SMK Syed Hassan was a fantastic school in 1981. The students and teachers were very active in sports and music. It was here that I began my career as a sports coach and a musician.

In 1981, SMK Syed Hassan finished 4th in Athletics (MSSPs). In fact, SMK Syed Hassan was never a champion in the MSSPs (Perlis Schools Sports Meet). SMK Derma have been the state champion for the past 18 years.
I could see the talent in Athletics among the students in SMK Syed Hassan, but there was nobody to coach them specifically.. So, I started an Athletics Club in the school. Members of the club would come in the afternoon to train several discipline in the sports. I started to take more younger students - the Form 1 and Form 2 students. I trained them by myself, alone.
In September 1981, I organised a "Mini Sports" meet. The headmaster (Principal) of the school, Mr. Yahya Othman,  was very sporting enough to donate the medals for the winners. Sprinters, Jumpers, Throwers and Distance Runners were born...
Stars were born...
Guess what?
SMK Syed Hassan was the state champion in Athletics for the FIRST time in the following year - 1982.
I'll write about the achievement in my next post...

SMK Syed Hassan was famous for hockey - but, only the boys. The boys were state champions for the last few years. Most of them were state players.
There was no girls team in 1981, but the girls wanted to play and compete in hockey. So, I formed a girls' team in 1981. It took 2 years to groom the team..
I'll write about the hockey team in my next coming posts...

Ups and downs for SMK Syed Hassan in soccer. Never a champion - but made it the quarter-finals and sometimes semi-finals in the previous years before 1981. There were stars before, like Saidin Osman (the Perlis striker in the 80's), but SMK Syed Hassan was never a state champion.
Things changed after 1981 - I'll write about this too in my coming posts...

Ups and downs too. Never a state champion - only made it to the quarter-finals and semi-finals in previous years. SMK Derma was the state champion for the past years before 1981, winning almost every year...
Things changed too after 1981 - I'll write about this too in my coming posts...

Did not start the Music Club - not until 1987.
I was only active in singing in my early days in SMK Syed Hassan.
I only started to learn music (theory and piano) in 1982.

Photos of me in SMK Syed Hassan in 1981:
Mixed 4x100m relay team - Teachers' Day 1981.
 Hockey game on Teachers' Day 1981
School Athletics coaches 1981.
State champions - Hockey 1981.
 Netball team vs SMK Mahsuri Langkawi - 1981.
 Officials during one of the sports event - 1981
Class party with Mr. Yahya Othman - 1981.
  English Week - with Yusmina Yusof 1981
 Perfoming on stage with Mr. Ilias Ashaari
As the emcee - Talentime SMSH 1981
Singing "Dua Insan" on Teachers' Day 1981
   Runner's up in Perlis' Talentime competition - 1981.
SMSH Hockey coaches - 1981
Athletics coach - 1981.
 school assembly - 1981
 behind the stage - 1981
 beauty contest (traditional costume) - 1981
 my singing group - 1981.
 my room in 1981 - with the cassettes.

Will continue with the next chapter soon...
Have a nice day... 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TEACHING - Chapter 4(a) - SMK SYED HASSAN 1981

1st September 1980 - that's the exact date I was transferred to Sekolah Menengah Syed Hassan, Kangar, Perlis - from Sekolah Menengah Syed Alwi, Kayang.
There was no letter of transfer. It was made on a "mutual" transfer made by the Education Department - something like "on loan" to another school. The problem was that the Principal of the former school was not "in good terms" with me. I don't know why he hated me so much... till today, I really don't know the exact reason - all I know is that I've used 10 cans of butane gas in a month to teach Science. Is that a sin??

I reported duty at 7.30am on 1st September, 1980, to the Principal of Syed Hassan Secondary School, Mr. Yahya Othman. He welcomed me with open arms and thanked me for accepting the offer to come to the school. Accepting an offer? Weird... (something fishy happening behind me??)
Mr. Yahya Othman was a nice man. He was just like a father to me. He treated me like his son.
He requested me to teach Mathematics for five Form 5 classes as the school had not had a Maths teacher for the past 2 months - the former Maths teacher quit teaching and followed her husband to the USA. The Form 5 students were 3 months away from the SPM exams and they needed a Maths teacher.
I graduated in Biology and Biochemistry and it was a real challenge for me to teach Maths for Form 5 students who were due to take the SPM in 3 months' time. To make matters worst, the school record stated that the percentage of passes in Maths the year before (1979) was only 18%. And I had 3 months to improve the stats !!

I took the trouble to do some "homework" on how to teach Maths (in the first place) and how to surpass the 18% passes of the SPM Maths paper (for the school). God willing, I managed to achieve a 38.4% pass in Maths for the school during the 1980 SPM public examination... What a relief !!! I"ve passed my first test !! I've done my job...

Mr. Yahya Othman was so pleased with what I've done and I was officially transferred to Syed Hassan Secondary School (known as SMK Syed Hassan now) on January 1st, 1981. I was also made a Maths examiner by the Examination Syndicate (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia) in 1981 - recommended by Mr. Yahya Othman.
To add more excitement, Mr. Baharom Othman - the officer in charge of 'transfer of teachers' in the Ministry of Education - came to Perlis as the new Education Director of Perlis. He was the one who helped me "not to be posted to Sabah" (see my last post for the details). Somewhere in January 1981, the new Education Director of Perlis, Mr. Baharom Othman, asked me to see him in his office !!
"How do you like Perlis?" he asked me.
I just smile at him. Actually, I was so pleased to meet him and I thanked him for his help (for not posting me to Sabah).
He asked me to do a favour to Perlis. He asked me to groom athletes in Athletics and win medals for Perlis in MSSM meet (national schools meet). He must have read my biography. I was a state runner during my school days in the state of Perak. I took the challenge and ... I was made a state Athletics coach in 1981.
*There's where my career as a coach began.... until I was made a national coach in 1997 by the National Sports Council (MSN). I will write more on this in my coming posts...

1981 was the beginning of many good things in my life - my teaching career in Maths and also in Sports as a coach, especially Athletics.
Photos of my teaching career and activities in 1981:
Staff room with my colleagues - 1981
Teachers' Day class party with Principal Yahya Othman - 1981
 fun times with my students in class.
picnic with SMSH staff in Pulau Brasmana (off Kuala Perlis).
 with my Form 5 students in Penang..
 field trip to Penang with my Form 5 students - 1981
 USM library - 1981
 Form 5 students - 1981
 Mr Yahya Othman - the Principal 1981
 Teacher's Day 1981 celebration - singing "Suatu Masa".
 Lee Lai Ngo - a Form 5A student 1981.

Better things to come from 1981 onwards in SMK Syed Hassan..
More stories in my next post/chapter.
Have a nice day...