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Life as a teacher in SMK Syed Hassan in the year 1981 was very enjoyable. In fact, the thought of quitting teaching was all gone. I was thinking of quitting this profession in the early stages of my teaching career because I had never wanted to be a teacher in the first place... My childhood ambition was to be a doctor. In fact, I love this job - being a teacher...
SMK Syed Hassan was a fantastic school in 1981. The students and teachers were very active in sports and music. It was here that I began my career as a sports coach and a musician.

In 1981, SMK Syed Hassan finished 4th in Athletics (MSSPs). In fact, SMK Syed Hassan was never a champion in the MSSPs (Perlis Schools Sports Meet). SMK Derma have been the state champion for the past 18 years.
I could see the talent in Athletics among the students in SMK Syed Hassan, but there was nobody to coach them specifically.. So, I started an Athletics Club in the school. Members of the club would come in the afternoon to train several discipline in the sports. I started to take more younger students - the Form 1 and Form 2 students. I trained them by myself, alone.
In September 1981, I organised a "Mini Sports" meet. The headmaster (Principal) of the school, Mr. Yahya Othman,  was very sporting enough to donate the medals for the winners. Sprinters, Jumpers, Throwers and Distance Runners were born...
Stars were born...
Guess what?
SMK Syed Hassan was the state champion in Athletics for the FIRST time in the following year - 1982.
I'll write about the achievement in my next post...

SMK Syed Hassan was famous for hockey - but, only the boys. The boys were state champions for the last few years. Most of them were state players.
There was no girls team in 1981, but the girls wanted to play and compete in hockey. So, I formed a girls' team in 1981. It took 2 years to groom the team..
I'll write about the hockey team in my next coming posts...

Ups and downs for SMK Syed Hassan in soccer. Never a champion - but made it the quarter-finals and sometimes semi-finals in the previous years before 1981. There were stars before, like Saidin Osman (the Perlis striker in the 80's), but SMK Syed Hassan was never a state champion.
Things changed after 1981 - I'll write about this too in my coming posts...

Ups and downs too. Never a state champion - only made it to the quarter-finals and semi-finals in previous years. SMK Derma was the state champion for the past years before 1981, winning almost every year...
Things changed too after 1981 - I'll write about this too in my coming posts...

Did not start the Music Club - not until 1987.
I was only active in singing in my early days in SMK Syed Hassan.
I only started to learn music (theory and piano) in 1982.

Photos of me in SMK Syed Hassan in 1981:
Mixed 4x100m relay team - Teachers' Day 1981.
 Hockey game on Teachers' Day 1981
School Athletics coaches 1981.
State champions - Hockey 1981.
 Netball team vs SMK Mahsuri Langkawi - 1981.
 Officials during one of the sports event - 1981
Class party with Mr. Yahya Othman - 1981.
  English Week - with Yusmina Yusof 1981
 Perfoming on stage with Mr. Ilias Ashaari
As the emcee - Talentime SMSH 1981
Singing "Dua Insan" on Teachers' Day 1981
   Runner's up in Perlis' Talentime competition - 1981.
SMSH Hockey coaches - 1981
Athletics coach - 1981.
 school assembly - 1981
 behind the stage - 1981
 beauty contest (traditional costume) - 1981
 my singing group - 1981.
 my room in 1981 - with the cassettes.

Will continue with the next chapter soon...
Have a nice day... 

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