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TEACHING - Chapter 4(c) : SMSH 1982 - 1984.

1st success - State Champion in Athletics
From 1982 to 1984 - it was building an empire in sports...
I began to coach Athletics (Track and Field), Hockey, Soccer and even Netball in Syed Hassan Secondary School. I had a pool of students who were active in sports and who were hungry for success. I was young at that time and I had the energy to coach so many different sports.
It was no secret that during those years, SMK Derma was the champion in Athletics, Women's hockey and Netball. They have been the state champion for years.

ATHLETICS (Track and Field):
Before 1982, SMK Derma was the state champion for the past 16 consecutive years.
So, when SMK Syed Hassan finally overtook them (by a mere Gold medal) to become the state champion in 1982, SMK Derma did not want to hand over the champion's trophy during the medals presentation. Ironically, it was held on SMK Derma's ground. They gave a stupid reason stating that they have been champions for such a long time and they deserved to keep the trophy forever!!
So much so for sportsmanship.... That's SMK Derma..
1982 - SMK Syed Hassan was state champion with NO trophy.
1983 - SMK Syed Hassan finished 2nd.
1984 - SMK Syed Hassan was state CHAMPION with a landslide majority. We won all the best athletes categories and also the overall champions.

HOCKEY (Girls):
SMK Syed Hassan was the Boy's state champion for some time.. But, the girls were never champions.
So, since the girls were so interested to beat SMK Derma (who were champions for such a long time), I started to train the girls team in 1982.
Guess what?
They were runners-up in 1982, 1983 and 1984.
Not champions yet... So, I started with the Form 1s in 1983. The team began to mature in 3 years and were champions in 1986 (I'll write about it in my next chapter).

The same story was with the Netball team - was always runner's-up in the state championship.
The team lacked the urge to be champions. So, I started with the juniors in 1982 - and finally they became champions after 1985...
Funny.., after SMK Syed Hassan became champions, they made a new rule that "men cannot coach netball". So, I had to stop coaching netball after that...

Some photos to cherish:
coaching netball in 1982
 the netball team in 1984
hockey match in 1983
  the hockey team in 1983
 marking lines on hockey pitch before a match - 1984
 The SMSH athletics squad in 1982 (champions)
 1982 state champion in Athletics (without the trophy)
 march pass on state championship day - 1984
 introduced to the VIP in 1984
Finally - state champion with all the trophies - 1984
 the 1984 state champion team
relaxing with Dato' Mokhzani in Kuantan.

SMK Syed Hassan became a sports power in Perlis from there on...
Year by year, we were champions of Perlis in Athletics, Hockey (both boys and girls), Soccer and Netball.
I've never regretted teaching and coaching in SMK Syed Hassan..., till today..

Have a nice day...

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