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PBS system confuses Teachers??


Being a teacher, you have to follow what the Education Ministry tells you what to do... As easy as that...
In 2003, it was the PPSMI (Teaching of Science and Maths in English) policy. Then in 2011 (or rather 2009), it was back to PPSMM (Teaching of Science and Maths in Malay). In 2009, there was this new policy called MBMMBI (Upholding the Malay Language and Strengthening the English Language) implemented - something contradict to the abolition of the PPSMI.
Now, it's the PBS (Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah/School Based Assessment) policy, implemented in 2012. The PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah/Lower Secondary Assessment) public exam will be abolished in 2014. In short - no more public exam for the Form 3's beginning next year.

The public goes "crazy" these few months. Parents complaining, teachers grumbling... Just like this comment in the local newspaper today. There were more before, but this one strikes me.

This one came out in the The Star today:

PBS system confuses teachers...
TEACHERS are still confused over the School-Based Assessment or Pentaksiran Berasas­kan Sekolah (PBS) while students have become the victims.
The idea of the PBS is good and there are successful examples abroad. However, why is it a problem for us?
Even education officers and school heads are confused since the implementation of PBS, not to mention teachers and students. They wonder whether school examinations should be retained.
Therefore, different practices can be found in different schools.
Some have abolished the monthly tests and end-of-term examinations, some have retained internal end-of-term examinations while others retain the end-of-year examinations.
The abolition of examinations is one thing but the bigger problem is the workload has been greatly increased due to inadequate training, vague instructions and burdensome paperwork.
Under the PBS, teachers cannot concentrate on teaching and, as a result, they do things gingerly and are worried about the outcome.
All education reforms should be student-centred. Unfortunately, the lack of promotion and preparation has caused students to lose the goal of studying hard once they are not required to sit for examinations.
Initially, the PBS should stress on the process of learning.
Various deviations in enforcement, however, have caused teachers to fail to cope with the system and, as a result, the quality of teaching has dropped.
Also, as they no longer face examination pressure along the learning process, students have lost the driving force to study and their enthusiasm in learning has also declined.
Education reforms are always composed by a few experts and hastily finalised by the Education Ministry.
They seem to have been simply changing the policy without giving teachers, who are directly involved, an opportunity to participate or even express their views.
Instead, they can only obediently follow the instructions given by the authorities.
No matter how we change it, it will always involve teachers and students.
If all reforms bring only suffering to teachers and cause regression instead of improvement to students, it is better not to change than to change it blindly.

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The following comment came in this morning (29th March 2013) at 6.32am.
Thank you very much - whoever you are...
Anonymous said...
The recent Hu-Ha with the PBS implementation has bring more complications to Malaysian Education System. Disregarding the PMR and replacing it with the PBS system doesn't look very promising and result driven.

Why PBS is a failure

There is no feedback loop for the poor students. Even with the enrichment class, what are the methodology to help them? Can the school downgrade students from Form 3 back to Form 1? If we compare the IGCSE program in British Curriculum, you can downgrade a student and delay the O Level examination. Can we do that in Malaysia ?
If we mention about Holistic education, why not introduce skill class such as cooking class, hair stylist, plumbing course and etc to students who does not do well in education so that these future generations can still contribute to the nation building
Ok!!!! about documentation. Some teachers are not happy with tons workload with the PBS system. They are not happy with it. If the teachers are not happy, can they perform?
PMR abolished!!! How are you going to streamline the students? And i have even heard about abolishing UPSR!!! My God !!! For those politicians and university lecturers who suggest this move, Please spend at least 1 year teaching in primary school! Do not pass down policy while you are not in field work..

There is no point whining about this because, it has been implemented. Sad to say.... we are digging the grave for our future generations.

BUT, MOE has been around for ages! They have offices at district and state level. The Minister is DPM! Have two deputy ministers! How long want to give same reasons? You should have learnt from previous mistakes. Where’s the change management plan? Where’s the test case/pilot project? Where’s the guideline and follow-up visits/audits? Why this confusion? Is the pekeliling (circular) clear? Are our administrator having comprehension problems? Or are Little Napoleons roaming around making their own rules?

I also heard this-> Some parents said they have no idea how their kids are doing at school because there’s no report card or exam papers given to them.

Is this going to be (yet) another failure of our MOE?

