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The State Coach - Chapter 2: 1996 - 2002

The Sultan of Perak and me - MSSM 1998.
From 1985 to 1995, I coached athletics (track and field) on a minor scale. There was no urgency to coach track and field athletes during those years because I was not going to be considered a state coach even though I had the whole contingent full of my school athletes.
The chief coach then was not a "real" coach because he didn't even have an athlete to coach. What he and his "gang" did was to select winners from the state meet and then bring them to the national meet (MSSM).
That procedure had been going on for 12 years or so - and as it turned out to be...., NO medals from the national meets in those days. If there were, it was by chance, or just a co-incidence...

1996 came to be the turning point for Perlis' track and field athletes.
When Mr. Jasni Ladin came back to Perlis after doing his studies overseas - he came out with a development programme for the state sports unit. He came to look for quality local coaches - and I was one of them in his list. As I've said earlier in one of my earlier post, he came to visit me twice in school and more than twice outside office hours - persuading me to start coaching back (after 12 years).
I took his challenge (after agreeing on certain terms) - and I started to coach athletics on a top level scale. The outcomes:
1996 - Bronze, 4th, 6th. (from my 3 personal athletes).
1997 - Bronze, Bronze (from my 2 personal athletes).
1998 - Gold, Bronze, Bronze (from my personal athletes).
1999 - Gold, Gold, Bronze, Bronze, Bronze + Gold & Silver at International meet (Singapore).
2000 - Gold, Silver, Bronze.
2001 - Gold, Bronze + Gold medal at the National circuit meet (Shah Alam).
2002 - NO medals...

I was chief coach from 1998 to 2002.
1.  My first MSSM medal came from Ooi Khong Siang - in the U-12 Long Jump event at the 1996 MSSM meet in Johore Baru. Two other athletes came 4th (Marshamira Ahmad - High Jump) and 6th (Nursyafariza Shafiee - High Jump) at the same meet.
2.  My first MSSM Gold medal came from Nursyafariza Shafiee - in the U-15 Long Jump event at the 1998 MSSM meet in Ipoh, Perak. She also won the Bronze in the Triple Jump event at the same meet.
3.  My first International Gold medal came from Marshamira Ahmad - in the 100m Hurdles event at the 1999 Little Athletics Meet in Singapore. Marshamira also won a silver through the 4x100m relay event in Singapore. Marshamira Ahmad had already won the Gold medal at the 1999 MSSM meet in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - thus making her a national athlete to the meet in Singapore.
*Marshamira Ahmad was my best athlete I've ever coached....

In 2002, no medals were won because of the case when all the state athletes were forced to go through a camp. a week before the national meet - a camp where athletes got worn out because of silly programmes drafted by the head of sports division of the state sports unit.
And I was the victim of somebody who wanted the post of the state "chief of track and field" unit. He succeeded in dethroning me with some "dirty" tricks, just like what politicians do to "kill" fellow politicians.

I turned to golf in 2003. I became the state SUKMA golf coach, a more prestige post... I'll write about it in my next post, under 'Coaching'.
Some photos to show during my coaching days as Chief Coach of Perlis (1996 - 2002):
my first MSSM medal came from Ooi Khong Siang (Long Jumper)-1996.
 my first MSSM Gold medal came from Nursyafariza (Long Jumper)-1998
my first international Gold medal came from Marshamira Ahmad (100m Hurdler) - Little Athletics Meet (Singapore - 1999).
 Chief Coach at the 1998 MSSM meet in Ipoh, Perak.
 Leading the 1998 MSSM march pass..
 Receiving the gift from the Sultan of Perak - 1998 MSSM meet.
 my 4x100m relay team at the 1998 MSSM meet.
 Faezah Hamid - double Bronze medallist (100m, 200m) at the 1998 MSSM.
 Marshamira at the start of the 100mHurdles final - MSSM 2001
 Marshamira leading from start to win the Gold - MSSM 2001
 Marshamira Ahmad (left) - my Best ever athlete I've produced

I stopped coaching Track and Field after the 2002 MSSM.
It had been a sour ending in Athletics - but that's life as a coach... When you're on top, there's always somebody out there who would like to pull you down... And they did that to me.
The person who "killed' me is now (at present-2013) heading the state coaching staff - and he doesn't even have a coaching certificate. He doesn't train athletes - just managing the state coaches and state athletes.
So... how is the state going to excel???
Your answer is as good as mine....

