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TEACHING - Chapter 4(d): SMSH 1985-1991.

SMK Syed Hassan official school song

I worked at SMK Syed Hassan for 11 years (1980 to 1991) and I did a lot of good things to the school.
I turned the school from a normal school to a very active school in sports and music. Now, at present (2013), SMK Syed Hassan is a sports school. SMK Syed Hassan is also a music-project school.
I can say that it was my initial effort in sports and music (in the 80's and early 90's) that the school have turned into what it is now...
To come to a level what SMK Syed Hassan is now today wasn't an easy task to do. I had to go through a lot of hard work and received a lot of critics by doing so... The public in those days were quite "negative thinking" in terms of sports and music, especially the teachers themselves... But I had a vision - to take SMK Syed Hassan to another level, and to make SMK Syed Hassan a well known school in the country.
So, I started off with composing the school song - "Bertekun Kunci Kejayaan".
Here's how the lyrics goes:

Bertekun untuk jaya 
Mencapai cita mulia
Mencari pedoman, mencari pengetahuan
Bekalan hidup bahgia
    Kan kami harumkan nama
    Sekolah, nusa dan bangsa
    Kan kami tetap sematkan di dada
    Bertekun kunci kejayaan
Di bidang pelajaran, juga di bidang sukan
Tetap kami perjuangkan
Bersama kita berusaha
Menuju cita jaya.
    Kan kami harumkan nama
    Sekolah, nusa dan bangsa
    Kan kami tetap sematkan di dada
    Bertekun kunci kejayaan
Bertekun kunci kejayaan.....

*Original Song and Lyrics composed by Dahasry Abdul Rahman in October 1985, at Pantai Merdeka beach, Kedah (with my housemates, Nazri Ahmad and Fuad Ramli as witnesses).

From there on - it was sports and music all the way, year after year, for SMK Syed Hassan students..., until the school was turned into a sports and music school 15 years after I left the school in 1991.
Ironically, I was transferred out because the headmaster (in 1991) wanted to turn the school into a religious school. The headmaster was against sports and music - so, I had to be transferred OUT !!! I was called "King of all the Satans" by the school management, and most of the teachers in 1991.
But god was great - after I left, the Ministry of Education turned the school into a sports and music school.
As the lyrics of the school song suggests:
"Di bidang pelajaran, juga di bidang sukan, tetap kami perjuangkan" - which means: "in studies and sports, we will fight for it".

I created a Club - Kelab "Badan Kesenian Pelajar (BKP)" in 1986.
The club was a "4 in 1" - Music (school band/kombo), Drama and Theater, Choir and Vocal group, and Dance group. Over 400 students joined the Club. I guess that's why most of the teachers hated me...
Activities were done everyday. The students loved it and SMK Syed Hassan was busy with music activities throughout the year. Concerts were held 3 or 4 times a year for the students to show their talent in music, drama/theater, dancing and singing.

Besides music, SMK Syed Hassan excelled in sports too during that period - Athletics, Hockey, Soccer and Netball. The school was state champions year in and year out in those sports.
Photos of my days in SMK Syed Hassan (1985-1991):
SMSH 1986 Talentime champion - Alizuni Othman
 RTM's music director Mokhzani Ismail during SMSH 1986 concert.
 SMSH hall during the 1986 concert - fully packed
 SMSH Choir group in 1989
The 1986 girls hockey team - state champion
 The state champion in 1986
 coach Dess with the trophy

I was transferred to a new school, SMK Arau, on 1st December, 1991.
It will be on my next post (under Profession) on TEACHING-Chapter 5.
Have a nice day...

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