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TEACHING - Chapter 6: SMK Syed Hassan 1998-2002

Coach of the Year - 1998

Actually, I was offered to teach back in SMK Syed Hassan in 1997.
Here's how the real situation went:
A close long-time friend of mine (way back in 1980), Mr. Jasni Ladin, came back to Perlis after getting his Masters in Sports Management overseas (I think, in the USA).
He came to see me twice, officially, at SMK Arau and twice, unofficially (outside working hours) in 1996. He wanted me to start coaching athletics again after I had stopped (and fed-up) doing so due to the internal politics in Perlis - whether in the state association (Perlis AAA) or the schools association (MSSPs).
Mr. Jasni Ladin was then attached to the MSSPs as an officer to the Perlis Education Department.

So, I accepted his offer, on two conditions:-
1.  I wanted to go for the IAAF coaching course to get my coaching certificate, and,
2.  I wanted the Education Department to elect me as the chief coach of the Perlis' Schools Sports Council (MSSPs) - because there were so many 'parasite' coaches doing nothing and yet chosen to go to MSSM meets year in and year out. I wanted to change their attitude - to go to MSSM meets only if they have athletes.

The first condition was granted immediately.
The second one was delayed - I had to show them that I was worth of that post. I did - after one year, in 1997.

1996 started off with my second episode of being a state athletics coach. (I was the state athletics coach from 1981 to 1983 - without any coaching certificate).
I was given 3 athletes in January to coach for the MSSM meet to be held in Johore in 1996. I was given two high jumpers - Marshamira Ahmad and Nursyafariza Shafiee - and a Long Jumper - Ooi Khong Siang. All three were in the under-12 category. I coached them for 6 months...
The outcome?
A bronze medal, a 4th placing and a 6th placing in the National Schools meet, the MSSM.
Ooi Khong Siang won the Bronze medal. Marshamira came out 4th. Nursyafariza came 6th. Marshamira could have won the Bronze medal, but lost on a 'count-back' after having jumped the same height as the bronze medalist.
I had proved what I was worth... So, in 1997 - I was made the chief coach of Perlis. I was also made the official coach of the "Tunas Cemerlang" programme by the Malaysian Sports Council (MSC/MSN) based in SMK Syed Hassan.

I was posted back to SMK Syed Hassan officially on 1st January, 1998. For the first 3 months, I wasn't accepted as the school athletics coach by the administrators of the school. It seemed that the school had already got their own set of coaching committee. I was assigned to coach table tennis and chess by the school principal. Ha ha ha..... What a joke....
Since I was not chosen to coach SMK Syed Hassan's athletics team - I offered myself to coach SMK Derma in 1998 because one of my state athlete (Nursyafariza Shafiee) was a student in SMK Derma. I teamed up with another state coach in SMK Derma (Mr. Shah) and..... guess what?
SMK Derma emerged as the state champion in the state championship/MSSPs in 1998. The reward was RM3000 as the state champion. Hu.., hu.., hu... a big lost to SMK Syed Hassan.
The next day, the principal of SMK Syed Hassan summoned me to his office - scolded me for not being loyal to the school, and for coaching another school to become the state champions. I told him that he made the mistake of not recognizing me as an athletics coach in the first place, and giving me the position as a table tennis and chess coach !! It was his mistake, not mine.... He apologized and asked me to coach SMK Syed Hassan from there on.... Ha ha ha.. I won 1-0.

It came to my knowledge that after I left SMK Syed Hassan in 1991, the school had never won the state championship in athletics. They only managed to be the runners-up twice. So, since I was back in Syed Hassan - I did what I was good at - coaching athletes to be champions...
It was champions all the way - from 1999 to 2002 - 4 years in a row, after I was given the mandate to coach the school team. Syed Hassan was champions and untouchable... And, I started to make unwanted enemies along the way...
You see.., people started to be jealous of my style of coaching. As many admired and appreciated my style of coaching, some didn't... And, they started to play dirty... They started to find my weaknesses and planned my downfall. One of them was Mr. Z. He was just an official in athletics meets but was always against my style of coaching. Actually he was just jealous that his school could not become champions.
So..., in July 2002 - his group of people used the Education Department, including the chief officer in charge of sports (not Mr. Jasni Ladin - he was since transferred to MSC/MSN) to ousted me as coach (both school and state).

I was shown the exit officially by the Education Department in August 2002, after my last duty as chief coach at the MSSM in Kuantan, Pahang. The Director of Sports Development from MSC/MSN (National Sports Council, Kuala Lumpur), Mr. Ghazali Hassan, came down to see me in Kangar to hear my version of the case (as he had been getting negative feedbacks from the state). I told him the truth (as what I have stated in this post). He made me to be cool and not react unnecessary. He knew what was going on...
Mr. Ghazali Hassan was a nice guy. He knew the difference between a normal coach and a good one..
He retained me as a coach attached to the National Sports Council - but in a different sports.. He made me a Golf coach attached to the MSC/MSN in 2004, based in Perlis.
So, I changed to golf from 2004 onwards....

Meanwhile, I was transferred to SMK Padang Siding (now known as SMK Tengku Budriah) on the 1st of August, 2002. That's my 7th school in my teaching career. I'll tell about it in my next post on "Profession".
Before that, here's some nice photos during my second stay in SMK Syed Hassan (1998-2002):
Tunas Cemerlang group SMKSH
 Drills after drills in SMKSH 2000
 sprint drills (SMKSH 2000)
I produced two national athletes - Marshamira Ahmad (in front) was one of them
with Bronze medalist OOI KHONG SIANG at the 1996 MSSM
with Nurshafariza Shafiee (MSSM 1998)
with national athlete Marshamira Ahmad - my most successful athlete
I produced two national athletes during the 5-year span in SMK Syed Hassan (1998 - 2002).
*Marshamira Ahmad - 100m hurdles, Long Jump.
*NurSyafariza Shafiee - Long Jump and Triple Jump.
Both represented Malaysia in the Asia Pasific Under-15 tournament (Malaysia, Singapore, Australia) held each year under the MSC/MSN development programme.
I was also made a national coach in 1997 to 2000 and was in Bangkok with the national under-21 team for the ASIAN youth meet.
I was even offered a coaching job by both Kuwait and Qatar back in 1997 while on duty with the Malaysian national contingent during the Asian Youth meet...

Sometimes, I wonder.... What would it be like if I had accepted those offers !!!
Hmmmm... Have a nice day...

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