Have a nice day....

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The State Coach - Chapter 1: 1981-1984.

PERLIS athletics team in 1982
When I was posted to Perlis in June 1980, I didn't realise that I would become a state athletics coach.
Remember the "deal" I had with the Education officer of the Ministry of Education in 1980? I was actually posted to Sabah, but I begged the officer in charge not to be posted (for me) to Sabah then... The officer (Mr. Baharom) then became the Perlis Education Director in 1981.
Mr. Baharom called me to his office and asked me to coach athletics for the state team. I had no choice but had to.. Anyway, I was indebted to him. So.., I took the job.

I met the Team Manager then, Mr. Saad (1981). He was a nice man. I could see that there were only two coaches,  and they were not that skillful in coaching athletics. They were no specific programmes - merely asking the athletes to run around and doing simple stretching exercises. Maybe, they were not exposed to the modern techniques or maybe their knowledge in coaching were limited. As a new guy, I didn't want to show my talent. I might offend them... So, I just watched and mixed around with the athletes.

That year (1981) - the MSSM was held in Kota Bahru, Kelantan. I was not chosen to go. There were around 15 athletes chosen to represent Perlis and there were 4 officials going (the team manager, two coaches and a chaperon). What I heard was that, Perlis came back empty handed. It was normal in those days... No medals to show.

In 1982, my school then (SMK Syed Hassan) was the state champion in athletics. Many of my school athletes were chosen to represent the state in the MSSM (held in Kuantan, Pahang). So - that year, I was chosen to bring the state team to Kuantan, my first "real" assignment as a state coach.
For the first 3 days, Perlis did not win any medals. Two athletes came close to win a medal - long jumper Kamaruzaman and javelin thrower Norisah. Both were my personal athletes that I coached at home in Perlis. Both won the 4th places. Kamaruzaman did 6.48m and still got 4th place. Unlucky for him not to win a medal, because the bronze medallist did a 6.50m jump.
Then came the drama on the 4th and last day....

The 4x400m relay team had finished second in the heats. The team - Kamarudzaman, Zakri, Nasha and Maniam - was personally coached by me at home. In fact, three of them were my school students (except Maniam). I had already placed the runners according to their capabilities - to be a winning team - when suddenly, the chief coach (by name only), Mr. I, changed the positions of the runners without consulting me!!
The team came 5th in the finals. Maniam was supposed to be the  first runner, but he changed position to be the last runner. I scolded the team for not listening to my instructions... I asked Maniam why he did so..
Guess what? The chief coach, Mr. I, asked him to do so...
I got mad and had a quarrel with Mr. I. He was not supposed to do so because he had not coached the team in the first place. I was the one who coached them. Very silly of him to do so... And, he just smiled irritatingly.. Huh - I could still remember his cunning face (till today...).
So.... Perlis came home empty handed again in 1982.

I never gave up... In 1983, I came back and coached more capable athletes. In fact, my school then (SMK Syed Hassan), came out runner-ups in 1983 and state champions in 1984. More than half of the Perlis contingent to the MSSM 1983 and MSSM 1984 were my school athletes. Runners, jumpers, throwers - mostly were my personal athletes from SMK Syed Hassan... - I coached them for the MSSM meets, but I was not chosen as an official (coach) to go to the MSSM - just because of the "drama" in Kuantan in 1982. The chief coach was still Mr. I - and the outcome was still the same in 1983 and 1984 - no medals, as usual.
The funny thing is that the state still trusted him to become the chief coach. And year after year - no medals at MSSM meets.
I quit as state athletics coach in 1985.

Things changed in 1996. That was when Mr. Jasni Ladin came back to Perlis to change the mindset of the coaches in Perlis...
I will tell it all in my coming posts under the label "COACHING".
See yer later on....
Some photos to share:
Perlis officials - outside Darul Makmur stadium in Kuantan
 with my athetes
opening ceremony - MSSM 1982
with my ex-UPM rubgy team mates in Kuantan (happened to met them)
 showing my sprinters the correct way to start
 at the stands during the MSSM meet
 no medals yet after 3 days
 MSSM official dinner - with the Perlis Director (Mr. Baharom Othman)
 staying at school hostel dorms those days..
 Teluk Chempedak beach after the MSSM meet
 with my athletes at Teluk Chempedak
 met some "Mat Salleh" in Kuantan

Have a nice day...