As an aside, was talking to a parent of a Form Six student. He said don’t even have textbook, and already entered 2nd semester. Yeah, go and bang your head somewhere. We suffer because of others’ foolishness.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ALAND ISLANDS - My 193rd Country Visitor

193th Country Visitor
The 193rd country to visit my Blog comes from ALAND ISLANDS - a rare name I've never heard before.
Thank you for visiting my Blog, whoever you are....and please do visit again.
Let's learn something about this country.

The Åland Islands or Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised, monolingually Swedish-speaking region of Finland that consists of an archipelago lying at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. That's what Wikipedia says...
Åland comprises Fasta Aland ("Main Island", on which 90% of the population resides) and a further 6,500 skerries and islands to its east. Fasta Åland is separated from the coast of Sweden by 38 kilometres (24 miles) of open water to the west. In the east, the Åland archipelago is contiguous with the Finnish Archipelago Sea. Åland's only land border is located on the uninhabited skerry of Market, which it shares with Sweden.
Åland's autonomous status means that those provincial powers normally exercised by representatives of the central Finnish government are largely exercised by its own government.

Facts and figures:
Population: 28,007 (2010)
Capital: Mariehamn 
Dialing code: 358
Currency: Euro
National anthem: Song of the Ålander
Official language: Swedish Language
Land area: 1,553 km
Arable land: 139 km square
National day: 9th June

Some photos to share:
 location of Aland Islands
Mariehamn, capital of Aland Islands
 photo by www.fanpop.com
photo by www.wellcoming.com
 stamps and coins - Aland Islands.
 Air Aland.

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TIGER WOODS is World Number 1 Again...


Tiger Woods tied Sam Snead's individual event win record with his eighth win at Bay Hill, wins his 77th PGA Tour title - and he is back to number 1 in the FedExCup and number 1 in the world again...
Well done Tiger !!! Well done...
the leaderboard at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Have a nice day, Tiger...
Have a nice day...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GOOD LUCK for Your SPM Results..

SPM 2012 Results...
SMKD Form 5 Best 2012 students.
Good Luck SMKD's Form 5 Best and Form 5 Dess - for your SPM results tomorrow, 21st March 2013.
May you all be granted with 'A's in your results slips....., especially Maths - after 2 years (2011, 2012) being my students in class.
Have a nice sleep tonight..
 MRSM Beseri SPM 2012 students
Good Luck to all the MRSM Beseri SPM 2012 students too.... I had a lovely 4-hour motivational talk on Maths before your SPM exams last year... May you all pass with flying colours.
Have a nice sleep tonight...
My 4 special students attending Maths class at Putra Palace in Nov. 2012.
Good Luck to my 4 'special' students who attended a last minute special class with me at Putra Palace, before your SPM Maths paper... I hope you all get the grades you all desired for...

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My 1Malaysia Form 5A9 Class

FORM 5A9 - 2013
This class have all the ethnic groups - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Thai (Siam) and a mixture of all... the 1Malaysia class of 5A9 in SMK Perlis, Kangar.
I love it...
Have a nice day....

Sunday, March 17, 2013

AZLAN SHAH CUP 2013 FINAL : Malaysia vs Australia - LIVE Updates

It's the final of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013.
Malaysia have not won the Cup ever since the tournament started. Australia have won it 6 times.
So, this will be the first time if Malaysia is to win the Cup...
There are 3 matches today:
India vs Pakistan - for 5th placing (3.30pm).
New Zealand vs South Korea - for the Bronze medal (6.00pm).
Malaysia vs Australia - for the champion's trophy (8.30pm).

5th/6th placing: INDIA 4-2 PAKISTAN

FINAL: Let's go LIVE....

- Negaraku on now...
- Malaysia in yellow, Australia in white..
1st half:
35.00 - AUS to start..
33.00 - penalty corner to MAS - another penalty corner awarded..
GGGGOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!! Faizal Shaari (no.10) scores.. 1-0 MAS.
28.00 - Long corner to MAS.. another one awarded..
26.00 - MAS doing the attacking.
25.00 - AUS attacking - foiled by MAS defenders.
24.00 - MAS keeper S. Kumar injured (shoulder).. looks bad... play suspended.
*OK, he's fine...
Play resumes...
23.00 - AUS attacking now.. cleared..
21.00 - MAS in control..
18.00 - Good skills by MAS..
16.00 - missed... good move by MAS
13.00 - MAS missed another golden chance..
10.00 - score remains 1-0 to MAS.
07.00 - penalty corner to AUS - goooallll... MAS 1-1 AUS.
05.00 - goal by AUS after mistake by keeper.. MAS 1-2 AUS now..
04.00 - green card to AUS player..
03.00 - owwww.. missed goal by MAS.
01.00 - a minute to half time - score remain 2-1 in favour of AUS.
Half time: MAS 1-2 AUS.

