Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TEACHING - Chapter 4(a) - SMK SYED HASSAN 1981

1st September 1980 - that's the exact date I was transferred to Sekolah Menengah Syed Hassan, Kangar, Perlis - from Sekolah Menengah Syed Alwi, Kayang.
There was no letter of transfer. It was made on a "mutual" transfer made by the Education Department - something like "on loan" to another school. The problem was that the Principal of the former school was not "in good terms" with me. I don't know why he hated me so much... till today, I really don't know the exact reason - all I know is that I've used 10 cans of butane gas in a month to teach Science. Is that a sin??

I reported duty at 7.30am on 1st September, 1980, to the Principal of Syed Hassan Secondary School, Mr. Yahya Othman. He welcomed me with open arms and thanked me for accepting the offer to come to the school. Accepting an offer? Weird... (something fishy happening behind me??)
Mr. Yahya Othman was a nice man. He was just like a father to me. He treated me like his son.
He requested me to teach Mathematics for five Form 5 classes as the school had not had a Maths teacher for the past 2 months - the former Maths teacher quit teaching and followed her husband to the USA. The Form 5 students were 3 months away from the SPM exams and they needed a Maths teacher.
I graduated in Biology and Biochemistry and it was a real challenge for me to teach Maths for Form 5 students who were due to take the SPM in 3 months' time. To make matters worst, the school record stated that the percentage of passes in Maths the year before (1979) was only 18%. And I had 3 months to improve the stats !!

I took the trouble to do some "homework" on how to teach Maths (in the first place) and how to surpass the 18% passes of the SPM Maths paper (for the school). God willing, I managed to achieve a 38.4% pass in Maths for the school during the 1980 SPM public examination... What a relief !!! I"ve passed my first test !! I've done my job...

Mr. Yahya Othman was so pleased with what I've done and I was officially transferred to Syed Hassan Secondary School (known as SMK Syed Hassan now) on January 1st, 1981. I was also made a Maths examiner by the Examination Syndicate (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia) in 1981 - recommended by Mr. Yahya Othman.
To add more excitement, Mr. Baharom Othman - the officer in charge of 'transfer of teachers' in the Ministry of Education - came to Perlis as the new Education Director of Perlis. He was the one who helped me "not to be posted to Sabah" (see my last post for the details). Somewhere in January 1981, the new Education Director of Perlis, Mr. Baharom Othman, asked me to see him in his office !!
"How do you like Perlis?" he asked me.
I just smile at him. Actually, I was so pleased to meet him and I thanked him for his help (for not posting me to Sabah).
He asked me to do a favour to Perlis. He asked me to groom athletes in Athletics and win medals for Perlis in MSSM meet (national schools meet). He must have read my biography. I was a state runner during my school days in the state of Perak. I took the challenge and ... I was made a state Athletics coach in 1981.
*There's where my career as a coach began.... until I was made a national coach in 1997 by the National Sports Council (MSN). I will write more on this in my coming posts...

1981 was the beginning of many good things in my life - my teaching career in Maths and also in Sports as a coach, especially Athletics.
Photos of my teaching career and activities in 1981:
Staff room with my colleagues - 1981
Teachers' Day class party with Principal Yahya Othman - 1981
 fun times with my students in class.
picnic with SMSH staff in Pulau Brasmana (off Kuala Perlis).
 with my Form 5 students in Penang..
 field trip to Penang with my Form 5 students - 1981
 USM library - 1981
 Form 5 students - 1981
 Mr Yahya Othman - the Principal 1981
 Teacher's Day 1981 celebration - singing "Suatu Masa".
 Lee Lai Ngo - a Form 5A student 1981.

Better things to come from 1981 onwards in SMK Syed Hassan..
More stories in my next post/chapter.
Have a nice day...  


IndaMarya said...

bestnya bila ada gambag2 lama na.tapi masa tu bkan ramai yg ada camera kan?

DESS said...

yep.. seronok tengok gambar2 lama. Nasib baik masih simpan untuk tatapan anak2 dan rakan2..

Anonymous said...

seronok baca pengalaman cikgu....satu.-satu..ingatan cikgu..sampai sy pun tulis dlm kertas tarikh2 itu, even that time i was not born then...hihi..

DESS said...

Thank you..

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