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TEACHING - Chapter 5: SMK Arau 1991 - 1997

December 1991 - December 1997
1st December, 1991 - I was transferred to SMK ARAU, Arau - a new school with no buildings yet.
We had to share the school buildings of SK Tengku Budriah, a primary school in Arau - in the afternoon.
Schooling started at 1.30pm and ended at 6.30pm, but most of the time schooling ended at 6.00pm because it got dark early during those time. For three years (1992 to 1994), I went to school (teaching) in the afternoon because the buildings of SMK Arau were only completed in 1995.
SMK Arau started with less than 200 students in 1992. There were only the Form 1 and Remove classes  students.
No sports activities, no extra classes - only class teaching for three years.

When the new school buildings were completed (at last) in 1995, we moved in into the new buildings in mid-1995. New Form 4 students were recruited and I got to teach Maths for the SPM level. These students were the "left over" students with almost all of them without an "A" or even a "B" in their PMR exams. Those good ones have gone to better schools in Arau or in Kangar.
This motivated me to coach them to get good results in their coming SPM exams. I had two years to prepare them to get an "A" in Maths. I worked hard. I made them come to my house for free private tuition classes during the weekends. 20 students took up the challenge and we had fun studying together for two years...
The outcome?

18 out of the 20 students got "A" in Maths during their SPM exam. It proved that rural students who are not "well off" can succeed in public exams if proper coaching is done. Those 20 students scored good results in the other papers as well. Most of them continued their studies in universities and have become teachers and even lecturers...

I also composed the school song for SMK Arau entitled "Berfikir, Berilmu, Bercanda Membina Minda".
It happens to be the school motto as well..
Some photos to share:
on stage during school assembly - SMK Arau 1996
 with the boys relay team - SMK Arau 1997
 with my school athletes - SMK Arau 1997
 one of the school events in SMK Arau 1997
 with one of my athletes in 1997
conducting the school choir group in SMK Arau 1996

I was in SMK Arau for 6 years..
Guess what?
I was transferred back to SMK Syed Hassan in January 1998 - to take the job as the Perlis state chief  coach in athletics (to be based in SMK Syed Hassan). I was also appointed as the "Tunas Cemerlang" athletics coach - a programme by the National Sports Council (NSC/MSN) - also based in SMK Syed Hassan. 
*This was where my career as a national coach (in athletics) began.
I will write more on this in my coming posts...

Have a nice day...

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