2nd Half:
35.00 - Play continues..
32.00 - penalty corner to MAS - missed, wasted.
29.00 - penalty corner to MAS - Faizal.., oooo, missed by inches..
28.00 - AUS players using "body-charge" to foil MAS attacks.. yellow card awarded to AUS.
22.00 - GGGGOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL !!! Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin (no.23) equalised... 2-2 now.
20.00 - Play looks even now...
17.00 - penalty corner to MAS - pushed out by AUS defender.
14.00 - AUS's goal disallowed - had hit AUS player's foot.
11.00 - score remains 2-2.
05.00 - AUS attacking...
04.00 - penalty corner to AUS - saved...
02.00 - AUS attacking, one after another..
01.00 - goal... with just 10 seconds left.. Game over.................

Hard luck Malaysia... Lost in the dying seconds...
Have a nice day....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Azlan Shah Cup 2013 Updates: New Zealand vs Australia - LIVE


It's the last group matches today...
Earlier, Pakistan drew with South Korea 2-2.
It's New Zealand vs Australia now... the winner will advance to the final tomorrow.

1st Half:
Play have started..
- 6 mins into the game, penalty corner to AUS - saved...
- fair game going on..
- Goal... NZL scores with 8 mins to go..  NZL 1-0 AUS.
- half time: NZL 1-0 AUS.

2nd Half:
-Play resumes.. AUS attacking..
- goal... 1-1 now..
- goal.. 2-1 now. AUS 2-1 NZL.
- goal...3-1 now. AUS 3-1 NZL. 3 goals in 7 mins.
- with 21 minutes left, game stopped due to heavy rain...
- Play resumes... 20 minutes to full time.
- Goal. NZL scores to make it 3-2.
- Game over... AUS 3-2 NZL.

* Malaysia will met Australia in the final tomorow...
Have a nice day...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

MALAYSIA vs PAKISTAN - Azlan Shah Cup 2013 - LIVE Updates

It's the 4th day of competition today - the Sultan Azlan Shah 2013 hockey tournament in Ipoh, Malaysia..
1st match : Australia vs South Korea
2nd match: New Zealand vs India
3rd match: Malaysia vs Pakistan


LIVE Malaysia vs Pakistan now..
1st half:
Match have just started... 0-0.
- Malaysia doing the early attacking ..
- Malaysia looking good in the first 5 minutes.
- penalty corner (5th min) to Malaysia - GGOOOOOAAALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!
- 1-0 Malaysia leads..
- penalty corner to Pakistan - saved
- another penalty corner to Pakistan - saved again by keeper
- another penalty corner to Pakistan, three in a row. Goal.. 1-1 now
- 20 mins of play, score 1-1.
- Malaysia keep pressing for goals, attack after attack - but foiled by keeper.
- 10 mins to go.. score remains 1-1.
- ooooo, missed again.. 5 mins to go..
- game controlled by Malaysia.
- penalty corner to Malaysia (4 mins to go) - saved.
- penalty corner to Pakistan - saved
- a minute to go..
Half time score: 1-1

2nd half:
Play resumed..
- 2 penalty corners to Malaysia saved by Pakistan.
- 10 mins into 2nd half, score still 1-1.
- too many mistakes made by Malaysia.
- 20 minutes to go, score remains 1-1.
- GGOOOAAAAALLLLLLL.... Malaysia scores. 2-1 now
- 12 mins to go, score remains 2-1.
- 8 minutes to go, Pakistan scores - score level again 2-2.
- penalty corner to M'sia now...
- another penalty corner to M'sia - saved
- 3 mins to go - penalty corner to Pakistan - saved.
- great save by Malaysian keeper again...
- Pakistan attacking again..
- Game over..

Have a nice day....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HOCKEY: Malaysia vs Australia - AZLAN SHAH CUP 2013: LIVE Updates


3 more group matches today, the third day of competition.