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Happy 15th Birthday SI YING..

the birthday cake
HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY my dear daughter, Si Ying...
The whole family celebrated her birthday today:
 the birthday card
 the birthday present
 all in the family..
 with Abah and Mama..
 Mama's girl..
Daddy's girl..
Have a nice day my dear...

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TEACHING - Chapter 7: SMK Padang Siding 2002 - 2008


1st August 2002 - that's the exact date, I was transferred to SMK Padang Siding (now known as SMK Tengku Budriah). SMK Padang Siding was (at that time) a new school, established (the new  buildings) in January 2002.
For what reason?
For not getting any medals in the 2002 MSSM Track and Field meet held in Kuantan, Pahang.
Funny eh?
That's the real reason "they" can think of....

I'll tell the real reason why...
As the chief coach of the Perlis' Schools athletics team - I was responsible for the development of the sports. More accurate to say - I was responsible for the number of medals won in national meets (the MSSM).
One week before the MSSM meet in Kuantan, Pahang - the sports unit of the Perlis Education Department, headed by the Head of the Sports Sector - held a motivation camp for 3 days at the Timah Tasoh Lake, in preparations for the national meets, for all sports - soccer, rugby, tennis, athletics, netball...and so on.
It's okay to have a motivational camp - but not having a "tiring" schedule such as canoeing (kayak), night tracking, wall climbing and all those stuff that you do during the "development stage" of an athlete. It was "competiton stage" - only 7 days left for the meet (competition). I was totally against the stupid idea. I made a lot of noise (to disagree with) on the activities the Sports Unit had programmed.
To my knowledge as a qualified coach, Track and Field athletes should have a personal scheduled programme to follow 10 days before the competition. I had my special programme for all my athletes competing in the MSSM meet in Kuantan. That was why I didn't agree for my athletes to attend the motivation camp.

Mr. M (the Head of the Sports Sector) made a rule - that athletes who did not attend the camp, will not be allowed to take part in the coming MSSM competitions. I was furious and I told him this (the exact words):
"Who the hell made this programme?" (I didn't know that it was him who drafted the programme).
"How can you have night tracking, canoeing (kayak), wall climbing and all this stupid stuff - one week before competition?''
"Sir, if my athletes are forced to attend this stupid programme, there will be NO MEDALS this year at the coming MSSM meet!!"
"Do you hear me - NO medals this year !!!"
Those were the exact words that I told him right on his face !!
He just kept quite. He didn't say a word.
I left the camp immediately but my athletes were forced to follow the programme for 3 days...

That year, 2002, the Perlis athletics team came home empty handed after the MSSM meet in Kuantan.
No medals !! I told them before going but they didn't listen. The rest of the officials (most of them) in the Perlis contingent were not interested in getting medals. They just wanted to have a free trip to Kuantan and enjoyed the benefit to "claim" from the government for their expenses while on duty at the MSSM meet.
You see..., there are people like that in this world. That's why we don't excel in sports... Sorry to say this.

Back to my transfer to SMK Padang Siding.
Actually, one week before being transferred, a friend in the Education Department told me so. He asked me to see the Education Director to seek help to be transferred to a decent school of my choice.
I didn't want to. Not my style to do such thing...
Then, Mr. Hussaini Abbas - the first Principal of SMK Padang Siding, took me to the school. He was the Assistant Principal of SMK Syed Hassan before being promoted. Mr. Hussaini saved me and my coaching career...
Two of my best athletes in SMK Syed Hassan follow me to SMK Padang Siding - a sprinter (girl) and a middle-distance runner (boy) - in September 2002. The following year, another two athletes followed. In fact, a dozen more would have transferred to SMK Padang Siding - but they were halted and being blackmailed by the then Principal of SMK Syed Hassan, Mr. A.
Mr. A to me was an evil...

I was in SMK Padang Siding for 6 years. I was very happy over there at that time. SMK Padang Siding is a rural school. Parents and teachers were like brothers and sisters. Mr. Hussaini Abbas was (he has now retired) a good administrator. He trusted his teachers and we were never under any kind of stress.. If we ever had any problem, he was there to help. He never said no if we asked permission to go out. That's how he trusted his teachers...
SMK Padang Siding was on the top 5 every year in the state athletics meet, from 2003 to 2007. Sprinters and jumpers were born. They became state champions and represented Perlis in MSSM meets - but I was never called for state duty although I have both (an IAAF Level 2 coaching certificate and a MSN level 2 Scientific Approach coach).
Coaches of Perlis are (now) the ones with Degrees in Sports Management from local universities. That's the standard now.. hehehe.. They can't even coach a primary athlete to win medals and yet become state coaches to MSSM meets. That's why Perlis can't win medals these days at MSSM meets.

