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The State Coach - Chapter 2: 1996 - 2002

The Sultan of Perak and me - MSSM 1998.
From 1985 to 1995, I coached athletics (track and field) on a minor scale. There was no urgency to coach track and field athletes during those years because I was not going to be considered a state coach even though I had the whole contingent full of my school athletes.
The chief coach then was not a "real" coach because he didn't even have an athlete to coach. What he and his "gang" did was to select winners from the state meet and then bring them to the national meet (MSSM).
That procedure had been going on for 12 years or so - and as it turned out to be...., NO medals from the national meets in those days. If there were, it was by chance, or just a co-incidence...

1996 came to be the turning point for Perlis' track and field athletes.
When Mr. Jasni Ladin came back to Perlis after doing his studies overseas - he came out with a development programme for the state sports unit. He came to look for quality local coaches - and I was one of them in his list. As I've said earlier in one of my earlier post, he came to visit me twice in school and more than twice outside office hours - persuading me to start coaching back (after 12 years).
I took his challenge (after agreeing on certain terms) - and I started to coach athletics on a top level scale. The outcomes:
1996 - Bronze, 4th, 6th. (from my 3 personal athletes).
1997 - Bronze, Bronze (from my 2 personal athletes).
1998 - Gold, Bronze, Bronze (from my personal athletes).
1999 - Gold, Gold, Bronze, Bronze, Bronze + Gold & Silver at International meet (Singapore).
2000 - Gold, Silver, Bronze.
2001 - Gold, Bronze + Gold medal at the National circuit meet (Shah Alam).
2002 - NO medals...

I was chief coach from 1998 to 2002.
1.  My first MSSM medal came from Ooi Khong Siang - in the U-12 Long Jump event at the 1996 MSSM meet in Johore Baru. Two other athletes came 4th (Marshamira Ahmad - High Jump) and 6th (Nursyafariza Shafiee - High Jump) at the same meet.
2.  My first MSSM Gold medal came from Nursyafariza Shafiee - in the U-15 Long Jump event at the 1998 MSSM meet in Ipoh, Perak. She also won the Bronze in the Triple Jump event at the same meet.
3.  My first International Gold medal came from Marshamira Ahmad - in the 100m Hurdles event at the 1999 Little Athletics Meet in Singapore. Marshamira also won a silver through the 4x100m relay event in Singapore. Marshamira Ahmad had already won the Gold medal at the 1999 MSSM meet in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - thus making her a national athlete to the meet in Singapore.
*Marshamira Ahmad was my best athlete I've ever coached....

In 2002, no medals were won because of the case when all the state athletes were forced to go through a camp. a week before the national meet - a camp where athletes got worn out because of silly programmes drafted by the head of sports division of the state sports unit.
And I was the victim of somebody who wanted the post of the state "chief of track and field" unit. He succeeded in dethroning me with some "dirty" tricks, just like what politicians do to "kill" fellow politicians.

I turned to golf in 2003. I became the state SUKMA golf coach, a more prestige post... I'll write about it in my next post, under 'Coaching'.
Some photos to show during my coaching days as Chief Coach of Perlis (1996 - 2002):
my first MSSM medal came from Ooi Khong Siang (Long Jumper)-1996.
 my first MSSM Gold medal came from Nursyafariza (Long Jumper)-1998
my first international Gold medal came from Marshamira Ahmad (100m Hurdler) - Little Athletics Meet (Singapore - 1999).
 Chief Coach at the 1998 MSSM meet in Ipoh, Perak.
 Leading the 1998 MSSM march pass..
 Receiving the gift from the Sultan of Perak - 1998 MSSM meet.
 my 4x100m relay team at the 1998 MSSM meet.
 Faezah Hamid - double Bronze medallist (100m, 200m) at the 1998 MSSM.
 Marshamira at the start of the 100mHurdles final - MSSM 2001
 Marshamira leading from start to win the Gold - MSSM 2001
 Marshamira Ahmad (left) - my Best ever athlete I've produced

I stopped coaching Track and Field after the 2002 MSSM.
It had been a sour ending in Athletics - but that's life as a coach... When you're on top, there's always somebody out there who would like to pull you down... And they did that to me.
The person who "killed' me is now (at present-2013) heading the state coaching staff - and he doesn't even have a coaching certificate. He doesn't train athletes - just managing the state coaches and state athletes.
So... how is the state going to excel???
Your answer is as good as mine....

Have a nice day....


MIERA said...

Really miss this moment...thanks coach dess, really appreciate ur effort before this. U spend ur time to teach me everything in sports n academic, from nothing to be a successfull person..thanks again

DESS said...

You're welcome... It's an honour to have an athlete like you - from nothing to a national champion. Credit for your hard work and your desire to become a champion. Who would believe this: A 15-yr old, 5-foot tall little kampung girl from Perlis - would win the 100m hurdles in the MSSM (national schools) meet in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
I really appreciate that wonderful day....

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