1st match: New Zealand vs South Korea

2nd match: India vs Pakistan
1st half:
India leads 2-1 (8 mins to go)..
Score still 2-1 to India.. with 2 mins to go to half time.
2nd half:
Just started - India leads 2-1.
24 mins to go - India still leads 2-1.
India scores another goal to make it 3-1 now...
2 mins to go..
Final score: INDIA 3-1 PAKISTAN
Malaysian keeper S.Kumar was the "Man of the match".
3rd match: Malaysia vs Australia
1st half:
-Malaysia in white, Australia in yellow.
-both teams counter attacking... score still 0-0 (1st 5 mins).
-Australia doing most of the attacking now (11th minute of play)
-still 0-0 (after 15 mins of play).
-penalty corner to Australia (18th min) - saved...
-another penalty corner to Australia (20th min) - saved.
-penalty corner to Australia again (22nd min) - saved again..
-penalty corner to Malaysia (24th min) - saved.
-score remains 0-0 with 6 minutes to go.
-3 minutes to half time, score 0-0.
-with 1 min to go - Australia scores after a blunder by a Malaysian defender. 1-0 to Australia.
-Half time score: Malaysia 0-1 Australia.

2nd half:
-play continues with both teams counter attacking again and again
-yellow cards for players from both teams - one each (24 minutes to go)
-Malaysian keeper S.Kumar doing a fine job in goal - saving a lot of Australian goal attempts.
-penalty corner saved again by S. Kumar (5th time).
-19 mins to go- M'sia (Chua) missed a golden opportunity to score.
-6th penalty corner to Australia - saved again.
-14 mins to go - still 0-1.
-7th penalty corner to Australia (11 minutes to go) - saved.
-8th penalty corner to Australia (10 minutes to go) - saved by S. Kumar again.
-6 mins to go... score still 1-0 in favour of Australia.
-9th penalty corner to Australia (4 mins to go) - saved again by keeper S. Kumar.
-GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL !!!! Malaysia equalised 1-1. Goal scored by Faizal Shaari. Malaysia scored in the last minute...

Final score: MALAYSIA 1-1 AUSTRALIA.

Have a nice day.....

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long - All England 2013 FINAL - LIVE Updates


It's the men's final of the All England badminton tournament :
0-0  Play have not started yet.
*At the moment. it's the women's singles fnal - Tine Baun (DEN) vs Intanon Ratchanok (THA).
Tine Baun defeated Intanon Ratchanok 21-14, 16-21, 21-10.

OK, let's go LIVE...
Players being introduced now...
1st Set (Chong Wei first):
0-1  bad line call...
0-2  error by LCW
0-3  net error by LCW
0-4  pushed out by LCW
0-5  ball landed in
0-6  lovely shot by CL
0-7  smash by CL
1-7  smash by LCW
2-7  sideline smash by LCW
3-7  pushed out by CL
3-8  smash by CL
4-8  smash by LCW
4-9  out byLCW
4-10 net error by LCW
5-10 drive by LCW
5-11 cross court smash by CL
5-12 smash into net by LCW
6-12 cross court smash by LCW
6-13 drive by CL
6-14 pushed out by LCW
7-14 drop by LCW
7-15 long rally won by CL
8-15 out at baseline by CL
9-15 out by CL
10-15 double smash by LCW
11-15 classic play by LCW
12-15 another smart play by LCW
13-15 body smash by LCW
13-16 just out by LCW
13-17 pushed out by LCW
14-17 out by CL
14-18 mistake by LCW
15-18 smash by LCW
15-19 smash at net by CL
16-19 smash by LCW
17-19 luck of the net to LCW
17-20 out by LCW
17-21 error of net shot by LCW
1st set to Chen Long 21-17