I turned to golf while in SMK Padang Siding. I created a golf club in SMK Padang Siding. I trained my own son (who was studying in Malacca) to become a golfer and represented Perlis in the SUKMA 2008 games in Terengganu. I was a golfer myself and played to a handicap of 14. I was the 1st runner-up at the Mild Seven Open in 2003 played at the Black Forest Golf Resort in Bukit Kayu Hitam.
I became a state SUKMA coach in 2004, 2006 and was the manager in 2008.
In 2004 - my athlete, Saiful, won the bronze medal in golf at the Malacca SUKMA games.
1st runner-up at the Mild Seven Open Golf tournament 2003
 SMK Tengku Budriah.
 the new name of the school - SMK Tengku Budriah
 inside SMK Tengku Budriah

Frankly speaking, I love teaching in SMK Padang Siding. I was there for 6 and half years - under 4 principals (Mr. Hussaini, Mr. Ghazali, Mdm. Nooraziah and Mr. Abidin). No problem...
I was transferred to SMK Derma on the 2nd of February, 2009. It was a "conditional transfer". I'll write  about it in my next episode of my teaching profession.

Have a nice day....

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GONG XI FA CAI.... 2013 Year of the Snake

all RED... in my new school.
I would like to wish "GONG XI FA CAI" - Happy Chinese New Year - to all my friends, followers and readers of my Blog, all over the world...
May you have a happy and prosperous new year..

Have a nice day...

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TEACHING - Chapter 6: SMK Syed Hassan 1998-2002

Coach of the Year - 1998

Actually, I was offered to teach back in SMK Syed Hassan in 1997.
Here's how the real situation went:
A close long-time friend of mine (way back in 1980), Mr. Jasni Ladin, came back to Perlis after getting his Masters in Sports Management overseas (I think, in the USA).
He came to see me twice, officially, at SMK Arau and twice, unofficially (outside working hours) in 1996. He wanted me to start coaching athletics again after I had stopped (and fed-up) doing so due to the internal politics in Perlis - whether in the state association (Perlis AAA) or the schools association (MSSPs).
Mr. Jasni Ladin was then attached to the MSSPs as an officer to the Perlis Education Department.

So, I accepted his offer, on two conditions:-
1.  I wanted to go for the IAAF coaching course to get my coaching certificate, and,
2.  I wanted the Education Department to elect me as the chief coach of the Perlis' Schools Sports Council (MSSPs) - because there were so many 'parasite' coaches doing nothing and yet chosen to go to MSSM meets year in and year out. I wanted to change their attitude - to go to MSSM meets only if they have athletes.

The first condition was granted immediately.
The second one was delayed - I had to show them that I was worth of that post. I did - after one year, in 1997.

1996 started off with my second episode of being a state athletics coach. (I was the state athletics coach from 1981 to 1983 - without any coaching certificate).
I was given 3 athletes in January to coach for the MSSM meet to be held in Johore in 1996. I was given two high jumpers - Marshamira Ahmad and Nursyafariza Shafiee - and a Long Jumper - Ooi Khong Siang. All three were in the under-12 category. I coached them for 6 months...
The outcome?
A bronze medal, a 4th placing and a 6th placing in the National Schools meet, the MSSM.
Ooi Khong Siang won the Bronze medal. Marshamira came out 4th. Nursyafariza came 6th. Marshamira could have won the Bronze medal, but lost on a 'count-back' after having jumped the same height as the bronze medalist.
I had proved what I was worth... So, in 1997 - I was made the chief coach of Perlis. I was also made the official coach of the "Tunas Cemerlang" programme by the Malaysian Sports Council (MSC/MSN) based in SMK Syed Hassan.