2nd Set:
0-1 bad line call again..
0-2 ball out again??
0-3 out again?? oh no...
1-3 this time, it's in..
1-4 superb play by CL
1-5 another fine play by CL
1-6 bad return by LCW
2-6 smash out by CL
2-7 bad return again by LCW
3-7 sideline smash by LCW
3-8 error by LCW. He's not comfortable today...
4-8 point earned by LCW
4-9 error again by LCW
4-10 smash out by LCW. Everything's seem wrong by LCW...
5-10 smash by LCW
6-10 rally won by LCW
6-11 pushed out by LCW
6-12 smash into net by LCW
7-12 fault by CL
8-12 rally won by LCW
9-12 smash by LCW
9-13 smash by CL
10-13 ball landed in..
11-13 rally won by LCW
11-14 misjudged by LCW
12-14 smash by LCW
13-14 smash by LCW at full speed at net.
14-14 cross court smash by LCW. He's back !!!
15-14 change of mind by line judge..
15-15 what a rally................... won by CL
16-15 way out by CL
16-16 cracking smash by CL
16-17 net error by LCW
17-17 smash after smash after smash by LCW... finally..
17-18 smash by smash - won by CL
18-18 net error by CL
18-19 smash by CL
18-20 attacking play by CL
18-21 he did it at last....
Chen Long won the set 21-18.
Chen Long won the final: 21-17, 21-18.

Have a nice day...

MALAYSIA vs NEW ZEALAND - Azlan Shah Cup 2013: Live Updates

1st Half:
Malaysia 0-0 New Zealand

2nd Half:
GGGGOOOAAALLL.... Malaysia scores!!! 1-0 (26 mins to go..)
GGGOOAAAALLLL.... Malaysia added another goal... 2-0 now (25 mins to go).
Malaysia doing all the attacking... 21 mins to go..
Still 2-0.... 13 minutes to go..
10 mins to go.. Malaysia missed a great chance to score..
5 mins to go.. still 2-0.
New Zealand scores... 2-1 now.
1 min to go...
Game over.
Malaysia vs New Zealand
Other results (earlier matches):

Have a nice day...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

ALL ENGLAND 2013: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Tanongsak SAENSOMBOONSUK (THA) - LIVE Updates


It's the semi-final of the 2013 All England badminton tournament - LEE CHONG WEI (MAS) vs Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (THA).
1st set:
10-11 : Tanongsak leads...
14-12 : Lee Chong Wei leads..
16-14 : Lee Chong Wei leads..
16-16 : level points now.
18-16 : Chong Wei leads...
18-18:  level again..
19-19:  level..
20-20:  level again..
21-20: Chong Wei leads..
22-20: Set won by Lee Chong Wei.

2nd Set:
3-3: level
5-3: LCW leads
7-3: LCW leads..
9-3: 8 straight points won by LCW
10-4: LCW still leads..
11-5: LCW leads. Mid-game interval now..
13-5: LCW smashes all the way..
15-5: another smash by LCW.
16-5: ball pushed out by Tanongsak.
16-6: smash by Tanongsak..
17-6: net error by Tanongsak.
17-8: net error by LCW
18-8: ball out at baseline by Tanongsak.
19-8: quick response by LCW
20-8: game point to LCW
21-8: smash by LCW - set won by LCW

Lee Chong Wei through to the final.... winning 22-20, 21-8.

*Meanwhile, in the women's singles - Thailand's Intanon Ratchanok defeated 2nd seed Saina Nehwal of India 21-15, 21-19 to advance into the finals.
Congratulations Thailand for producing a new talent in badminton...

Have a nice day....


The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2013 kick off today.
New Zealand meets Pakistan in the opening match at 4.00pm.
Australia vs India at 6.00pm and Malaysia vs South Korea at 8.00pm

LIVE Results:

The second match is on at the moment - Australia vs India
1st half:  Australia leads 2-0.
2nd half: Australia leads India 3-1 (20 minutes to go).
It's Australia 3-2 India now (18 minutes to go).
Australia 4-2 India now... (17 minutes to go).
India scores another goal - it's 4-3 now (2 minutes to go).
Game over...

2nd match: AUSTRALIA 4-3 INDIA

The third match coming up - Malaysia vs South Korea.
1st half:
After 10 minutes - it's still 0-0.
GOAL.... 1-0 to Malaysia (22nd min) - from a penalty corner.
After 30 mins, Malaysia leads 1-0.
Half time score: Malaysia leads 1-0.
2nd half:
After 10 mins, score still 1-0 to Malaysia.
After 20 mins, Malaysia still leads 1-0.
South Korea equalised in the 22nd min. Score level now 1-1.
Final 10 mins, score stays 1-1.
5 mins to go - still draw 1-1.
GOAL !!!! - Malaysia scores with 3 mins to go... It's 2-1 now to Malaysia.
South Korea equalised to level the score 2-2. (2 mins to go)
GOAL !!! Malaysia scores again to make it 3-2.. (40 seconds left...)
Game over...


Have a nice day...

TONGA - The 192nd Country Visitor To My Blog.


The 192nd country to visit my Blog comes from TONGA. He or she was online 3 hours ago...
Thank you for visiting.
Do come and visit again - and do allow me to promote your country in my Blog.

Let's see what Tonga have to offer:
Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga, is a sovereign state and an archipelago comprising 176 islands scattered over 700,000 square kilometres of the southern Pacific Ocean. Fifty-two of these islands are inhabited.
Lengthwise, the Kingdom stretches over a distance of about 800 kilometres (500 mi) in a north-south line located about a third of the distance from New Zealand to Hawaii.
Tonga also became known as the Friendly Islands because of the friendly reception accorded to Captain James Cook on his first visit there in 1773. He happened to arrive at the time of the ʻinasi festival, the yearly donation of the first fruits to the Tu'i Tonga (the islands' paramount chief) and so received an invitation to the festivities. According to the writer William Mariner, the chiefs had wanted to kill Cook during the gathering, but could not agree on a plan.
Capital: Nuku'alofa 
King: Lavaka Ata 'Ulukalala 
Government: Hereditary constitutional monarchy
Currency: Tongan pa'anga
Official language: Tongan Language, English Language
Population: 106,137 (July 2012)
Area: 748 km2
Religion: Christian

Interesting photos:
Tonga - pic. by shipforworldyouth.org
Tonga - pic. by hichinese.org
 Tonga national culture - pic. by tripadvisor.com
 Tonga - pic. by blogs.kqed.org
I haven't been to Tonga. Hope I will one of these days..
Have a nice day...  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Real Madrid defeated ManU 2-1 (aggregate 3-2) this morning in the Champions League.
All 3 goals were scored by Real Madrid.
Keh keh keh...

Have a nice day...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Malaysian National Coach - 1997


At the top of my coaching career, I was made a national coach in 1997.
I was first assigned to bring the national squad for the Asean Schools Meet (Association of the South East Asia Nations) in May 1997, where Malaysia play host and the meet was held in Penang.
At that time, I had to turn down the offer because I was preparing my athletes for the MSSM meet which was held in Kangar, Perlis, in July 1997. As host, it was a must for the host to win medals - and I had two athletes capable of achieving them.
So, not to offend them (the committee), I asked my friend, Mr. Shaharim Saad to replace me. He became a national coach then...

The national body then offered me another national assignment in November, 1997.
This time, it was the ASIAN Junior Championship 1997 - in Bangkok, Thailand. Malaysia sent about 30 athletes to the meet, with 8 coaches. I was one of them.
The team traveled by train from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, a journey that took 2 days and 1 night. The train took off at 8.30am from Kuala Lumpur and reached Bangkok at 5.00pm the following day. It was a tiring journey and the meet was on the very next day... I wonder who did the planning...
We stayed at the Sol Twin Towers Hotel, a 'Five-Star' hotel and as usual, the hospitality was excellent - a trademark of Thailand... Everything was perfect. Thailand will always be good host to whatever event they play host..

The meet was a big one - with all countries in Asia participating, including countries like Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Qatar, Mongolia, Iran, and even the Palestinian.
Malaysia, however, fared badly with no medals - but, with two 4th placings in the championship. One of them was in the 200m boys - by Ganeshwaran of Pahang. I forgot who got the other 4th placing. If I'm not mistaken, it was Roslinda Samsu - in the girl's pole vault. I may be wrong..
So, after 10 days in Bangkok - we traveled back to Kuala Lumpur by train, again... The long journey was tiring, but in a way, enjoyable. I remember eating half-boiled eggs and toasted sliced bread every 2 hours on the train, because I was hungry all through the journey...

Some photos to cherish:
the Malaysian contingent - opening ceremony march pass
the Malaysian athletes
 the Palestinian contingent
 the 4x100m relay
 the start of the 3000m girls
 Ganeshwaran came 4th in the 200m final
 the Malaysian athletes in the stands
 Ganeshwaran, Nazmizan and coach Chan Kah Yu
 Malaysian decathlete, Malik Tobias
 waiting for the closing ceremony
 the closing ceremony
 relaxing at the hotel lobby
 Thailand's hospitality..
 one of the T-shirt's logo

Have a nice day....