I was posted back to SMK Syed Hassan officially on 1st January, 1998. For the first 3 months, I wasn't accepted as the school athletics coach by the administrators of the school. It seemed that the school had already got their own set of coaching committee. I was assigned to coach table tennis and chess by the school principal. Ha ha ha..... What a joke....
Since I was not chosen to coach SMK Syed Hassan's athletics team - I offered myself to coach SMK Derma in 1998 because one of my state athlete (Nursyafariza Shafiee) was a student in SMK Derma. I teamed up with another state coach in SMK Derma (Mr. Shah) and..... guess what?
SMK Derma emerged as the state champion in the state championship/MSSPs in 1998. The reward was RM3000 as the state champion. Hu.., hu.., hu... a big lost to SMK Syed Hassan.
The next day, the principal of SMK Syed Hassan summoned me to his office - scolded me for not being loyal to the school, and for coaching another school to become the state champions. I told him that he made the mistake of not recognizing me as an athletics coach in the first place, and giving me the position as a table tennis and chess coach !! It was his mistake, not mine.... He apologized and asked me to coach SMK Syed Hassan from there on.... Ha ha ha.. I won 1-0.

It came to my knowledge that after I left SMK Syed Hassan in 1991, the school had never won the state championship in athletics. They only managed to be the runners-up twice. So, since I was back in Syed Hassan - I did what I was good at - coaching athletes to be champions...
It was champions all the way - from 1999 to 2002 - 4 years in a row, after I was given the mandate to coach the school team. Syed Hassan was champions and untouchable... And, I started to make unwanted enemies along the way...
You see.., people started to be jealous of my style of coaching. As many admired and appreciated my style of coaching, some didn't... And, they started to play dirty... They started to find my weaknesses and planned my downfall. One of them was Mr. Z. He was just an official in athletics meets but was always against my style of coaching. Actually he was just jealous that his school could not become champions.
So..., in July 2002 - his group of people used the Education Department, including the chief officer in charge of sports (not Mr. Jasni Ladin - he was since transferred to MSC/MSN) to ousted me as coach (both school and state).

I was shown the exit officially by the Education Department in August 2002, after my last duty as chief coach at the MSSM in Kuantan, Pahang. The Director of Sports Development from MSC/MSN (National Sports Council, Kuala Lumpur), Mr. Ghazali Hassan, came down to see me in Kangar to hear my version of the case (as he had been getting negative feedbacks from the state). I told him the truth (as what I have stated in this post). He made me to be cool and not react unnecessary. He knew what was going on...
Mr. Ghazali Hassan was a nice guy. He knew the difference between a normal coach and a good one..
He retained me as a coach attached to the National Sports Council - but in a different sports.. He made me a Golf coach attached to the MSC/MSN in 2004, based in Perlis.
So, I changed to golf from 2004 onwards....

Meanwhile, I was transferred to SMK Padang Siding (now known as SMK Tengku Budriah) on the 1st of August, 2002. That's my 7th school in my teaching career. I'll tell about it in my next post on "Profession".
Before that, here's some nice photos during my second stay in SMK Syed Hassan (1998-2002):
Tunas Cemerlang group SMKSH
 Drills after drills in SMKSH 2000
 sprint drills (SMKSH 2000)
I produced two national athletes - Marshamira Ahmad (in front) was one of them
with Bronze medalist OOI KHONG SIANG at the 1996 MSSM
with Nurshafariza Shafiee (MSSM 1998)
with national athlete Marshamira Ahmad - my most successful athlete
I produced two national athletes during the 5-year span in SMK Syed Hassan (1998 - 2002).
*Marshamira Ahmad - 100m hurdles, Long Jump.
*NurSyafariza Shafiee - Long Jump and Triple Jump.
Both represented Malaysia in the Asia Pasific Under-15 tournament (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia) held each year under the MSC/MSN development programme.
I was also made a national coach in 1997 to 2000 and was in Bangkok with the national under-21 team for the ASIAN youth meet.
I was even offered a coaching job by both Kuwait and Qatar back in 1997 while on duty with the Malaysian national contingent during the Asian Youth meet...

Sometimes, I wonder.... What would it be like if I had accepted those offers !!!
Hmmmm... Have a nice day...

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PBS... oh PBS....

PBS... PBS.... PBS....

I came across this article in today's The Star newspaper.., and I should say, as a senior teacher, I do agree to what Mr. Liong Kam Chong said in his letter to the Editor.
It's the same story about evaluating students in classroom - only in a different style, through a different name..
And, now... it's more troublesome and more paper work for teachers to do.
The outcome is the same - still grading students to what they are. Whether it is A, B, C, D, E or F - or it's Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. What's the difference? You still grade them....
In the end, you still need an exam to grade them.... Hoo.., hooo...

Here's the original article in today's The Star:

THE school-based assessment or better known by its Malay acronym, PBS, continues to cause much hue and cry in schools. This is understandable.
Firstly, the band system makes no substantial or material difference.
Under the PBS, a student’s mastery of a subject matter is assessed and ranked with reference to bands One to Six; One being the lowest and Six the highest.
How different really is this system from the A-B-C-D-E-F grade system, or even the Percentage Score system?
Any secondary student will quickly and easily link and associate Band Six with Grade A and/or a Percentage Score of 80 and above.
And, how is Band One not equally “damning” as Grade E/F or a Percentage Score of 20 and below?
A student with a Band Six achievement must have “mastered” the subject as much as one who manages to score a Grade A or Percentage Score of 80 and above.
If questions set are of a standard quality, then only those whose understanding of the subject matter has reached Bloom’s Taxonomy levels of application-analysis and/or synthesis-evaluation can score a Grade A or a Percentage Score of 80 and above.
The “newness” or “innovation”, if you can call it that, associated with the band system will wear off in no time.
For many students, it will be business as usual; chasing after Band Six instead of Grade A or a Percentage Score of 80 and above.
Secondly, the band system is made a tedious process and hence it is completely impractical for a normal school with normal-size classes.
Imagine a class of 35 students. How is a teacher going to “band” each student for every new topic taught, for that’s what banding is all about if it is to achieve its maximum effectiveness and efficiency?
Not to mention that the teacher has to input all this data online into the SPPBS (System Pengurusan Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah).
And, we are not talking yet about teachers being required and responsible to “teach” students in different bands differently and finally bringing them all to Band Six.
How can you do this in a single 40-minute period or 80-minute double period of teaching in a secondary school?
On the other hand, any experienced teacher will know the percentage of his/her students in the class who can grasp a topic taught.
The percentage varies with the difficulty level of the subject matter taught.
An experienced teacher who knows his/her class well knows this at the onset of the lesson or he/she will detect the level of understanding the class can achieve as the lesson progresses.
There is no need to do banding. The teacher knows if he/she has had sufficient interaction time with his/her students in and outside of the classroom.
Sadly, the PBS takes away this precious interaction time from the teachers.
Moreover, to improve efficiency, a teacher will gear his/her teaching approach accordingly so as to benefit the majority of the students.
That is a realistic practical approach. The teacher doesn’t need the banding results to inform him/her.
Thirdly, the idea that every student can be taught/trained/coached to reach Band Six in every subject matter at every level of study is hypothetical and an illusion.
At the lower forms and with simpler subject matter, perhaps this may be possible within a larger range.
But, try it for example, some Form Four/Five Additional Mathematics or Physics topics that are considered and proven to be difficult for most students, and you will instantly know you are heading nowhere.
Some students just snap when they have reached their limit.
They just can’t see the connection any more no matter how hard they try.
Their left brain can deliver just so much! But, what’s so wrong with that?
Don’t we also have some students who excel in Mathematics, Physics and other Sciences, but when it comes to appreciation of Fine Arts and Music, they are as completely lost as their classmates who are “poor” in Mathematics and Science.
They can’t reach Band Six as their right brain can just deliver so much. And, what is so wrong with that?
Are we to deny that God has made us differently and blessed us with different talents?
So, what are all these callings to get everyone onto Band Six in every subject area?
You have achieved “success” even if you do not score Band Six for certain topics in certain subjects. You need not be excellent in every subject area.
Fourthly, teachers don’t need the banding exercise. If they spend sufficient time with their students, they can discern the band(s) their students are in for the topics taught.
Without the banding exercise, teachers together can spend more time reflecting and deliberating on their teaching methodologies and improving their professional understanding of the knowledge contents of their subjects. That’s the way to enhance teacher quality.
This is more crucial and beneficial.
Do not get teachers to spend long hours typing “1-2-3-4-5-6” into their computers! It is a worthless and futile exercise.
In conclusion, PBS banding is impractical. PBS banding is a much-ado-about-nothing kind of practice/exercise.
Would the Education Ministry listen and consider doing away with PBS banding before it does more harm, demoralising all concerned?

I totally agree with you, Mr. Liong Kam Chong.
Have a nice day..